Chuwi Gemibook $299 13″ 2k, Celeron J4115, 12GB + 256GB SSD Laptop

Chuwi Gemibook $299 13″ 2k, Celeron J4115, 12GB + 256GB SSD Laptop

Chuwi’s latest notebook is on sale the Gemibook. This $299 laptop for the price has a lot going for it. 2k 3:2 aspect ratio screen with 99% sRGB, 12GB of DDR4 RAM, spare M.2 2280 SSD slot, and NVMe support. Type-C display out @ 4k60hz. Backlit keyboard and a questionable build (Those Chuwi laptop hinges that don’t seem to last for more than a year or two) This one is powered by the Celeron J4115, Gemini Lake Refresh SoC. 2.5Ghz max, quad-core, and it has a 10W power limit with fan cooling. For light computing, these quad-core SoC do okay and very old games like Counter-Strike on the lowest of setting. Native hardware decoding of VP9 and HEVC means they play most high-quality 4k clips without any issues or lag.

The screen looks to be fully laminated and is in fact the same 3:2 ratio screen found in the $1000+ Huawei Matebook 13 and the keyboard is backlit which looks like the Lapbook Pro’s keyboard or very similar.

Other specs include a USB 3 port, MicroSD reader, and a 38Wh battery. Chuwi hasn’t sent me one of these so It doesn’t look like I’ll be reviewing it. The $299 deal can be found here on Aliexpress.

The Chuwi Larkbox is also on sale for $169. This is an HDMI 2.0 tiny mini PC with 6GB of DDR4 RAM and 128GB eMMC. It’s powered by the same Same Celeron J4115.

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  1. I got this in early bird offer, I paid €255 for it. Best piece of tech I ever bought for that price point. As for the hinge, I dont have any problems with it. It’s very sturdy.

  2. @FatEnzo sorry, but where do you live that you are not able realize reality:

    a bargain can be a bargain – but for a limited time.

    If you are too late please do not complain cause no one will help you to explain that markets like this behave like stock markets.

    And if a well known reviewer is doing his marvelous job to judge 10 times bad and 1 times good then this will reflect sooner or later in the price due too increasing demand from just one website.

    A NZL reviewer checked RC plane receivers and found one that was really good and cheap in the time before he bought one from his money and started reviewing it. Since then the price has increased by 66% for roughly 9 months and never has reached the low level of the times before.

    I was too late. I had to pay 66% more but : I could trust the review and the product and did not have to complain afterwards .

    A good receiver for 14$ now 25- 26$ is not a fortune, but can be responsible for the fate of a fortune cause if the receiver sucks mid air the plane for 350$ can be worth nothing afterwards.

  3. Spare M.2 2280 SSD slot, but I can confirm NO NVMe support.

    Wasted 2 hrs of my life trying to install a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 (2280) Internal Solid State Drive (SSD), not detected in BIOS/ System no matter what I tried.

    Shame CHUWI.

    Up to 3 days ago, Chuwi proudly boasted
    “What’s more, GemiBook supports NVMe protocol 2280 SSD”

    Bought a Gemibook based on that statement.

    After ppl complained on the their forum,,
    now Chewi subtly changed the description to
    “What’s more, GemiBook supports Sata protocol 2280 SSD expansion, realizing massive space.”

    Bait and switch in my book.

    Wont trust Chuwi anymore.

  4. There is a difference between “critics” and “signaling”.
    Correct the information take a few seconds, not a century and, probably, to have accurate articles
    is better than the not accurate articles.
    And, curiosity, have you never see a mistaken price in favour of end users?
    To keep this article as example: larkbook at 400 US$ and notebook at 900 US$… wrong and mistake
    are too many time, wrong (to take the clik).

  5. So you expect Chris to check prices every day and update every single post he’s ever made? Get REAL…. I’m grateful for the website and not gonna criticize him for something OUT OF HIS CONTROL…. (PS Sorry, called you Fabio for some reason FatEnzo!)

  6. @ Methanoid: this article is not the Holy book… it’s possible, always to fix the not accurate infos. 🙂

  7. fabio, you comment 3 or more days after he posted.. PRICES DO CHANGE!/… Duh!!!

  8. Hi to everyone.
    2 products, two prices mistake.

    The notebook is not at 300 US$ but at 369,00 US$
    The larkbook is not at 169 US$, but at 238,00 US$

    The disappointment for the wrong prices effect is more strong that the adv…

  9. I bought it at 242€ last Tuesday, shipping from Spain. I can’t wait to get my hands on it… 1440p IPS OGS (same as in the Matebook 13), Quad Core chipset, 12Gb DDR4X, metal body and less than 1.3Kg!!
    Sounds like a bargain to me. Not to mention the 256Gb SSD and a 2nd bay for another SSD…

  10. Does this one have problems with the hinges?

  11. This looks interesting for the price. I might actually buy it.

  12. Says it can charge through USB c on Aliexpress, but then in a review on notebookcheck it says it can’t…

  13. Yeah, the comment about hinges is a MAJOR concern… I’ll pass thanks! 🙂

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