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Deals: Mi Notebook Pro $820 – Lenovo P8 / Tab 3 $129

Deals: Mi Notebook Pro $820 – Lenovo P8 / Tab 3 $129

While it’s not quite the $799 best price seen for the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, it’s not too far off it. The price of the Core i5 8250U, 8GB RAM, 256GB model with bios 502 (or better) is now $820 with coupon GBsale071, this drops the price $80 off the current $900 flash sale. And if you missed my review of this one, it is Xiaomi’s best laptop to date, just be aware however that it will ship with Windows 10 Home Chinese, there are two fixes. One easy, buy yourself a $5 eBay Windows 10 Pro key and upgrade to it to Pro and then install English, this retains the factory recovery image. Or option two, do a fresh new install of Windows 10 Home, which will activate with the bios key. Mi Notebook Pro drivers can be found here.

To get the deal you just have to use the coupon code in checkout after login, the deal is here. It’s not working for every country so try your luck. My Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro review with rating is here.

I hope to be getting hold of my Mi Gaming Laptop with Nvidia GTX 1060 next week so keep an eye out for that review if you’re after something with better gaming performance.

Also the Lenovo P8 or Tab 3 Plus, one of my favorite tablets for the price is $129. This one has a nice full laminated 1920 x 1200 screen, 3GB of RAM, GPS, hardware compass, Wireless AC, MicroSD support. It really does offer a lot under $150. Use coupon GBsale073 to get it for $129 the deal page is here. Update: Adskan also posted this $129 Lenovo P8 link that is working. My review is below:

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  1. Android 6.0 still ?

    Due a bad reputation of Lenovos policy to upgrade tablets, i will no keep my breath too long. It’s a shame to spoil good hardware (display, 3GB, gps) to with a old android and small amount of memory overall (16GB) – But, i think that Oreo might be too much to this Snapdragon 625… that might be why this is still android 6.0 and tablet era is now fading slowly away…

    • Would love to see it with at least 7.0 for split screen. Lenovo isn’t great on updates. Maybe the issue is the 16GB of storage. At least the never (more expensive) Tab 4 Plus has Android 7.1 and more internal storage.

  2. Mi Notebook Pro Coupon worked £590 pounds, fourth I have bought.


    • Okay great so working for the UK. But not for shipping to Spain.

  3. no problem – thanks a lot for sharing …

  4. Lenovo Link works, but I can not use any coupon for that item.
    Which warehouse do I need.
    That coupon field is hidden and then the Lenovo is really expensive for 153€ …. far away from the 129$ or 106 €.

    • Doesn’t seem to work for me in Spain either. “Sorry, this coupon code can’t be used for the current item(s)” I think it’s the China warehouse. That or it’s already used up 🙁

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