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Deals: Teclast F6 $429 And F7 $268

Deals: Teclast F6 $429 And F7 $268

Thanks to Bogdan down in the comments, there is now a better deal for the Tecalst F6, $429 with a free case, stylus and Logitech mouse. This deal can be found here.

Two new Tecalst deals, the Teclast F6 Core M3-7Y30, 8GB laptop with a 13.3″ 1080p IPS 360-degree hinge is now $465 USD with coupon LITBTECLASTF6PRO1 at Lightinthebox.com this turned out to be a very good convertible laptop, type-c, full USB ports and good keyboard and large touchpad. It runs Windows 10 home and also has wireless AC.

Teclast F6 Pro

And the best budget Apollo Lake laptop the Teclast F7 with Celeron N3450, 6GB of RAM, 1080p 14″ IPS and 128GB SSD is now $268 USD with coupon LITBTECLASTF71 this is the lowest price seen for the 128GB model.

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  1. If, like me you live in an EU country with high VAT and vigliant customs service it’s cheaper to buy from Geekbuying who have it in EU stock.

  2. Hi Chris,

    first of all thanks for all your hard work and the great reviews you are doing.
    As for the Teclast F6 pro I have a question:
    I love the whole setup of the machine, i am just not sure if I like the screen not beeing laminated. Do you find this to be a big issue?
    Is there another good device similar that has full HD laminated screen (13″ or 14″), core m3-7y30, 8GB, convertible??
    I saw the Cube Thinker, very nice screen but not 360°, thats a deal breaker…
    I also looked at the Teclast F5 but I dont like the size (only 11.6″) and the weaker CPU (Celeron N4100 vs m3-7y30). I would like to use the device mostly for office and web and some casual gaming (league of legends).
    I own a Cube i9 but I dont like the keyboard anymore and I still wasnt able to fix the ghosting windows button…


    • One more thing: I saw the Teclast F6 pro sold by Gearbest for 360€ (using the app, not the PC website).
      So that price makes it very interesting even with the not laminted screen, what do you think??

      • Yds they price for 360 euros in good for the 8GB of RAM but the N4100 vs Core M3 will still be slower. Until I get my hands on the Teclast F5 I don’t know just how it is but it does look promising.

    • I thought the screen would be an issue on the F6 but it turns out I was wrong there. While it’s not fully laminated the screen is clear and bright and you can only really see the gap looking at it from an angle. The Thinker i35 has an amazing screen, still in 2018 Microsoft use it in the new Surface Book 2. But the trouble is it won’t do the full 360-degrees more like only 175-degrees which is a real shame it can’t be flipped around and used as a large tablet or in stand mode. I think they are all sold out now too.

      • Thank you for your thoughts on the screen, that is good news.
        I ordered the F5 yesterday for a price of 360€ (using the Gearbest App, the price on the PC website was over 500€, dont know why there is such a big difference). I got shipping notification today and it seems I will also get that accessory pack with it (bag, mouse and stylus).
        I would have liked the F6 with the screen from the Thinker i35, or the Thinker i35 with 360° and the M3-7y30 CPU. But I think I will still be happy with the F6 now.
        Looking forward for your review of the F5, but it is to small for me (only 11,6″), but I am interested in the CPU performance difference form the N4100 and the m3-7y30. Especially since I do some light gaming (League of Legends).
        Thanks again for your great reviews and help

        • Found a mistake in my text above.
          Second line should be F6 nor F5!!
          I ordered the F6 (!!) yesterday for a price of 360€

  3. I wonder why you didn’t mention anything about the GB offer for the f6. There is 429 and also the extra pack with mouse and pen is provided as gift.

    • I thought it expired? I’ll mention that then too

      • They have just activated it since a few days ago. Initially the pack was not included as gift, but yesterday when I bought it was. Seems all of them are getting rid of existing Core M3 models.

        • Yes seems they are clearing out Core M3 stock, thanks for the tip I’ve added it to the top of the page for others.

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