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Teclast F15 – 15.6″ 8GB RAM Gemini Lake Laptop (Updated)

Teclast F15 – 15.6″ 8GB RAM Gemini Lake Laptop (Updated)

Update #4 The English page is now online on Teclast.com

Update #3 Full specs are now known, they have leaked out on the Russian Teclast F15 page of Teclast.com.Thank you Andraz! Teclast claims it’s a premium 15.6″ laptop in the body of a typical 14″ laptop with large side bezels. It’s 1.8 kilos and a slim 15mm with a mostly metal build.

  • 15.6″ 1080p Fully laminated IPS with 7mm thin size bezels. 82% screen to body ratio.
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM (More than likely 2133Mhz like all other Gemini Lakes reviewed)
  • Rear ports, USB 3.0 x 2, HDMI (Full sized HDMI 2.0A) & MicroSD reader
  • left side D/C 12V 2-3A in for charging and right side 3.5mm jack
  • Type-C port, unknown if it is USB 3.1 spec. More than likely just USB 3.0 due to the D/C charge port.
  • 22mm x 80mm SSD (based on the image, could be 2260)
  • Wireless AC 3165 with BT 4.1
  • 45Wh battery? Good for 7 hours
  • Windows 10 home
  • Backlit keyboard with numerical pad

Now the sweet spot would be upgradable RAM, crossing my fingers it has two SO-DOM slots inside there even if it’s highly unlikely due to costs.

Update #2: Today’s new image tells us it will have 256GB of SSD storage and 8GB of RAM! Also has a numerical keypad and a massive touchpad. Interesting to note I cannot see any USB ports. Looks like 3.5mm and DC in for charging?

Not much is known about this new model, Teclast is only leaking out the details a day at a time via their facebook page. What we do know so far is it’s a Gemini Lake, 15.6″ with thin side bezels and a metal build.

But it’s not hard to guess the rest, I’m certain it will have a fully laminated 1080p screen, Intel Wireless AC 3165, 128GB SSD, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 3.5mm audio, MicroSD, Mini or Micro HDMI 2.0A and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

On my wishlist for this Teclast F15 laptop:

  • Backlit keyboard, highly likely since the Teclast F7 Plus will have a backlit one.
  • Numberpad keyboard if possible. Confirmed!
  • Type-C USB 3.1 and used for charging only (Like Chuwi Lapbook Pro)
  • 2280 sized SSD slot, very likely the last laptops have been using the larger size.
  • 42Wh+ battery size so it will run for 10 hours+ Current N4100 + 37Wh laptops can do 8-9 hours.
  • Decent speakers (3W x 2 for example)
  • 1.5 kilos or less thin build
  • SO-DIMM slots x2. Upgradable RAM is the next step we need. Like the Xiaomai 6A!
  • Under $330 on launch

Great to see finally a 15.6″ release. We have a lot of 13.3″ and 14.1″ but no bigger models until now. I’m looking forward to this one and will definitely be ordering it once I can. By the way, the F7 Plus is now up for pre-order, that one is 14″ with 8GB of RAM with possibly the same spec as this new F15.

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  1. when it will on the market?

  2. Sounds promising 🙂

    • It does indeed. I think for a Celeron laptop it tickets all the boxes so far. I mean I would have preferred (Like many) A matte screen. But that’s nothing a decent matte screen protector can’t fix. Type-C USB 3.1 charging would be great and also upgradable RAM.

      Just the normal poor speakers perhaps will be the con.

  3. good luck with teclast!!!!! , cheap and soon in the trash…

    • Never had issues with mine. Still got my X98 Air III running dual boot and my 4-year old using it. Apart from a 2 hours battery life now after 4 years (Battery is very worn) it’s fine. My guess is you had something of their die on you? Sure it can happen it’s a bit of a lottery at times.

  4. Hey Chris! I think i have to disappoint you… if i am right this laptop will have usb c for data and have additional DC charging port, so yeah no usb c charging with this one… Link: http://www.teclast.com/ru/zt/nb/F15/

  5. I guess for western people an Atom based sporting a 15″ is kind of awkward
    I’m looking for a 11-13″, narrow bezels, 3:2 aspect ratio display, twin usb-c type 3.1 (cause all I/O will rely on these port + port replicator, no hdmi out)
    You can buy a port replicator with everything from Gigaethernet to vga, hdmi and card reader for as little as 20-25$ from Aliexpress.
    and I have a bad experience of embedded expansion slot failing even on premium brand, business laptops….

    • We had that Onda Xiaoma 31 I think it was called 13.3″ I reviewed with just 1 USB 3.1 type-c. It comes close to what you want but it also seems Onda haven’t released any new models which is odd.

      I would like a laptop like that but with twin type-C and maybe at least one full-size type-A USB 3.0

      Yes, a type-c port should last longer than even a D/C jack for charging. I’ve had them break on Dell, HP laptops in the past that cost thousands. At least in both cases I was able to replace it myself.

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