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Deals: Jumper EZBook X1 $254 & Chuwi Lapbook SE $265

Deals: Jumper EZBook X1 $254 & Chuwi Lapbook SE $265

So whatever happened to the Gemini Lake laptops under $300? Most newer models are still well over $300, but there are a few good deals on Aliexpress now with their big 9th-anniversary sale which ends in 17 hours. The Jumper EZBook X1 is often forgotten about, it’s a Celeron N4100 2-in-1 laptops with 360-degree hinge and 11.6″ 1080p IPS screen. Very similar to an old Yoga 11 and the Tecalst F5. But unlike the Tecalst F5 which shares the same ODM with the X1, it’s selling for just $254 USD whereas the Teclast F5 is $399 but has 8GB of RAM.

A big price difference for the basically the same machine, but the F5 does have a slightly larger battery (27Wh Vs 26Wh) and it’s IPS is fully laminated. So if you’re in the market for a super portable light (only just over 1 kilo) and thin machine and don’t mind the fact the laptop doesn’t have a full-sized USB port, it has Type-C USB 3.1 and MicroUSB 2.0 then for the price it’s a great little machine apart from 4-5 hours max battery life. One of the faster N4100 laptops tested with a high 14W TDP out of the box and good thermals! Other specs are 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage (64GB eMMC 5.1 + 64GB SSD 2242). Its speakers are also better than Lapbook SE’s.

Jumper EZBook X1 $254 here on sale. Don’t forget to get the sellers coupon for 6 USD off.

And then really my favorite budget laptop the Chuwi Lapbook SE, the 64GB eMMC 5.1 version is selling for $265 and the 64GB + 128GB 2280 M.2 SSD version is $299. This laptop is a very well rounded Celeron N4100 Gemini Lake laptop, its only real con like most is it still only ships with 4GB of DDR4 RAM like the Jumper EZbook X1 above. For light computing and the low-end SoC this is enough as demonstrated below in my review. And if you must have 8GB of RAM then there is the Teclast F7 Plus, a 14″ version with very similar looks but the screen isn’t fully laminated.


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  1. Hey guys, I’m in the market for a new laptop and have been watching your reviews for a couple of years now Chris and have bought the Cube Mix plus and Alfawise tab to date both of which are great pieces of kit for the money : ). Are you from NZ? However what I really need is an updated Hi13 or similar. So looking for say a N4100 processor with 8GB RAM, type C and most importantly a 3:2 aspect screen for my professional Forex trading on the go. 16:9 aspects and 4GB RAM not really doing it for me here so wanted to check in if any such releases are coming? Cheers, Ben

    • Hi, Yes from Auckland NZ. Yes, myself and many like you are also waiting for the Hi13 successor that seems to never come. N4100 with a fully laminated 13.5″ 3000 x 2000 (Surface Book) screen would be perfect. Or a new Alldocube Thinker i35 with Core M3-8100Y, DDR4 RAM, and a better improved keyboard. Same 3:2 Surface Book screen in that one also. But sadly nothing! Chuwi seems more focused on laptops and mini pcs. The best we can hope for is a touch 2-in-1.

      There is the Tecalst F5, but is that 11.6″ screen too small? The battery also no fantastic like this Jumper X1.

      • Oh yeap I was living at Browns Bay up until about 3 years ago (now living at Penang) just come back from a 3 month tour of the north island though. Originally from Wellington. I’ll probably run with the new Chuwi Lapbook pro as actually 4GB Ram is enough for me and I could use the extra screen real estate over the SE. Cheers.

        • Nice good to have more Kiwis around the site and commenting! Lapbook SE or Pro I think should be fine. I’m actually happy with 4GB also for my Gemini Lake laptop needs I go for battery life so with the power limit tweak it’s much better. For heavy computing needs, I need 16GB anyway at least for my 4k video editing.

          But I prefer these cheaper lighter machines for normal stuff, no so risky traveling with a $299 USD laptop Vs a $1000 one.

          Anyway looking forward to getting my Lapbook Pro soon I hope.

  2. When will they learn…? Either sell them for less or make that 8GB of RAM, it is 2019 after all.

  3. Thanks, Chris.

  4. the X1 would have been a good travel laptop for me…..except for the tiny battery….

    • Yes, those 4-5 hours is a bit of deal breaker, otherwise, it is really quite fast and so portable. If only it could do 7 hours at least.

  5. Isn’t the Ezbook Jumper 3 Pro – when available in a deal around 180€ – a good deal for the money withnits unique 6 GB of RAM?

    I was looking for a lowvend mini PC and prices are terrible cause beelink bt3 pro cpu is meanwhilevold and still 110€ … the mini i3 woth just 4 GB around 244€ … and nothing in between.

    It’s just a pc for the time in motorhome …. while my old mini pc died by the load of the new windows SKY app. I’ll get that beelink one to check it out if it works but if not I’ll go for a Jumper 3 with 6 + 64 gb and put that in the cabinet. I just have to plug in power + hdmi cable and the keyboard mouse dongle.

    Still unbelieveable that there hasn’t been a Jumper EZbook 4 …. they lost value creating such strong product title and good product evolution ending in a desert or nomansland.

    Or did I miss something?

    • Jumper has the EZbook S4, but it’s not good, all plastic build and poor thermals. Only good thing is the 8GB of RAM it has.

  6. Pleased can you indicate whether RAM is soldered or socketed in any of these machines? 4GB is acceptable if it can be swapped out or better yet there’s a empty slot.

    • Hi, the RAM is soldered in place on these laptops. Not upgradable.

  7. And FYI the site when it loads the page is white for a while then shows?

    • Hi, the sites meant to do that do it’s loading it in the background text, images and it pops in, Should only be for a second. It’s the caching software.

  8. Chris so Is it worth the extra almost $150 for the 4GB more and OGS screen on the Teclast F5 you didn’t really answer that. Or will 4GB do fine for mostly Chrome, Linux and database work?

    I’m not sure to get that or the Lapbook Pro, but it only has eMMC 64GB I prefer faster SSD but I would be upgrading later if happy.

    • Really depends on what you plan to do, for light work 4GB actually works fine.

    • If you’re gonna use Linux primarily and you don’t need, for example 50 browser tabs open at the same time, then 4GB is enough… depending on what you mean by “database work”? That money could be put towards a good external monitor to use when you’re not travelling with this nice small/light notebook.
      For getting Linux WiFi working the three I’d recommend are Linux-Mint (with Mate desktop), Manjaro (with the default XFCE desktop), and MX-Linux (with the default XFCE desktop). Manjaro and MX are liable to have the most up to date drivers.

      • I recommend Linux Mint “Mate” just because it’s a little lighter on system resources (CPU and RAM) but the default Linux Mint desktop “Cinnamon” also should run fine.

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