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The Teclast F5R – The Teclast F5 Gets Downgraded

The Teclast F5R – The Teclast F5 Gets Downgraded

This must be another case of the Intel 14nm shortage and rising Intel chipset costs (Yet again!) The Tecalst F5 which is powered by the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 now there is this the Teclast F5R that popped up on Gearbest. It’s powered by the last gen Apollo Lake N3450. Keeps the 8GB of RAM and they have doubled the SSD storage from 128GB to 256GB. The CPU is about 15% slower than the N4100 it all depends on the TDP set.

The rest is exactly the same, 11.6″ fully laminated 1080p IPS touch screen. The hinge is a Yoga style one so flips 360-degrees around converting the laptop into a tablet. It’s listed for $379 and shipping this month. The Teclast F5 I’ve reviewed you can see it below it’s a great little laptop just over 1 kilo and only really held back with average 4-hour battery run time compared to the 8 hours other laptops have like the Chuwi Lapbook SE due to the small battery. And no full-sized USB ports, you have to use type-c adaptors and the webcam in a silly location. See my review below:


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  1. It is possible to have a link where you can download drivers (I don’t have an account on baidu) Thanks

  2. What type of charger
    It would be good if you would include pics and info of this in your reviews please
    Plug in charger ? Laptop brick ? Cable length ?
    Gorilla glass ?

    • It will have D/C 12V 2A charging. But works with USB Type-C PD spec.

  3. Manufactuers should pull their heads in and start retooling their production lines to use AMD instead of keep chucking out downgraded products!

  4. R for regrettable.

  5. New AMD laptop CPU’s are coming July 7th. I hope other laptop manufacturers besides Acer and Asus start using their products. Better performance, lower TDP and lower prices.

  6. why they keep using such bad cpus?

    • Price, they would have got them for much cheaper or sold stock they have on hand since there is a shortage of the Gemini Lakes

      • Which still brings us to that AMD conundrum though. Either I’m imagining it or currently they’re just way too comfy at chasing the performance crowd when there’s money to be made from the rest of us regular Joes who’d just want something a bit more performant than these garden variety Celerons?

        Hell I don’t care if they have to necro the Duron badge as long as they can bring some fight into this space.

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