(Update) Chuwi Hi9 Pro 4G, 2K Screen, Android 8.0 Tablet $139.99

(Update) Chuwi Hi9 Pro 4G, 2K Screen, Android 8.0 Tablet $139.99

Update: The Chuwi Hi9 Pro is already shipping out, my unit went today but I ordered it with DHL Express shipping. So It should be here on Monday so look for the review or hands-on early next week. There are just two days left at this deal price of $139.99 before it increases to $169.99.

This one is a great deal if you’re looking for a new fully laminated, 4G tablet and don’t need the absolute best in gaming performance or want to spend a lot. Chuwi’s new 8.4″ tablet with a JDI OGS 2560 x 1600 screen, stock Android 8.0 Oreo. 3GB of Ram and 32GB eMMC + MicroSD support will be only $139.99 from the 6th of August to the 12th. This is down from the normal price of $169.99 and for the spec a very good price.

The tablet has dual SIM LTE, with 4G bands: 4G: B1 2100MHz,B2 1900MHz,B20 800MHz,B3 1800MHz,B5 850MHz,B7 2600MHz,B8 900MHz,TDD B40 2300MHz.

There is an earpiece in there so, in theory, can be used even as an extra large mobile. It has a mobile chipset in it.

And it also has GPS support and FM Radio, Wireless AC and BT 4.2. So as you can see with a decent screen, MediaTek Helio X20 ten-core CPU and for the price, it’s great, but from experience, I know that the GPU Mali-T880 MP4 handles PUBG on low settings okay with playable framerates, BUT it can lag at times with demanding games like that one. It’s not always the smoothest. And there is no HDMI out which is a same. I’ve got one coming so expect a review of it in the next week or two.

But if you’re in the market for a new small tablet this one should be taken into consideration definitely considering others with the same spec as the Alldocube X1 sell for much more. See my Alldocube X1 review to get an idea of what to expect, it is almost the same tablet. Same CPU and screen, but the Chuwi Hi9 Pro will have more LTE bands and a larger battery.

The deal is live on the site soon, but I think only a small amount will be sold at that price, maybe only 100 to 200 units.

The Chuwi Hi9 Pro $139.99 deal is here.

Photos of the Hi9 Pro’s retail box and the tablet.

Chuwi Hi9 Pro press info and images:

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  1. I know the Chuwi Hi9 Pro USB type-C jack is OTG-enabled because mine works with keyboard and mouse and thumb drive. However, does it have the necessary drivers to plug in an Ethernet adapter to connect to to wired internet such as this one? https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B7P2JY5 I bought one to try it but cannot get it to work with my Chuwi tablet.

  2. Help . I purchased this based off of this review. It seems fine overall but the one feature that I can’t seem to get work as the FM radio. I am in the US. It shows it’s picking up the station and then little bars move up and down but yet the audio does not play through the headphones. I’ve toggled this speaker or headphone option but audio is not coming through. Is anyone aware of a fix or aware that this is an issue?

  3. I purchased a Hi 9 Pro tablet which just came in the mail. But for some reason I received a European model instead of a US model. I’m wondering if I should even open the package. Any downsides of a European model in the US (looks like they included a mini plug adapter in the envelope).

  4. For me and others to consider Chuwi Hi9 Pro for purchase when
    reviews of the earlier Hi9 versions have indicated less good
    radio performance, it would be interesting to see the result
    of new tests of these properties.

    Also readability of the screen in outdoor light is of much interest
    – is the limitation of screen brightness still active?
    it should be possible to bypass like when using in
    a car or electric bike when using while charging.

    Here are some quotes from another site – support.weboost.com –
    “Viewing your phone’s actual (cellular) signal strength by reading decibels
    is preferable to relying on the ‘bars’ graphic as an indication of signal strength. The issue with the bars representation is that there are no standards.
    A phone’s 3 bars may represent a stronger signal than another phone’s
    4 bars or even 5 bars”

    So I would suggest the more objective method of reading the in-built
    cellular -dBm register(less negative or positive value the better),
    and that’s easy to do these days –

    “Most Android phone models allow the user to view signal strength readings by navigating the devices menu tree. Finding the right menu screen varies across phone manufacturers, models and versions of Android OS. A typical navigation sequence is:

    Settings – About Phone – Status or Network – Signal Strength or,
    Network Type and Strength.

    Or for some Android phones it may be:
    Settings – More Options or More Settings – About Phone – Mobile Networks –
    Signal Strength

    To find a test mode other than what’s already been mentioned above,
    you can visit the following link: http://www.wpsantennas.com/pdf/testmode/FieldTestModes.pdf.

    Some phones may need to have the ‘Airplane Mode’ toggled on/off to
    trigger an updated reading.

    Alternatively, there are apps to download from the Play Store, such as SignalCheck Lite”

    or 4G + WiFi Maps & Speed Test by OpenSignal.com –

    Some good alternatives for WiFi analysis:

    One alternative for BT:

    Reading the received signal level is nice, but in the end what matters also
    is how well the RF chipset processes the signal to noice information,
    so with all other conditions equal the max data throughput is the total
    quality indicator.

    Also, down/upload speeds is influenced by the the momentary congestion of
    the cell. To make such a test more fair, it could be done by running
    another ‘known good’ phone of a different brand with the same LTE classification
    side by side, and for the very first test, swapping their positions
    to be more sure.

