Chuwi HeroBook Coming 14.1″ Budget Laptop

Chuwi HeroBook Coming 14.1″ Budget Laptop

Seems the shortage of Intel 14nm chips like the Gemini Lake is forcing manufacturers to use old, dated chipsets. Like this Atom X5 Z8350 which is in what looks like otherwise a good laptop. A 14.1″ laptop similar to the Lapbook SE with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Called the Herobook, it has a large touchpad and full-sized keyboard like the Lapbook SE’s. The HeroBook has a 38Wh battery so paired with the older Z8350 should be good for 9-10 hours even. It has USB 3.0, USB 2.0 a MicroSD card reader, 3.5mm jack and D/C charging.

Just puzzles me as to why they have gone with an almost 3-year chipset even if there is a shortage. Maybe an AMD APU chipset would have been better? I’m sure they got it cheap, but the Atom X5 doesn’t have native VP9 and HEVC video codec decoding, no HDMI 2.0 support and it’s much slower than the likes of the Celeron N4100. Chuwi is also rumored to have a Core M3 notebook in the works, I hope one is coming soon.

Other than the CPU the rest of looks okay, the same build and quality as the Lapbook SE and even a matte anti-glare 14.1″ 1080p screen.

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  1. How long before we can have a MacBookAIR 2019 clone with an AMD Ryzen apu and a 3:2 display and an 8-10h batttery?!?!?!

    • We kind of had one of these (exluding the AMD Vega graphics). Alldocube Thinker had a great 3:2 (3000×2000 resolution) screen and had a real 8 hours of screen on time. Although it was kind of heavy for such a small laptop. To be honest I am typing this reply on the Thinker xD With those being said, I too am looking forward to some AMD (hopefully 4 cored and up) based chinese laptops with Vega graphics integrated. These proccessors should consume quite more power than the Intel’s counterparts though. So 8-10 hours might not be realistic, but I would also be happy with 6-7 hours.

      • actually the AMD embedded V1xxx series is quite light on power needs
        but they’re rare to find ( I was planning to build a NAS around it)

      • Does your Thinker really have good cooling? AllDoCube highlights “cooling technique” as one of its features, but Chris said in his review it ran hot.

  2. They should seriously consider a Ryzen 3 based product rather than this POS ATOM.

  3. they could have at least used the slightly faster z8550 or maybe even the z8750.

    hopefully they will give these tablets some decent emmc and ram this time round, my experience with the atoms tablet have been hit and miss and the near unusable ones are usually the ones with poor emmc and/or ram.

    will likely give this tablet a miss but if this trend continues, i will be one of the first person to buy a newer hi12 if it comes with a laminated screen, a bigger battery, type c port and better speakers etc.

  4. Perhaps battery life? The Atoms sip juice less than all others, no?

    • Yes, it should get around 9-10 hours maybe more. But even some of the N4100’s can get 9 hours. I can get this out of my lapbook SE.

    • Yes but it also does everything much slower than others (that is if it can do that at all like 4k output).

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