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Windows 10 Pro 1803 Lite No Bloat For Gemini/Apollo Lake Laptops

Windows 10 Pro 1803 Lite No Bloat For Gemini/Apollo Lake Laptops

If you’re like me and you want the maximum performance out of your Gemini Lake Laptop. Then you might like this image I created for the Chuwi Lapbook SE this will also work on the EZbook X4. It uses only 900Mb of RAM on first boot and has just 13 background processes running. It’s stripped of all Windows 10 bloatware, Metro app and even Windows defender (Install your own Anti-virus) It’s designed to get the best performance out of Windows 10 on limited hardware like these 4GB Celeron N4100 laptops.

With this image Windows 10 runs much, much faster it feels like it’s not a 14nm Gemini Lake CPU but more like a Core M3 and also runs a little longer on the battery ( Aprox 5% more due to less RAM use).

But be warned this isn’t for everyone, advanced users ONLY. Remember no Windows metro apps, no Edge, IE11, Windows Store or Windows Defender.

Note: It will work on any x64 CPU PC like the Apollo Lake N3450 Teclast F7 or Jumper EZbook 3 Pro. But you’ll need drivers for those models. This image has the Gemini Lake drivers installed for Lapbook SE & others.


  • Based on Windows 10 Pro 1803 RS4 September
  • All drivers installed for Lapbook SE
  • Stripped of all bloatware for maximum free space and speed
  • Cortana removed and Windows search toolbar
  • Windows defender removed (No lag due to virus scanning when you least need it). Use your own free anti-virus
  • Xbox gaming and DVR disabled for performance
  • Speaker loudness boost: EqualizerAPO64-1.2 installed – 13dB boost to loudspeakers (Lapbook SE speakers are much louder)
  • SSD/eMMC tweaks for increased performance.
  • RWEverything installed with one click shortcut to run no power limit (unlocked) make sure you have done the copper heatsink mod for this one.
  • Updated latest Intel 600 UHD graphics driver and Bluetooth driver
  • Intel Wireless AC 3165 driver for best range and performance. (Latest driver lowered range)

How to install: Restore using Macrium backup free to your boot drive. Backup any data first, it’s going to be a fresh start!

For a media player I recommend VLC or MPC.

Download Windows 10 Pro lite for Gemini Lake laptops: (8GB)

(Sorry download removed due to copyright issue and takedown notice. 15 oct 2018)


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Could someone please send me PM with a link to Windows 10 Pro lite for Gemini Lake laptops? I messed up my OS installation.. Thank you in advance!

  2. Same here! If someone could please send the link with PM I would be grateful. Just received this great laptop and waiting to setup…

  3. Could someone please send me PM with a link to Windows 10 Pro lite for Gemini Lake laptops? Thank you very very much, LapBook SE will be Christmas present 🙂

  4. Could someone please PM me with a link to this. Very much appreciated. Thanks

  5. Hi Chris can you send me a private message with the link to download this special version of Win 10? How can i install it? THX

  6. Hello Chris
    Could you also make win 10 home version ?

    Thank you

    • I want to make a new one on Windows 10 1809 October and will do a Win 10 Home image. But the MSMG Tools aren’t working for that one just yet.

      • Do you mean to specifically acknowledge what I was precisely asking for –and you overlooked, I mean that if I download your files and then Windows compels me to upgrade to the latest 1809 version all the “optimization” will be lost? What is the benefit then?

        • No it should upgrade to 1809, but I’m not sure if it will add the new versions of metro apps that have been updated. I haven’t tested it. I have updates disabled. This is just my own image I’m running on the lapbook SE that uses 900mb to 1GB RAM on first boot instead of 1.5GB and designed it for low PCU use. Like I said not for everyone. Download and install the 1809 and you’ll be fine.

          Images like this take a lot of time to make and test.

          • Thank you for your prompt answer! Did you implicitly also mean that it is theoretically possible to disable Windows updates with the tools that you are using? I didn’t know that

            • Yes, but it’s intact. If you want to disable it run (run command as admin) msconfig, on services disable Windows 10 update. No more updates ever now with it off.

              • Thank you. We found the work you have done and are kindly providing to the community, as well as these answers extremely interesting. How could a company donate something for supporting your blog? Would you accept a Paypal payment? Would you provide an invoice eventually?

                • I succeded now to download it from the new link and it works fine with Apollo Lake processor. Unfortunately, when I use it for Atom ones it does not boot. Since Macrium Reflect has an option to make the restore image also valid for other a CPUs, can you please take this option into account when doing the other version for Windows Home? Thank you very much.

  7. download does not work for me either

  8. This download seems NOT to work anymore. When I double click on it nothing happens but just a page refresh. what am I doing wrong? How much Hard disk empty space do you need to download it, if you can? What will happen with it, once you successfully install it and Windows 10 requests to make one of its periodic updates?

  9. chris, I remember we tried an ultra slim version some time ago and it was just not working very well.
    Is this the same thing or something different?

