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Updated: Teclast P80X Budget Android 9 4G Tablet & The F5R Gets The 6Y30

Updated: Teclast P80X Budget Android 9 4G Tablet & The F5R Gets The 6Y30

Update: Sorry folks, it will not be getting the Core M3-6Y30 that info was incorrect, it will still come with the Celeron N3450 which is much better in a way for battery life.

Teclast has a new tablet coming it’s a budget offering and will be their first Android 9 tablet. The Teclast P80X is a 4G low end 8″ tablet with 1280 x 800 IPS screen. The chipset is one I’ve never seen before an 8-core Chinese Unisoc SC9863A paired with 2GB of RAM and a 16GB eMMC. So you can expect basic performance from that one. It does have GPS support and price wise looks to be selling for $89.99 at Banggood.

The other news is the Teclast F5R which is a cheaper version of the Teclast F5 I reviewed will be getting the Core M3-6Y30 which isn’t exactly a new SoC but a step up in power at least over the previously listed Apollo Lake Celeron N3450. Just like Chuwi with the Aerobook the Chinese manufacturer is forced to use the Intel Core M3-6Y30 (Update: It will have the Apollo Lake N3450) as it’s the only chipset available to them from Intel for either stock reasons or the cost.

The rest of the laptop remains the same, Windows 10 home. 11.6″ 1920 x 1080 IPS fully laminated OGS screen, 27Wh battery, Type-C with fast Type-C PD charging. Just 1 kilo and 13mm thick. 


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  1. Sorry people wrong info it will have the Celeron N3450 as originally planned.

  2. How will the Core M3-6Y30 effect the already poor battery life of the Teclast F5R? I’m looking for a very portable laptop (max 12.5 inch) and this one thicks all the boxes except the battery life. If it will get even worse I might have to wait till something better comes along.

    • my ezbook plus with a 7y30 will only get 5+ hrs of battery life compared with 7+ hrs on the ezbook 3 pro with a n3450.

      and the f5r is using a older 6y30 against a comparatively newer n4100 which is still only managing 4 hours, best case scenario you will be looking at 3 hours on the f5r and possibly lower if you uses a lot of youtube etc which will really tax the 6y30 as it lacks some hardware decoding features.

      • Exactly the battery life was the weakness already of the F5 so it will only be worse here as the Core M3’s are never very good in my experience with 10+ devices not one has had good battery life.

        • Thanx, I kinda figured, I’ll have to continu my quest for a portable laptop/convertable I guess.

        • How does the Celeron N3450 compare to the N4100 just looking at battery life?

  3. I know I might as well be asking for a million dollars and a Victoria’s Secret model while I am at it, but I genuinely hope Teclast releases Android 9 or 10 for the M89 Pro. Considering they never released a firmware upgrade for my X98 Air II, I am not optimistic.

    • I highly doubt it. They never seem to release major updates. Just bug fixes over OTA.

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