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Teclast F7 Unboxing & First Impressions

Teclast F7 Unboxing & First Impressions

Update: For those asking about the price. It seems it ran out of units on at the $219 flash price so the price increased to an insane $347, now it’s $249 but the $10 off coupon is still working TECLASTS$200-$10 use it on check out here. If that is not working a commenter below “A” has posted this email only offer link that seems to still work and at $229. I’m not sure what game Gearbest are playing, but raising it to $347 is just silly. So thanks to you guys in the comments with links to more normal prices for this type of hardware.

$249 link and the email $229 link


This laptop might look familiar, it’s almost identical to the EZBook 3L Pro. One I never reviewed as I learned it had a TN panel. Well now that same shell and ODM in Teclast’s hands the F7 is looking very promising especially considering the price tag. It has a full metal build, just 1.32 kilos and around 14 mm thin. The build is excellent and it has a large precision touchpad, the keyboard is better than the EZBook 3 Pro’s, it has a column of keys dedicated to Page up/Down, End and Delete. And the power button isn’t exactly where the delete key normally is.

And the screen is an IPS. It’s glossy but that’s because it has a screen protector applied. Mine might do too, however, I cannot see the edges of the screen protector or any signs of bubbles or dust under a screen protector. My attempts to remove it with tape and using a plastic pry tool have failed. So mines on for now.

The spec is the same more or less as the EZBook 3 Pro:

  • Intel Celeron N3450 (9W TDP set in the bios adjustable to whatever you want)
  • 6GB of LPDDR3 RAM, 1600Mhz dual channel.
  • A fast 5.1 spec Sandisk eMMC.
  • 2242 SATA3 SSD slot with easy access hatch.
  • Intel Wireless AC 3165
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Two x USB 3.0 ports & MicroSD slot (USB 2.0)

However, unlike the EZBook 3 Pro this Teclast F7 has a fully unlocked bios with power limits. A larger, better touchpad and keyboard. The microphones are next to the camera and not above the keyboard. And it’s lighter. So it’s quite possible this model if everything else checks out in my review bests the EZBook 3 Pro and becomes the new best budget laptop for the price.

Other things to note.

  • Free space is around 37GB.
  • My Kingspec 512GB SSD is detected and works fine.
  • The speakers are louder than the EZBook 3 Pro
  • The IPS panel doesn’t suffer from the blue tint like the EZbook 3 Pro’s
  • The keys on the keyboard have a firm feel, not a huge amount of travel, but good to type on. Better than my EZBook 3 Pro V4

It’s currently $219 for a limited time using coupon TECLASTS$200-$10 here

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. So the mystery of the screen protector is solved I think (sorry Chris, that you had to damage your unit). Check out this guy’s video where both:

    a.) the people who say there definitely IS a screen protector seem to be right.

    b.) the people (you know who you are, Chris) who say the only screen protector they saw was the packaging material are right.

    I’m surprised no one noticed — this guy solves the mystery…skip to 5:13 in the video:


  2. Now is for 229$ http://bit.ly/2ElGSW6

  3. Nice hardware, but again – no power via USB type-C and no back lit keyboard
    And there is 2018 year here… Heh
    It’s a pity

    • Bro type-c would be nice and backlit. but then it would cost like $300. So better without it right?

      • Nope, brother
        Better to pay a little bit more but live in comfort

  4. Chris,
    1st Gemini laptop is released from Jumper Brand.
    However it has only 4GB ram And cost 500$.


    • WTF LOL $500 for that, might as well use Core M3-7Y30 FAIL with 4GB RAM too!!!!!!!!!! ROFL

  5. Seems to be $249.99 now which ever link you use…. the $10 off voucher no longer seems to work.

  6. Great review! I am expected for full review.
    I ordered the laptop! Now it’s time to wait.
    It’s possible to get mutiboot, windows and linux?

    • I think so, should be possible to install say Linux to the eMMC and Windows on an SSD.

  7. Great review, thank you! The screen looked matte in a previous video. Is it usable outside with a screen protector and does it have a big gap between glass and screen?

