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Teclast T10 Now Up Sale For $199

Teclast T10 Now Up Sale For $199

Teclast’s new Android 7.0 flagship tablet the Master T10 is now up for sale for $199 USD. This tablet features a fully laminated 16:10 ratio 2560 x 1600 Sharp IPS panel, I’ve used it before in the likes of the Onda V10 Pro and other tablets, it’s super sharp with 299ppi and a definite top end display. The chipset is a MediaTek 8176 hexacore with PowerVR GX6250 GPU. Enough power to drive that screen with playable FPS but I will check that out in my review, it handled games well on the Onda V10 pro so I don’t see why not.

It’s running Android 7.0 and also has MicroSD support, Wireless A/C and GPS. The battery is 8100mAh with a claimed 7-8 hours of run time. And it even has a fingerprint reader on the rear. So looking very decent for the price, great to see more fully laminated premium displays in this tech out of China. In order to get the $199 price, you have to use coupon teclastt10 when pre-ordering. The tablet according to Gearbest will chip out on the 17th.

Source: Gearbest

Thank you SportNok for the tip!

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  1. I preordered one when it was still $ 199,-, looking forward to it. Also ordered a case from AliExpress.
    This should be good, hope it lives up to its promises.

  2. The coupon is not more $199 but $219
    Yesterday it was not active but gearbest reactivated it today with fixed price of $219. I was late 🙁

  3. And,, may be i am right but may be i am not,, there is no comfort cases for this thing – no rubber/silicon versions. May be there are no cases at all.
    Just nice pad with nice specs.
    But no cases.
    Useless thing without case – one drop=one kill.

  4. Once again for all of you, friends: no SIM-card slot=no 3G=no 4G.

    • Used to bother me, but I always use my mobile hotspot nowadays. But I understand it’s a deal breaker for some.

  5. Finally a good 10 inch android only tablet. And the price seems pretty fair. With which other tablet would you compare it?

  6. Will it have stock Android or that Teclast launcher? Please check if it has a compass, as the GPS is only half as good if that’s missing!

    • Not sure, I think it’s stock Android. Been a long time since Teclast used their own launcher. Will check for a compass!

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