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Teclast F7 14″ N3450 Laptop. Alternative EZBook 3 Pro

Teclast F7 14″ N3450 Laptop. Alternative EZBook 3 Pro

Teclast recently just entered the notebook market with very decent Teclast F6 Pro Core M3 (See my review here) And the Teclast F7. This notebook looks very similar to the Jumper EZbook 3 Pro. The specs are the same and the full metal build looks almost identical except for this weighs 1.24 kilos according to Teclast so it’s lighter than EZBook 3 Pro and has a Micro HDMI out port instead of a mini HDMI out.  And it’s slightly bigger at 14-inches Vs 13.3 inches. If the bios is unlocked and were able to tweak the power limits and it has the same screen and precision touchpad as the EZbook 3 Pro then we could have the best budget laptop here on our hands. I’ve decided to order one so I’ll cover it in the channel and site here soon.

It’s currently in stock now at Gearbest and on flash sale shipping for $219 with coupon TECLASTS$200-$10 and like the F6 Pro when it first went on sale you can add a free accessories pack which includes a case and wireless mouse. But only the first 50 orders. Not sure that mouse is any good, but the case might be useable.


There is also a Teclast sale on over here, with many of their tablets discounted with a free case or other accessories. Worth a look if you’re looking for a new tablet. Just make sure you check my reviews of the P10. Master T10 and Master T8 here on the site before you pull the trigger to know all the Pros & Cons of each.

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  1. Is this Teclast F7 plagued with any of the problems that are found in the Jumper EZbook 3 Pro? BIOS? SSD? Windows 10? Does the same company make the EZbook and the F7?

    • None, at this my one is great. No issues on the first batch. I think it might be the same ODM.

  2. Now is for 229$ http://bit.ly/2ElGSW6

  3. Is the Flash Sale over? Really wanted to pick this up at $219 but I’m seeing an outrageous $375 price now

  4. Unboxing and it has a matte screen

    • Very keen for that 4k 60hz support as I don’t like running 30hz, too laggy. Also the 4 lanes Vs 3, double the cache 2mb Vs now 4mb and 200Mhz more clock rate. I hope we can up the power limit too.

  5. This is more like the 3L Pro as its 14″ not 13.3″ like the 3 Pro. I think the 3L came with a non IPS screen, the F7 says its IPS, hopefully they’ll get it right! Otherwise I think it could be a winner(apart from not having type c).

    • Oh yeah it is, the larger EZbook 3 Pro, 3L model that has a TN panel.

  6. This seems to be the exact same model as the latest version of the Jumper Ezbook 3L Pro (with IPS screen). I’ve been using my 3L PRO for 3 weeks now and can confirm it is the best budget laptop (under 200€) to date, much better than any version of the 3 PRO (I’ve had them all). Great 14.1″ IPS screen, excellent keyboard (with extra PgUp/PgDn keys) and trackpad, decent speakers and the Intel 3165…
    However I’ve ordered a Teclast F7 for the price is a steal xD

  7. Hi Chris thx for the link.

    The f7 is told to ne 32GB ram capable.
    Does it have a sodimm slot please ?

    • To be notified..

    • Where? No way, there is no SODIMM RAM slots on this. RAM is soldered in place, not upgadable.

    • N3450 has 8Gb RAM ceiling, it does take 2400 LPDDR 4 so with the right parts memory bandwith is 38.4 Gb/S.

      • You can’t upgrade the RAM on it 99.9% sure of this. The N4100 Gemini Lake will support DDR4 2400Mhz.

        • So sad they don’t have an 8GB version…. It would be a real alternative … W10 is memory hungry…
          My old asus UX305 with 4GB suffer a lot of memory shortage…

  8. Please test Linux booting. I hope it has better build quality than the Jumper EZbook 3 Pro with its not infrequent non functional touchpad, poor wifi reception due to dumb antenna locations at bottom of the screen and close together (near the dual mics) rather than the usual upper left/right screen corners, and most importantly the dead-screen/boot-failing (bricked) problem like mine and various others had.

    • Sadly the 3 Pro has been more than a bit of a lottery lately, they seem to have been a victim of its own success, shame, so tempted to order the F7 at this price..

    • Will do, shame because the EZbook 3 Pro V4 I have seems to be the best one and later revisions when a bit sideways.

      • I had the same, with the slow eMMC, recently sold it, tempted by this as although the Gemini ones will be better, I’m unsure they will be as cheap.

    • Linux tested, it works well. But no touchpad. Need to find drivers for it. Everything else works.

      • You’ve received your F7?

        • Yes. I got it. It’s looking very good so far, better than the EZBook 3 Pro. Precision touchpad, glossy 1080p IPS, better keyboard and a little lighter even. More on it tomorrow. I’m up late now editing my unboxing first impressions video now.

      • Can you test with ubuntu?
        When full review?
        Great job!!

  9. So this is better than the EZBook 3 Pro? Why not gemini lake?

    • Not sure till I get hold of one if it is better, they look more or less the same on paper. Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 laptops have yet to be announced. Due around late March/April at this point. And due to the cost of DDR4 RAM it’s looking like most will have only 2400Mhz 4GB RAM to start with maybe alter 8GB model but at a much higher price of course.

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