    • Hi, no glass over it so no gap. It’s just the display like a normal laptop. In the sun, it’s not the greatest to make out, don’t recommend it.

  8. Looks like a fantastic product. But I don’t think it would arrive before March in Europe. It’s the same old story, by the time they release nearly-perfect products in China, new technology is at the door. The new Intel N4100 Ezbooks and so forth will of course bring new flaws.

    But it looks like Gemini Lake is a nice boost, seems like we’re finally leaving Core2Duo speeds and getting early Core i speeds on the latest Atoms/Celerons or whatever Intel calls them nowadays.

    Check geekbench single core results for the new Gemini Lake CPUs:

    N3450 has around 1350, its successor, the N4100 has around 1650.
    N4200 has around 1450, the N5000 scores about 1900.

    Prices should be the same for the new models according to Intel’s website.

    BTW, if you’re interested in that technology, this thread is a good way to stay updated. I’ve bookmarked it for years now:


    • Will be around late March / April when I expect to see the first Gemini Lakes. But due to DDR4 prices, I think more than likely they will just have 4GB of RAM and not 8GB. There are no 3GB chips I’m aware of, so no 6GB. But the HDMI 2.0, 4mb cache and speed boost should be good. Hopefully, they let us up the power limit too with an unlocked bios.

  9. Chris can you please confirm it will work with a 512GB SSD? I’m eyeing a kingspec one on aliexpress but need to know 512GB works first and you are the only one with it I know.

    • Works and my Transcend 256GB

      • Chris have you opened up the back of the unit (not just the SSD hatch) to see if a larger SSD card might fit? Similar to the EzBook 3 where it’s pretty easy to snip some plastic and fit in a 2280 chip

        • Yes and maybe a 2260 will fit. But no way a 2280 size will fit in there. It’s location means it will extend past the outside of the laptop.

  10. Given the number of problems people had with the Ezbook 3 Pro’s touchpad (on Linux) this could be a win for them with Linux users if no probs there. Also I hope they located the WiFi antennas in better locations than in the EZB3Pro (which had them both center-bottom of the screen right above the microphones WTF?). I’m pretty sure that effected the WiFi reception which was pretty weak in my case with b/g router.

    • So far Wifi signal seems good in my studio and house with my testing. I’m using 5Ghz Wireless AC by the way. The touchpad doesn’t work with Manjaro, so drivers need to be found for it. Hopefully it’s better.

      • Hi Chris. Firs I see that you did test the TP does not work on whatever version of Manjaro you were using in your video. That said, this was also common with the EZB3Pro and most people were able to get it to work with one distro and kernel version or another.
        Second, I relize why the EZB3Pro located the wifi antennas where they did. That strip that covers the hinges at the bottom of the screen is plastic vs aluminum so better reception. Still, if they located them in the upper left/right of the screen with some plastic there that would help reception I think. With an AC router I’m sure the performance is fine. Just surprised me that with my B/G router the EZB3Pro got worse reception than an old Lenovo laptop I have. I guess the wifi chip is just not optimized for B/G performance which is logical I suppose.

        • Hi Brad, it’s Manjaro XFCE Edition (17.1.3) But I see 17.1.4 is just out and has updated kernels within. I’m testing the F7 now and it seems just as good as my Jumper. (Had no issues on Wifi AC with my EZBook 3 Pro)

          • Guys… I really dont get it about the touchpad.
            Mine (ezbook 3 pro v6) worked out of the box with manjaro 17.1.1 and works till today.
            I have even managed to enable multigestrures.
            I was reading the forum before I receive it and I was terrified since I never use windows. However the first thing I did was boot in manjaro (with rEFInd) and TP just worked.
            Haven’ t tried any other distro though.

  11. Typical Gearbest!!! The price is now $374! Chris you should not post these links as the demand makes them increase the price when they see the sales.

  12. Great review again Chris and Teclast’ offering sure is tempting. That 220 usd price is gone though, up to 300-310 euros now.

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