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Deals: Z68 4K Android Media PC with KODI for only $62.68

4k Android media players are getting cheap and better by the day it seems and Gearbest has a deal on the Z68  4k media player. It’s running 64bit Android 5.1 with KODI, supports HDMI 2.0 spec so you get full 4k 60 fps output. I can decode h.265 and has dual band wireless with 1-gigabit ethernet. It even has SPDIF audio out and an included remote. The CPU is a 64bit quad core RK3368, it has 2...[Read More]

New Pipo X6S Atom X5 Z8300 4GB Mini PC Pics

PiPo has posted some new pics online of their newest Mini PC, this one’s different as while it has a common Atom X5 Z8300 and 4GB of Ram. It has a massive heat sink and fan for cooling. PiPo claims it improves performance by 15% to 60%. And it has a SATA connector so you can add your own 1 or 2TB drive for storage. It’s got a 64GB eMMC for Windows 10 and main use which will still be fa...[Read More]

Beelink Intel BT3 Atom X5 Z8300 Flash Sale (Update)

Update: Checking again today, I see that GearBest has 50 more units up for sale and the price has dropped further to $118. Gearbest has a flash sale today on the Beelink BT3 Atom X5 Z8300 mini pc. This unit looks interesting as a media play or light pc as it has dual band Wifi, 1000mbps LAN and a huge heat sink on the Atom X5 SoC which means it shouldn’t overheat and throttle over long perio...[Read More]

PiPo X6S Atom X5 Z8300 Mini PC With 2.5″ HDD Support

Pipo has a new mini pc coming, the X6S. It’s an Atom Cherry Trail X5 Z8300 mini PC with 2 or 4GB of RAM, 32/64GB eMMC for storage, but it has a 2.5″ SATA II slot, so you could add a harddrive 1TB drive in to expand your storage. The X6S comes with Windows 10 Home and it’s even fan cooled. It’s not a bad move considering the Cherry Trails are much hotter than the older Bay T...[Read More]

Beelink MX64 – A 4K Media Player with HDMI 2.0 and SPDIF

Beelink has recently released the MX64, it’s a high spec’ed Android 5.1 media player with some fairly decent specs for the price. It’s one of the first devices to support HDMI version 2.0 spec, which allows up to 4k 60 fps playback if you have a monitor that supports that. As well as Wireless AC,  a Gigabit ethernet port, SPDIF audio output, 2GB of Ram, 8GB Rom, quad core CPU, US...[Read More]

Rikomagic MK36S. Atom X5 Z8300 Windows 10 Mini PC

Update: In the end I reviewed this unit here: A new model Windows 10 Mini PC has hit the market, the Rikomagic MK36S. It’s got an Atom X5 Z8300 with 2GB of RAM at its heart powering the unit. 4 x USB ports (One is USB 3.0) and the usual specs. 32GB eMMC storage, 100Mbps LAN port, MicroSD card slot and full sized HDMI out. It’s good to see it also has Wireless AC, which means you can us...[Read More]

Onda M2 Mini PC, Intel J1900, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD

Onda has a new release Intel Mini PC, the M2. It’s powered by an Intel quad core J1900, with a turbo boost of 2.42Ghz and a 10W TDP, so it should be more powerful than the Atom mini pc offerings. It comes with 4GB of dual channel ram and a 128GB SSD (Not eMMC) so a good 5 times faster storage than the eMMC offers of most Mini PC’s. Graphics is handled by Intel HD Gen7, with a clock ran...[Read More]

Two New 4K Android Media Players For Under $51

Two new cheap media players your TV with Kobi and Android 5.1 that can even decode 4k H.264 4k 60fps clips. The new MX Plus & Sunvell T95 both these media players are powered by a 64bit AMlogic S905 chipset + Mali 450 GPU, it’s a quad core that clocks up to 2.0 Ghz. 1GB of DDR ram, Full sized HDMI and an 8GB Rom. Not much storage I know, but they do have MicroSD card slots and 4 x USB 2....[Read More]

Pipo X7 Pro – Windows 10 Atom X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail Mini PC

Pipo has a new ultra-thin mini PC coming out soon, the X7 Pro. It’s running the latest gen Atom X5 X8300, with a max boost speed of 1.84 Ghz. The OS installed is Windows 10 Home, it has 2GB of RAM and a 32GB eMMC drive. Unlike other Mini PC’s this one has dual band Wireless A/G/B and N and a USB 3.0 port. It’s three USB ports in total, the other two being a full sized USB 2.0 spe...[Read More]

PiPo X9 Review – A Cheap Dual Boot Hybrid Mini PC

Recently I reviewed the first hybrid Tablet/Mini PC with a screen from Pipo the X8, now their latest and greatest Atom mini-PC model the PiPo X9 has just come out and it has the same Atom Z3736F chipset only it now comes with Windows 10 and a larger 8.9 1920 x 1200 tablet IPS panel in it. Due to time constraints and the fact it doesn’t really fit into the site as a tablet, I have just finish...[Read More]

Vensmile i10 A Fan Cooled Atom Mini PC with Dual Band WiFi

A late comer into the mini PC market with the release of Cherry Trail Mini PC’s still this new Mini PC the Vensmile i10 is a little different from your average Bay Trail Mini PC. Firstly it’s got a unique stand-up design and it’s cooled by a large heat sink and fan. Something the Z3735F Atom doesn’t normally require, but I have seen them get hot and keeping the little Atom ...[Read More]

Voyo V2 a Z3735F mini PC with 1GbE port and 64GB SSD option

Another interesting looking Mini PC coming out soon from Voyo, the V2. It has a metal build with a tempered glass top. An Atom Z3735F 1.8Ghz Atom quad core (Same one we see in most tablets) 2 x usb ports, one is a microusb and the other full sized. The interesting part here is it comes with a 1 Gigabit lan port. So much better for those looking to use a wired network and set this up as a media PC ...[Read More]

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