Rikomagic MK36S. Atom X5 Z8300 Windows 10 Mini PC

Rikomagic MK36S. Atom X5 Z8300 Windows 10 Mini PC

Update: In the end I reviewed this unit here:

A new model Windows 10 Mini PC has hit the market, the Rikomagic MK36S. It’s got an Atom X5 Z8300 with 2GB of RAM at its heart powering the unit. 4 x USB ports (One is USB 3.0) and the usual specs. 32GB eMMC storage, 100Mbps LAN port, MicroSD card slot and full sized HDMI out. It’s good to see it also has Wireless AC, which means you can use the less crowded 5Ghz band which normally performs better than 2.4Ghz and doesn’t effect Bluetooth devices.

Gearbest has it for $113 on sale. I’ll see if can get hold of one for review to check and see how the thermals are.


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  1. Chris,
    During your test, did you check if 5GHz WiFi connected OK with your router in Spain?

    I have just returned my RKM MK36S to Gearbest for two problems existing on arrival. The most serious one was a never ending and and frequent series of Win10 crashes, for unknown reasons. The other one, and the first I noticed, was a failure to connect to the 5GHz channel of my WiFi router. Among the first things to happen during initial setup, is that you are asked to connect to WiFi. My 5Ghz channel (and some others from my neighbourhood) was recognized, but impossible to connect to. I then chose the 2,4 GHz channel and proceeded. When setup was completed, I went back to the WiFi problem several times and then RKM 36S could mostly connect to 5 GHz, but always without Internet availability.

    I have checked Gearbest´s published product specification more carefully and noticed, that it says 5.8 GHz, not just 5 GHz. I understand the exact frequency bands could differ between countries. Could it be, that 5.8 GHz is specific for e.g. China and will not work in Europe? My country is Sweden and probably uses the same frequencies as Spain.

  2. Does this box read DTS, DTS HD audio? I’m also missing the SPDIF fiber out.

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