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Teclast M20 – 2560 x 1600 Helio X23 4G $159.99 Tablet

Teclast M20 – 2560 x 1600 Helio X23 4G $159.99 Tablet

Edit: My Teclast M20 is in the studio. I can confirm the screen is Non-laminated, the gap is about 2-2.5mm rather large. I’m working on the review over the next day two so look for updates soon.

Teclast’s latest budget 10.1″ the Teclast M20 tablet is now out and selling for just $159.99 over at Banggood.com. This Android 8.0 tablet is like the other Helio X20 tablets I’ve reviewed, dual LTE SIM slots, GPS, FM Radio, 2560 x 1600 OGS screen. But unlike the others it has the MediaTek MT6797D or Helio X23 it’s a higher binned Helio X20 with a faster 2.3Ghz max turbo and 780Mhz Mali T880 GPU. RAM is 4GB of DDR3 and 64GB of eMMC 4.5 storage. There is MicroSD support.

The M20 also has a think metal build and 6600mAh battery which should be good for up to around 6-7 hours of light use. 5MP rear and 2MP front cameras. And as well as LTE it also has Wireless AC.

In my experience with the Helio X20 tablet’s the chipset offers a lot for the price. But gaming performance has been a little laggy on the really demanding titles like PUBG. Even with the slightly faster clocks, I don’t see it being much smoother. Still for the $159.99 price and you don’t expect the best gaming performance it’s a hard deal to pass up. Also, note the LTE bands covered, they are somewhat limited. B1/B3/B34/B38/B39/B40  I’m lucky at least in Spain my carrier uses Band 1 and 3.

I’ll be reviewing the Teclast M20 really soon, so stay tuned for that.


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  1. Hello Chris G.
    Can you help me, I just bought Teclast M20, but I can’t find any Gapps and Google Service * Play Store, anything about Google, Why your tablet have full Gapps & Google Play Service ?
    I try install them, but force close, many times, i try again again again but failed.
    Can you help me, please.
    I try flash filmware stock, but i can’t find anymore ways to install gapps.

  2. such a shame that the screen is non laminated, i knew the price is so low for a reason.

    well, anyway the fact that it still has a micro usb interface already makes it a dealbreaker for a device released in the second half of 2018

    • I contacted GearBest and they state the display is OGS
      of course the info need to be verified

      Is the display Fully laminated (OGS) ?

      By ice Aug-23/2018 07:01:01

      Hello Ice,

      Screen type: Capacitive (10-Point),OGS

      • They can call it OGS as long as the digitizer layer is fused with the outer glass layer, the keyword to look for is still laminated and as long as you dont find it anywhere on the promo slides it can be safe to assume that there is none.

  3. display (if OGS ad they state from Gearbest) should be great
    cpu is not the best, but I like the GPS on the tablet
    waiting for your review
    please check for project treble support…communty is only hope to get update for these chinese tablets

    • Sure I’ll check for Treble hope its full a/b partition support.

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