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Jumper EZBook X4 Gemini Lake EZBook 3L Pro Successor

Jumper EZBook X4 Gemini Lake EZBook 3L Pro Successor

Update: It’s now up for preorder for $319 over at Gearbest here.

Thanks to TheGiolly for pointing this one out, Jumper’s Official Aliexpress store has just listed the EZbook X4, it’s basically the EZbook 3L Pro with the new Gemini Lake N4100, 2.4Ghz, DDR4 RAM but only 4GB. I predicted this would happen since DDR4 prices are much higher than DDR3 and the 3GB RAM chips made by Samsung aren’t available in DDR4 spec.

Besides the chipset upgrade the keyboard is now silver and backlit. The rest looks exactly the same. So that touchpad should be a Windows precision one, two USB 3.0 ports, 128GB SSD, Wireless AC, BT 4. 10,000 mAh battery.

The screen is listed as a 14″ TN Panel which isn’t great and the price is also quite over the top at $536.90! Still, this is the first of the Gemini Lake Chinese laptops, hold off and wait for a possible 8GB Celeron N4100 laptop from AllDoCube, Chuwi, Onda or Teclast.

Images of the EZBook X4

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  1. let´s add the Jumper EZbook 3 Plus 14” laptop Intel Core M 7Y30 802.11 AC Wifi 8G DDR3L 128G SSD Metal Case Windows 10 1080P FHD ultrabook for 411 euro

    400 euro??? for a Jumper???
    The quality equivalent of a Yugo in an ultrabook.
    And they still think just a non fitting tiny keyboard sticker is ok instead of a real “your language” keyboard?
    For over 400 E with no warranty, no service and no one to talk to?
    You have to be nuts to even think of ordering that.

    • I agree, they seem to have forgotten their reason to exist.

      You can buy a respectable refurb from Dell Outlet for well under 500 euros, and buy a three or four year warranty if you want! So there’s no way I’d spend over 400 on one of these cheap Chinese products with no (effective) warranty, poor/none documentation, no access to spare parts, and often no useful Windows licence.

      • Difficult warranty and don’t forget no support (except from Gearbest), no bios updates (effectively), and some basic features you take for granted not supported (ctrl+shift+l or R arrow not supported).

        I went through support from GB – my experience was expensive and slow, but it finally worked out. I had to ship my ezbook 3 pro back to China with GB RMA process (this was my worst fear and it came true). It cost me $80 CAD to ship surface, took 2 months but they finally received it. I sent it fully insured to some address in Shenzen. I exchanged probably about 20 messages on the support tickets. After having it for a few weeks, they said “sorry it cant be repaired, we can offer you 90USD”. I said no way, having already sunk about 300 USD with return shipping and duties into it and on their site says if they cant repair, they will send another unit. After that, they came back and said “ok, we have been able to repair, will resend it”. I got even more suspicious, thinking they would ship back the same dead unit, but obviously miscommunication is a problem at GB as anybody who sees Q&As on product pages knows. Happy ending, I received a seemingly new, updated dual wifi model (with the ssd hatch), and they sent it airmail and CAN customs didn’t even look at it, got to east coast Canada in a week. The screen hinge has a slight problem, not sure if warped but ok for now. End of experiment with Chinese PCs i think.

        Buying PCs from China has a lot of cons, especially now that pcs such as thin all alum. Acer swift 3 are in the 500USD range open box after xmas with i5-8250, maybe cheaper now. That’s about 2x the price, granted, but for the newest high power processor, there are other less powerful models (better than N3450) around N. Am. for less. with support and 2yr warranty (extended 1 yr by credit card)

  2. It’s listed for $ 336 @ Geekbuying (don’t know if the price will be raised when actually available):

    Furhtermore I’m interested in the wireless chip. On the Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 I find the Intel AC3165 not as fast when copying files from/to the NAS, probably related to having only 1 antenna.

    Edit: according the page below the Gemini Lake will also have a 1×1 antenna setup 🙁

  3. with the price of ram as it is now(even ddr3), prices of new tablet or notebook will probably be horrible until next year at the very least

  4. Something similar for less, like Chris mentioned only 4GB RAM maybe the trend until XMAS or 11.11 sales.
    $443.65 Lenovo Idea IP 330 N5000 4GB 500GB

  5. HMMMM reading through the specs and comparison to the N3450 there is no reason for that baby update.
    and what is: and a partly integrated WiFi chip?
    Checking the Jumper page tell about DDR3L and not 4 and no speed is mentioned.
    RAM: 4GB RAM Type: DDR3L
    also the num lock key is the same as the del key.
    “but I just wanted to press num lock and PUFF it´s gone”

    well we shall see when Chris dissects his first

    • DDR3L, I think it’s wrong, he Gemini Lake uses DDR4 2400Mhz. It’s nothing amazing but the N5000/J5005 I’ve tested in the Intel NUC is quite decent. Most of the boost is GPU performance due to the RAM speed improvement that aids the iGPU. I’m not sure I’ll order one at this point. Waiting for the price to drop and need to sell a few items. The old review fund is empty…

    • 300USD now, but TN screen (is it non-glare at least?) and 4GB is a deal breaker. Better brand name options may be available at a store near you… with full warranty support – Acer swift 3 for example, Asus

  6. any ideas when one with an AMD chip will come out?

  7. If they want to keep the price down with the memory, obviously it is time to have easily accessible free slot so that users can install additional memory by themselves if they choose to

  8. The poor screen and expensive price makes this a no go. Personally, I’m keen to see what Teclast does next after the fabulous F7 Notebook. Thanks.

    • Yes, I’m very keen to see the Teclast F7 with Gemini Lake and hopefully 8GB RAM.

      • But that’s not going to be $220, probably more like $280 minimum.
        I see the F7 128gb is currently $336!!!

  9. it’s nice to see evolution in progress, but I think they’re taking advantage of leading the pack to inflate the price and deflate the specifications.

    • Definitely, since it looks like they will be one of the first with the new N4100.

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