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Teclast M89 – 7.9″ Hexa-Core Retina Android 7.0 Tablet.

Teclast M89 – 7.9″ Hexa-Core Retina Android 7.0 Tablet.

A new 4:3 fully laminated thin tablet is coming from Teclast. This M89 looks a lot like the Mi Pad series or iPad mini as it has the same screen. 2048 x 1536 with 326 PPI even in 2018 this is a good panel. It’s got 3GB of RAM and a 32GB eMMC plus a MicroSD slot. The chipset is the six core MTK1876 as seen in the Master T10 from Teclast. It’s a decent SoC better than the Helio X20 I think, at least the GPU is the GX6250. While the Helio X20 on paper and CPU benchmarks score better, in real-world use the Six core MTK chipset fairs better at gaming for example.

There is wireless AC, BT 4.0, GPS and micro HDMI out which is great to see. A lot of MFG’s are dropping HDMI on their tablets. The battery is 4840mAh a little on the small side for a 7.9″ tablet. It has a Type-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack.

It runs Android 7.0 which isn’t exactly new, shame it’s not Android 8.0. But at least it will feature split screen running of apps that was introduced in Android 7.0. It will be selling for a reasonable $169 according to the Banggood listing, but the first 10 customers will be able to grab one for just $84.99 when the listing goes live at 3 pm (GMT+8) on the 26th of June.

What do you think? It looks okay, certainly for the price. I’ll order one when I can so it will be featured on the site when I get my hands on it.

Below is the Tecalst M89 press info.

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  1. i have buy tablet , but alway fever when play game. is this nromaly?

  2. I honestly got this tablet for reading. And it perfectly gets the job done. Its nice in touch and overall feeling. Surprise by its responsiveness. I would have like it though if it had a bigger battery. If you want a decent tablet with android seven easy to carry and all reading oriented check it. For gaming and viewing movies i would definetely go for at least a 10″ one(with a bigger battery ofc) A little ugly frames on the sides as well. Quite pleased nevertheless http://adiramadhani.web.id/jasa-paypal-isi-balance/

  3. Hi all
    I just bought this nice tab but I really have a problem with the audio. Do you guys experience the same issues?
    When I listen to music, stored on the intern memory or on sd card, I hear this glitch/his/gap (I dont know what to call it) every 25 to 60 second. It is most noticeble when connected to my amp and speakers in the livingroom, but I also hear it with headphones. Not as much when using blutooth but its there. Theres nothing when streaming from Youtube og Spotify.
    I am know back on updated firmware but have tried to go back to original firmware. No luck, the result is the same.
    Its a shame because I really like this unit, apart from this problem.

  4. Thanks Chris was able to get one in snap deal.

  5. snap up deals are definitely real!! just got one from banggood, will only be delivered next month(first week barring any delays) thou if not i might have bought another.

  6. 3 pm (GMT+8) would be 3am my time. I will sleep instead.
    Besides I have a sucky Teclast X98 Air III already.

  7. Hopefully they will just upsize this to x98 size and upgrade the battery to 9-10Ah along the way, instant buy for me as long as it is around the price of the master t10.

    teclast has been a disappointment to me since the days of the bay trail x98 air 3g, i have the tbook 12 pro and tbook 16 power and they are quite lacking to be honest. now that the master t8 and t10 are among the best in their class i am getting my hopes up again and hopefully teclast does not disappoint me again

  8. Hello, Friends i am from India, please don’t happy with the Teclast products, i have received Teclast P80 Pro just three days back, the play store is not working. i have requested the Teclast officials to provide sufficient software or how to resolve the issue, but there is no reply till now.

    • I think you can request to their facebook.

      • dear friend as per your suggestion i have requested the Teclast but, there is no reply, beware before purchase Teclast products

  9. Would make a great phablet … add global LTE to the next iteration. WIsh my Teclast Master T10 had global LTE.

  10. I hope you can review the new 8inch Mi PAD 4 .
    4GB/64 – 6GB/128GB with snapdragon 660, fingerprint and face unlock.

    • Mipad 4 is one of my choice,maybe.Because M89 costs only half price of Mipad 4(compare with Mipad 3),and M89 is also equipped with the MT8176 processor and Corning Gorilla Glass.And I think this will be well suitable for me.

    • I will be definitely reviewing that one. Pleased to see them move to Qualcomm and the SD660 should be great in a tablet.

  11. I really like this 7.9inch tablet for its easy handle.But there’re many X20’s tablets have been published recently.How about the difference between MT8176 and Helio X20?Can you test it?@Chris G

    • The Helio X20 gets about 25k more Antutu points, but mostly the CPU score. However, the Mali T880 GPU is weaker at gaming I find than the PowerVR GX6250 in the MTK8176

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