    When the radio reception is marginal, these issues are important indeed –
    it can even be a question of life in an emergency.
    Just IF manufacturers are slapping modules together without caring
    much about radio quality – it should be known to the consumer.

    We appreciate your efforts Chris, to address important points that most other
    reviewers ignores, I have even read other ‘reviews’ that are are nothing
    but glorious advertisements.

  5. I wonder If the 3GB RAM will be a bottleneck compared to the alldocube x1?

    • Not normally 3-4GB unless you multitask like crazy if it was 2GB I would say yes.

  6. Mine’s saying shipped now so hopefully here within a week or so.

    • Same here, looks like it has shipped DHL. I should have it next week.

    • The tracking number is live just left Hong Kong so i’ll have mine on Monday by the looks of it.

  7. IT says it has an all metal body,but read on a couple other sites it is plastic, really hope it is metal not plastic.

  8. Can I use this as a daily mobile phone? I don’t mind the size, just wondering If I can receive calls and answer them using it’s speaker without a earphone connection?

    • My guess is yes, otherwise, why did they add the earpiece on there? But I’ll only know for sure when I get my hands on it.

      • It could be just for hearing games and youtube. Does it have a Microphone input? Or a Mic on there?

        • It’s a phabelt. A phone-tablet. mic and speaker, yes. 4-conductor 3.5 mm headset jack, yes.

    • The Hi9 Air can be used as phone, so don’t see why this one shoulden, the specs are more or less the same

    • COuld be top and bottom plastic for the antennas

  9. 7am and sale became alive for 121,10€ – got one.
    273 pieces left.

  10. Got the deal. Thanks for the post, Chris G. I’ve enjoyed my Hi9, but wanted LTE, and now I’ll have it. 🙂
    Full data on network data:
    Dual WiFi 2.4GHz/5.0GHz
    WIFI: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless internet
    Network type: FDD-LTE,GSM,TDD-LTE,WCDMA
    2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100
    4G: B1 2100MHz, B2 1900MHz,B20 800MHz, B3 1800MHz, B5 850MHz, B7 2600MHz, B8 900MHz,
    TDD B40 2300MHz
    GPS: Yes
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1

    For the U.S., TMo is B2 on LTE and 1900 on 3G. I use Project Fi, so the Hi9 Phablet should work on Hangouts data SIM voice, and maybe on Project Fi voice and text SIM. AT&T is also B2 on LTE and 1900 on 3G (among others).

    • BTW, my Hi9 does fine with youtube videos and VLC transcoded blurays; always use headphones. The onboard speaker is suitable for torture.

      • Yes, that speaker is so weak, pretty bad. I doubt that has changed.

    • Bands are much better than the AllDoCube X1 I reviewed. That one is pretty much only Chinese bands.

  11. I bit the bullet at £108 in the UK seemed rude not to! Probably use it in my car for satnav, music streaming and possibly hands free calling. Not available until after 20th of the month according to Gearbest so hopefully here by end of month. Cheers for heads up Chris, your website keeps costing me money lol ?

    • Think you should read it again then
      Ship between: Sep 20 – Sep 24

      Thats first next month, and belive me, thay probbely will come up with delays and bad excuses why its being delayed, seen it more or less every time new devices comes out

      • You were wrong.
        Mine is already shipped – last week.
        No bad excuses – I simply pressed a button to dispatch faster.

  12. Im a little confused now, in the first article you wrote about this model, you stated it comes with Android 8.1, now its only Android 8.0, so what will it come with ?

    Gearbest claim it have USB-C, but the press pic shows Micro USB, so again, what will this device come with ?

    I really hope Chuwi have solved the sim+BT problem on this model and it won’t come with the same flaws like Hi9 Air

    • Android Oreo, now the site lists it as Android 8.0 and not 8.1. I’ll confirm this when mine arrives. No, it doesn’t have type-c it’s microUSB 2.0. What’s this BT and SIM issue?

      • Some at the Chuwi board reported that using sim and BT at the same time does not word decent, i tried on mine, and sound dissapear if my BT headphones are longer than 30 cm away from the tablet when using simcard for internet, if i use normal wifi i can go 1-1½ meter away before sound starts dissapering

  13. its still $170 when is the this deal live? p.s it took a long time to login, stuck on verify for sometime.

    • It should be very soon. Maybe 8 AM in China. Not sure about the login, the site can take a little while. But once signed in it should be quick.

    • Ever heard about “keep calm and carry on”?

      Chris mentioned above in that article that it will come alive with limited amount.

      Guess what happened half an hour ago?
      121,10€ sale price and 300 pieces, currently after my purchase

      STILL 273 pieces for YOU

      Keep calm and read carefully – then you can’t get in a hurry and you’re expectations have the right level.

      • Yes, I posted it a bit early, but 300 units. Much better than I expected, though they would only post 100 at that low price.

    • Do not forget: shipping not before 20th of Sept. – 2018 most likely.

      • GB have now changes the shipout date to be between Aug 9-13, but they probbely come up with alot of bad excuses and will first ship out in Sep

        • Again: Your predictions are completely wrong. Mine had been already shipped last week and I got the tracking data announcing arrival europe these days.

          • I’m glad i was wrong, was just using previous experince with GB, Banggod anf CoreBook campaign on indiegogo to calculate delivery time

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