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BMAX Y13 – The Best Gemini Lake Touchscreen Laptop Reviewed

BMAX Y13 – The Best Gemini Lake Touchscreen Laptop Reviewed

A lot of people ask me what’s the best Chinese laptop I’ve reviewed in the cheaper sub $400 models and well I think I found it. The BMAX Y13, it’s a new brand using an old ODM so the design we might see under another brand but BMAX is doing things right, using not only 8GB of DDR4 RAM where others used only 4GB. But dual-channel RAM, fully laminated quality IPS screens, full spec Type-C ports and overall a very good offering for the $359 price.

The BMAX Y13 has been now my main laptop since getting it and apart from a few of your typical shortcomings like weak speakers, it is one of if not the best I’ve reviewed. My video review is below and I’ve just posted my overall rating out of 10 with review Pros & Cons. It comes to 8.6 out of 10. Mostly due to the full spec Type-C with power delivery support, battery life is also great up to 7-8 hours web use and even 10 hours just video on the lowest brightness (Which is a bit too bright)

I’m currently testing the BMAX Y11, a smaller 11.6″ version which is basically the Teclast F5. Another 8GB Gemini Lake laptop, but due to the size has a smaller battery only good for 4-5 hours of web use or 5 1/2 of video. Look for my review of that soon and I also just recently ordered the BMAX X14 their 14″ laptop with another full spec Type-C port, unlike Chuwi’s laptop Pro. The BMAX X14 looks very promising.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. ANyone had issues with screen flickering i had it the first day i bought it? on bmax y13.

  2. About to receive my machine……What are current owners setting maximum TDP in BIOS to ?

  3. hi,
    can any of those type c charging laptops , be charged with 12v 1.5amps ? Chris somewhere said that it needs 12v 2amps. With 1.5amps is it going to charge slower or not at all? I have a 12v/1.5amp blitzwolf powerbank and trying to decide what laptop/tablet to buy. Any help will be appreciated!

  4. Hi Chris,

    do you know if Chrome OS System can work with it?

  5. To current users of Bmax Y13,
    I need your assistance.
    Is the bottom frame of your screen near the hinge totally closed ? Mine is cracked opened as shown here .
    Thanks for your input.

  6. Hello,
    Does Y13 support stylus input? For the Y11 there is a hint on the specs but on Y13 I don’t see anything.

  7. No upcoming discount for Black Friday for this tablet?

  8. Just saw it in the comments that has to be 30w charger…

  9. Great review Chris! Looking forward to BMAX X14!
    What is a full function USB C? Does that mean we could charge laptop BMAX Y13 via dc charging port AND ALSO via USB C? If so, we could charge it with one simple powerbank (like XIAOMI 10000mAH) connected into USB C on Y13? This would be great! Not need to carry charger anywhere…if that is correct…please advise…

  10. The speakers’ quality is a decisive factor for me to buy this kind of device. Are they as bad as Ezbook 3 pro ones for example? I had that laptop and the sound was so choppy. Then, I bought the 3L pro version and the difference between 3 pro was notable (dual speakers, good quality sound for films and series… like the Teclast F7 more or less).

    The sound of this BMax 13 is more like ezbook 3 pro or more like 3L?

    Another question: the webcam and microphones are enough for Skype? Are the microphones as bad as Y11? You say in the video that the webcam at 720p is not fluid, but for skype you can reduce the resolution and I would like to know if it’s at least the minimum required quality to “amateur” videoconferences.

    Thanks for the review!!

  11. @Vernal Scott – did you get stung for import duty/VAT from Gearbest?

  12. Speaking of a good powersupply for travel… can anybody recommend something good that would be able to charge the BMAX (12v) but would also be able to reduce to 5v to charge legacy USB devices, is there a psu like that available?

  13. I’m thoroughly enjoying my Bmax Y13. Thanks to Chris for the alert. I also have the 8/256GB Lapbook Pro, which is also excellent but has no touch screen, sadly.

    • I just had the first batch 4GB/64GB. My keyboard was a bit funny the space key with missed keystrokes from time to time. But I heard it was corrected. You have no issues? I find the Y13 keyboard for typing is very good also, just like the Chuwi Aerobook. You just can’t read the letters on the keycaps so well on the Y13. I’m even watching some TV series episodes on the Y13 I like it so much, the 3.5mm audio is great no static and very clean.

  14. Better than the Chuwi Lapbook Pro 8Gb model? I think you found the Chuwi keyboard better and I don’t see what is better on this than the Chuwi…. Have to decide which to buy….

    • I’ve got both machines; Bmax Y13 and Chuwi Lapbook Pro 8/256GB. The Y13 is my go-to device, but you’re right about the typing experience being more satisfying on the Lapbook Pro. That said, I’ll be keeping the Y13.

  15. Can anyone recommend or is using USB-C charger for the bmax?

    • 12w and above. Anything less won’t work in my experience. Perhaps Chris can confirm?

      • HAs to be 12v 2A or over and power delivery support is best. There are now so many on eBay and Amazon Prime that work fine.

    • Any power delivery one over 30W should be fine. Or type-C 12V 2A charger. My Amazon cheap 65W one works just fine and will charge at 11W only according to Battery Bar Pro but I think it’s reporting it wrong should be 24W. Main thing is it works well and charges all my other Type-C tech including my P30 Pro quickly. One charger for all is what I love, a power supply less to travel with.

  16. I’m just about to buy the Y13, but then you mentioned X14, it looks more interesting. I guess I’ll have to wait even longer hahaha. Your review will be my decision.

    • X14 does look good. Full spec Type-C and still has a USB 3.0 Type A port.

  17. Hey Chris, Thanks again for your review!
    As i am waiting for a long time for a cheap Laptop that provides [email protected] fps out (preferable through USB-C, but DP 1.2+ or HDMI 2.0+ would work too ofc), and if possible with USB-C power delivery:
    Could you provide an update, when or if you found a solution for this Laptop that gives 4K at 60 fps instead of the 30 fps?

    I have followed your reviews for years, but AFAIK i have not seen such a Laptop here that provides 4K 60 fps (and USB-C Power delivery if possible). Do i recall correct, or is there some cheap Chinese Laptop that fits this bill?

    Thanks again, and best wishes from Germany!

    • Sadly nothing works that I have tried. All my Type-C to HDMI and hubs only want to do 4k30 with the Y13 which is a pain as I want 4k60! So definitely no 4k60 only my high-end Core i5 machines have done it with the hub I have. But the Y11 I’m reviewing has HDMI 2.0 4k60 like many Gemini Lakes do (Most with HMDI will use HDMI 2.0) And the Y11 has power delivery. My review of that one will be only maybe tomorrow.

  18. Looking forward to the Y11 review… I bought one and got it last week… so far all good, the shiny font on the keys is a bit annoying as its hard to read but that is a minor issue

    • Nice. A Good purchase. It’s a great little light and portable laptop. Just the same as the Teclast F5 really, the only real con is short battery life and no full-sized USB ports. Otherwise, it will be an overall positive review like the Y13. Yes shame bout the font, I think black keys wit ha white font like always would have been better.

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