    • This one is a little different. But again not for everyone.

  10. Thank you Chris. Will this also work with the Alldocube Knote 5?

  11. Hi Chris.

    What tool(s) did you use to slim down windows?

    Or was it done manually.?

    BTW Great job!!

  12. Hey, Chris.

    Also having trouble with my teclast f7 wifi range. Currently using Intel® PROSet/Wireless 20.80.0 drivers. Witch ones do you use? Currently switching to 20.40.0 drivers, from march, this year.

    • I’m on It’s old, I’ve been trying many and you’ll be surprised how the speed various amoung them and range.

  13. Did you try to install an hackintosh distro?

  14. Also for me it would be better to use in .ISO files. I also kindly ask Chris to make one. I hope it’s possible. I wait impatiently.
    Thanks in advance.

  15. Can you make an iso image file? I am familiar with that. Never used macrium.

  16. Will there be any windows activation issue?

  17. Hi Chris
    Could you kindly also make win 10 home (lite) for teclast f5, considering teclast f5 has bad battery life ?

    Thank you

  18. Thanks Chris for this Windows version! Another option is install Linux Antergos with KDE that boost Jumper X4 like a laptop with i3. All hardware works out box. Try it!

    • Currently using Mint 19 which also works fine.

      • A VERY fast distro is Antix Linux. It’s designed to run on a USB drive and is tiny – small RAM usage.
        Good for Atom’s and other slow CPU’s and low RAM devices. And it uses Debian packages (same as Ubuntu and LinuxMint) so finding and installing apps should be OK. But Arch packages used by Manjaro and Antergos is very hard to beat – my favorite is Manjaro XFCE.

        • LinuxMint is the most polished and Windows-like UI though. It’s what I recommend to Windows users trying out Linux for the first time.

      • What desktop?

  19. THANK YOU. I look forward to using it when my Lapbook SE comes. Sounds like just the right image.

  20. Hi,

    Will the deleted apps be installed when Windows Update works?

    Thanks a lot.

  21. well,
    that would have been fine last year but now I’m on the ithinker.

    I would love to get ridd off all this stuff you had mentioned cause in most cases I got Win 10 versions with at least 1,8 GB RAM usage after bootup completed. But can I do that from this image if I had a driver backup ?


    • Yes if you have the Thinker drivers it will work. But a lot of things have been removed to you need to find a new video player, media player etc.

      • On a regular ESD-USB dongle loaded with a Win10 ISO image (using Rufus), is there any particular place where to put the ‘drivers’ so Windows can find them flawlessly when installing? Never done that before, just wondering how to properly use your ‘Chuwi SE Drivers Dump’ 😉

        • It’s a little complicated, google it. But it involves a bit of work. As for the drivers, Windows and Windows update will grab them all. No need really for my drivers. But you can restore my backup with Doubledriver.

  22. Lol, currently using the MediaCreationTool to make an USB boot drive ! 🙂
    Yours looks interesting but :
    *based on Pro (I have a licence Home)
    *No defender 🙁

    • This is a complete Macrium backup this one. Just easier for me this way. No defender because I got sick of seeing high CPU spikes and what do you know, defender was the cause 80% of the time. I run defender always, but just on this hardware decided to ditch it and use bitdefender.

      • i am running mint’s mate desktop and all works without issue on my SE.

        • Also running Mint 19 and it runs great with the Power Limit disabled, but C-States also disabled. Try that, it will then hold 2.3Ghz all cores when needed.

      • Oh, take a look at Zone Alarm. gives you serious control on what goes in an out of your puter over the net. lets you know when ANYthing tries to connect/send out anything from your comp and lets you decide to either allow it or block. great for killing ms’s “phone home” bs.

        • Yes I’ve used it before and it is good for that. But found it over the top a bit. Still, I’ll have to check it out again.

    • I might make a Home version of it.

      • Really? that would be cool Chris 🙂
        BTW, maybe I’m just wrong about it and you can give me a proper answer: it is said that the ‘licence’ is bound to the device itself, whatever happens to it -re-installation of Windows, hardware changes, aso…
        Mine was bought with a Home licence. Therefore, if I install a *fresh new Windows* on a *new* partition (SSD instead of eMMC) of the very same PC, I suppose I should install a Home version so it can be automatically activated as well. Am I wrong?

        • It will automatically activate yes if it’s the same version as the key in the bios.

      • Great! I also vote for the home version.

        • I don’t think the tools work with the home version, that’s the issue.

          • Hi Chris,
            Can you describe in detail how you made this image and what tools you used? I would like to repeat this work, but perhaps with a different image. I think, it will be interesting not only for me, but also for many who visit this site. Thanks.

  23. Hi Chris

    Great one my friend!
    Looking forward to a build for the Apollo Lake versions. Would love it for my Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro

  24. Hi Chris,
    This is suitable for Teclast F7? (First model with emmc)

    • Yes, but you might need to restore the drivers. As this has the Gemini Lake drivers.

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