New Beelink Gemini Lake Mini PC’s X55 And X45

New Beelink Gemini Lake Mini PC’s X55 And X45

Chinese tech manufacturer Beelink has 3 new Gemini Lake mini PC models that look interesting, like the Intel NUC’s I’ve reviewed these have dual HDMI 2.0A outputs, 4 x USB 3.0 ports, MicroSD slots, Gigabit LAN, Intel  Wireless AC and SATA 3 slots inside for upgrades. The RAM is soldered on so fixed and cannot be upgraded.

The 3 new Gemini Lake Mini PC models:

  • Beelink X55 Ultimate with 8GB of DDR4 RAM and Pentium J5005 (2.8Ghz max) 128GB M.2 SSD
  • Beelink X45 Premium – Celeron J4105 (2.3Ghz max) + 6GB of RAM & 128GB M.2 SSD
  • Beelink X45 Basic – Celeron J41005 with 4GB of DDR4 RAM and 64GB eMMC 5.1

All of these models are fan cooled with 10W TDP Gemini Lake J CPU’s (The N CPU’s in laptops and tablets normally have a 6W TDP) like the Intel NUC’s. Come with M.2 SATA3 SSD and 2.5″ SATA3 slots. And even a mini PCIe slot for your own wireless card if you’re not happy with the Intel Wireless AC 3165. The DDR4 RAM is clocked at 2400 Mhz

Beelink X45 & X55 model Pricing:





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  1. I received one from Geekbuying a week ago. Nice device but beware of a Honeypot which I believe my machine was configured to be when it was sent to me.
    They have peculiar instructions about System Activation to the effect that the (OEM) license was mistaken for a pirated version and you skip the product license entry box and click “Do This Later” and then it will be activated (REALLLLY????). I went through the initial setup process but never got this screen before everything completed by itself. I discovered (after it was too late and I had already entered my MS outlook account details) that the OS (1709) was already activated. Updates were pushed to 1803 then I decided to do a full reset to remove all files and ensure no residual malware might remain. WELL lo and behold Win10 is now NOT activated and I’m being asked to buy a product Key! Then a couple of nights later my Outlook account is accessed by someone. Fortunately I do 2-factor so the account was locked, but I’m highly suspicious of the unit I got!! So I don’t know if Geekbuying are responsible or their supplier, but I am highly suspicious of the OS.

    I decided to buy a clean (legit) license and be done with the supplied version. Now I don’t have all the required drivers and no sound through HDMI, none on the Intel site and non on Beelink. OK so I scrubbed the recovery partition, but I wasn’t going to take the risk that the malware wouldn’t be restored!!
    Be warned!

    • What is Geekbuyings comment on this? I will see when I get mine I ordered one from Banggood X55 and the other from Gearbest X45.

      • Hopefully your X55 will be clean!
        I’ll keep you guys posted on what else I find out on this issue of the Windows activation. Just an update on the state of the drivers with stock Windows 1803 installation – I found that there is an unknown PCI device and a PCI Signal Processing device. The lost sound on HDMI 2 (LH side looking at the back) may be due to this device. HDMI1 (RH side) works fine so if you rebuild Windows without the dedicated drivers everything is fine as long as you use the RH HDMI port with your TV or other device needing sound over HDMI….well mostly….I’m battling that this machine can’t access my other networked PCs even when I am using the correct login and passwords and vice-versa but I think that is due to something else.

        • I’m expecting the X45 today from Gearbest. So I will be checking it out. I don’t think Gearbest mess with activation, they wouldn’t have time to. But Beelink themselves maybe? So I will check the SLIC key embedded in the bios is legit or not. OR the Windows 10 install. Mine’s the 6GB model which I’m curious to see if it’s two Samsung DDR4 2400Mhz 3GB chips like the DDR3 3GB ships used in the Apollo Lake.

      • I’ll like to order a X55 for desktop use (email, browsing, video …)
        Did you received yours ?
        What do you think of this kind of mini pc for a family use ?
        Awesome site and youtube channel … congrats 🙂

    • I received mine today (X55) – but it didnt come with ANY OS.

      • Are you happy with your purchase ?
        For what kind of usages did you buy it ?
        Many thanks 🙂

        • I bought it as a media PC for use with a TV and it works perfectly for that application. The fan is virtually silent even when you have it on the desk next to you. Under a TV inside a cabinet (as I do) it is perfect to play whatever media you want – Blu Ray, DVD etc etc. The product is great, my only beef is with the dodgy OS installation! Windows 10 in raw form will get you up and running. However the second HDMI port will not be usable for sound transfer until you get the drivers from Beelink (I haven’t gotten around to that yet).

          • Thanks Ant for your feedback 🙂
            Do you think it could be use as a family desktop PC as well ?
            Anyway many thanks for your kind feedback !

  2. New drivers for intel’s iGPUS . Will the gemini lake cpus support HDR now??

    “Are available to install version of a new drivers for Intel GPUs, a version compatible with Gemini Lake processors, Apollo Lake or the Core 6th, 7th and 8th generation of processors. In these new drivers we have several improvements for the playback of videos with HDR information for the 7th generation processors and performance improvements for several recently released games.”

  3. I have no ideal where they get these prices from.

    I can buy a NUC with a j5005 in it for £153 and add a Kingston M.2 SSD for £37, an 8GB DDR4 sodimm for £83, a total of £273 or eur307.

    It will be supplied from the UK, no risk of import taxes, have a UK warranty, and get software support from Intel.

    and those prices from, with no attempt to find a better price.

    • Yes this is something i’ve noticed as well, usually only the bare minimum option is a viable one. The problem is you are usually charged the full amount for each upgrades, while not getting any ‘rebate’ or just a small one for the parts you will not be using.

      while i was buying the chuwi surbook i literally have to force myself to not pay almost $100 for a 64gb upgrade, its a carry around the house kind of tablet so i can live with it but i could and would not recommend it because i know most people need at least 128gb and that option is just not a very good one.

  4. Anyway (anywhere) to confirm if the 6gb and 8gb variants are setup as dual channel memory?

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