Voyo Vbook i5 Ordered – More Info & Users Review Come In

Voyo Vbook i5 Ordered – More Info & Users Review Come In

The Voyo VBook i5 and Vbook i7 are Surface Pro style 2-in1 tablets that just recently released in China. The Vbook’s key drawcard is a fully laminated 3:2 aspect ratio IPS/PLS screen, a very nice 2880 x 1920 @ 12.6-inches. That’s not far from the Surface Book’s 3000 x 2000 resolution. But the tablet also has decent connectivity 2 x USB 3.0 (one each side) Mini HDMI, USB 3.1 Type-C, MicroSD, D/C charging. It supports an optional pressure sensitive stylus with 1024 levels and a type-cover stylus keyboard.

Some more press images below thanks to Adskan who found the JD.com listing. This also shows the cooling system for the tablet will be one fan and transfer heat pipe. Some shots of the ports and the different colored keyboards are detailed.

What concerns me is Voyo’s quality in the past I’ve had some issues with rather poor builds, dull screens and other problems. But their Mini PC’s were fine. But we have some Chinese user reviews posted on JD.com to go by. They are very mixed, some saying it’s great and others with complaints of the screen not sitting flat and another of a rather noisy fan. One user, it seems their unit would not even power on! They seem to be the i7 7500U + 16GB models people are having the issues with, not the Vbook i5. The user’s reviews can been found here (bottom of the page) and future ones on the JD.com Voyo Vbook i5 listing.

The Vbook i5 is currently $479, the keyboard $39.99 and the stylus $19.99 over at Bangood.

Voyo Vbook i5 ordered! I’ll be the guinea pig as usual!

I only saw those user feedbacks after I placed my order…Doh! Oh well, seems the stylus and keyboard are in stock they should ship soon, but my Vbook i5 is on backorder for now. I guess I’ll find out when mine arrives in a few weeks, fingers crossed it’s not a lemon. I hope Banggood’s post-sale checks at least ensure I get sent a good one. Since I used the slow free postage, it might take 2-3 weeks. So keep an eye out then for my first impressions of the Vbook i5.

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  1. there’s a video at https://youtu.be/XF3Rol1j0Cw

    • Thanks for the vid Adskan, looking forward to getting mine delivered soon.

  2. I too ordered an VBOOK i5 (also with fingers crossed). The status of my order is “shipped” with “GuangDongShengShenZhenShi SHENZHEN Arrival at Sorting Center”

    • Hi Albert, I am so looking forward to receiving my Vbook i5, mine is on its way to Scotland, hope to get it in a few days now. good ;luck with yours.

  3. let’s hope the only issue is the cooling fan. I guess it won’t be a hurdle to replace it with a better one, and maybe a bios hack to better handle it’s behaviour

    • Your right Ice, i am taking a gamble on a Voyo tablet, never bought one before, always Chuwi or Cube, i was gonna buy a Corebook but better tablets coming out now, i hope.

  4. How has your luck been with the pens for other Voyo products? I can deal with a noisy fan and not so great touch input from fingers as long as the pen is up to snuff! I do a lot of 3D/2D art on my Cube Mix Plus (Maya and 3D coat work surprisingly well on it) during my commute to work each day so the i7 16gb model would be a god send as long as the pen works haha

  5. I have ordered a vbook i5 too, i am slightly worried about fan noise now, fingers crossed its a great tablet.

    • I ordered one too: Estimated shipping now April 20 (after April 10). Of course I will report on the noise issue.

  6. The fan on the voyo min pc that i got, was terrible. Very noisy and the most annoying thing, it would spin and stop repeatedly in a very short time

  7. Good… more pressure on Chuwi, adCube, and Teclast to go to 3K LCD panels.

  8. Looks a lot like the Microsoft Surface Pro, but with more ports for 1/3 the cost.

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