Teclast M20 – 4G Helio X20 Budget Tablet Coming

Teclast M20 – 4G Helio X20 Budget Tablet Coming

Teclast’s latest tablet is a budget MediaTek Helio X20 powered one very similar to the Alldocube M5 I reviewed as the specs are identical. The ten-core Helio X20 CPU with Mali-T880 MP4 GPU is paired up with 4GB of RAM, 64GB eMMC of storagge, a sharp 2560 x 1600 10.1″ IPS screen. Wireless AC, BT 4.0 and 6600mAh battery. It runs Android 7.0

LTE support also like the M5 with two Micro SIM slots and a MicroSD slot. No word on pricing but my guess is it will be under $200. The screen also doesn’t look to be fully laminated so I wouldn’t count on it.

The Teclast Master T10 has nothing to worry about with it’s fully laminated screen and faster MTK8176 hexa-core SoC with PowerVR 6250 GPU. That tablet still remains the one to be for the price.

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  1. Thank you for your inquiry regarding http://www.gearbest.com/m-goods-sn-275404401.htm

    Your original question is “Is the display Fully laminated (OGS) ?”

    Here is the answer from Our Customer service Team:

    Hello Ice,

    Screen type: Capacitive (10-Point),OGS

  2. Hi Chris, what are the best tablets with good display and pen for you?

  3. Looking to buy a new tablet which one shoulr i get Teclast m20, Chuwi hi9 air, or Teclast master t10.
    I would use it for gaming, browsing the net, and watching videos

    • the t10 is definitely the go to tablet especially it is now selling at a really attractive price of $193 which i believe is the lowest it has been. If you need 4g the hi9 air is a decent option as well at $180 but it may be slightly more prone to overheating and the screen is not as bright.

      Of course if you dont mind paying the premium the mi pad 4 is definitely the tablet to get

      • First of all thanks for the reply Sx C I dont have too much use as for 4G it would be mostly for indoor use in the house the mi pad 4 its a no go for me i need 10″” tablet and mipad is an 8″.
        Specwise the teclast t10 is more powefull than the teclast m20 & chuwi hi9 air?

        • Performance wise you will find next to no difference between the lot especially since the manufacturers will change the ram and emmc between batch which imo will affect performance more than the chipset itself.

          The t10 is definitely a better tablet overall but now that the hi9 is selling for around $15 less it is now also a viable option, the only real drawback of the hi9 is the rather dim screen but if you are using it indoors it shouldnt be a issue.

          Anyway if you dont mind buying a tablet which does not have any review yet the alldocube x might be another option – http://en.alldocube.com/mtk/alldocube-x.html

          If the rumors are true and the tablet is indeed selling at 219 for the early birds then it will be a pretty good deal as well.

  4. I still hope sooner or later the Chinese manufacturer will embrace AndroidONE…..
    I can they launch a brand new model with Android7 in 2018 h2 ?!?!?!
    the economical problem with LeECO and Gionee should be a proof that even Chinese consumer are looking for something better
    everyone has a phablet, if someone is looking for something new…he wants LongTermSupport and a decent quality

  5. i find it funny that in the beginning the x20 was marketed at a slighter better option to the mt8176(price wise), now that we’ve seen its true form it has been relegated to the budget option, price wise nowadays it cost less or equivalent to the mt8176 options.

    Back on point this tablet just makes no sense at all(other than 4g), specs wise it is inferior to the t10 in almost every way. teclast should have make it 3gb ram, 64gb emmc, maybe only a FHD screen and make it a true budget tablet at sub $150

    • Yes that would have been better if they had gone with maybe a cheaper screen and then priced it even lower. As I posted the master T10 is much better than this unit.

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