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Gemini Lake Refresh Models & Where Is Elkhart Lake?

Gemini Lake Refresh Models & Where Is Elkhart Lake?

The BMAX Y11 an 11-inch convertible Windows 10 laptop and the 13″ BMAX Y13 the best Gemini Lake laptop I’ve reviewed are now shipping with the new Celeron N4120 “Gemini Lake Refreshover at Banggood. This minor tweak of the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 is now approximately 10% faster due to an overclock of 200Mhz more on the max boost clock. So 2.6Ghz max clocks Vs the 2.4Ghz max in the old N4100.

When did Intel release the Refreshed Gemini Lake?

These chips were introduced by Intel in December last year and are now making their way into the new stock. So if you were looking and still on the sideline as to whether or not you should get the BMAX Y13, for example, this is a good reason now to get one as it’s ever so slightly faster.

Celeron N4120 Benchmarks:

Many thanks to Michal for this below Geekbench 4 benchmark, HWinfo and CPU-Z results of the new Gemini Lake Refresh. This is now in the BMAX Y13 which sells for 307 Euros with coupon BGBXY13S here.

But where is the Elkhart Lake, the successor to the Gemini Lake and the new tech? My guess is Q3/Q4 sadly.

No word yet from Intel on the official release of the successor to the Gemini Lake. But when the Gemini Lake Refresh only just shipping this month Intel will likely milk this for most of the year. The Elkhart is to be fabricated with the new 10nm process (Down from 14nm) based on the Tremont microarchitecture and feature up to 32 EUs on the GPU side of things with the top-spec versions. That’s almost double the number of execution cores vs the Celeron N5000 and the Celeron N4100 Gemini lake tech I review has just 12 EUs.

The new Elkhart Lake will be a big step up in performance something to get excited about:

So this promises a welcomed huge step forward in integrated GPU performance & also CPU performance. And they will use powerful 11th Gen Intel Graphics as seen in the Ice Lake SoC. The 10nm SoC also means more efficiency per clock, so we should see a nice boost to battery life.

Elkhart Lake Road Map

It’s now just a matter of wait and see when we can expect to see this new SoC. Intel has had some production slowdowns and issues with 10nm so it will likely come late this year. As soon as brands like Teclast, BMAX, and Chuwi get hold of engineering samples and Elkhart stock we can expect new mid to late 2020 models.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Hi, does anyone have a Coupon for the BMAX Y13 on Banggood??

  2. Hi just to inform you that laptop arrives (from china even if ordered from eu warehouse) with n4120. I tried to change cpu limit but it remains on 6w and 5 seconds. 🙁
    maybe the bios in not completly unlocked

  3. Is the Y13 model from the Czech Republic (CZ warehouse) the one with the N4120 CPU?

    vincenzo da dove l’hai preso?

  4. the copper pad is 1mm thick

  5. hi chris,
    thanks to the accurate review, I decided to finally buy this computer. I was thinking of making your copper heatsink mod, but I have not found your specific video as for other models. however I would like to do the same, putting some transparent nail polish on the cpu transistors, put a 15x15mm copper pad on top (with a little thermal paste above and below the copper pad) and finally put a 2mm thick thermal pad on the large copper plate. I would also like to put a small heatsink on m.2
    Do you think this can work? thank you very much for helping 🙂

    • Get a 1mm thermal pad, the 2mm is too thick if you add the thickness of the copper. I recommend you first check if you can increase the power limit of your CPU. There is another user who is having trouble increasing it. Tell me if you can increase it, I want to know

  6. I just received my Y13 from Banggood this week, after 2 weeks delay over the Chinese’s holidays. Yes, it is N4120 processor. 35,520 mWh battery (is it better battery life over 1st gen?). There is also no red “BMAX” button at the top right, now replace by a Delete button, and a Break button at the former Delete button position. Not sure if they are any other differences…

  7. Hi Chris
    what about the advertised big.LITTLE CPU by intel, with a iCore+multiple “atom” cores?
    they were meant to be an alternative to ARM cpu on the subnotebook (light like an ultrabook, but cheap as a low budget notebook) market

  8. Chris, the link to banggood you provided says N4100 not 4120

    • They say N4100 just in case to cover themselves. But it looks as if all models now shipped from BG and using the N4120.

  9. The roadmap also mentions Elkhart Lake on the slide. This is the successor to Gemini Lake (Atom procs) and should appear on the market in the first quarter of 2020. They are ultra low power socs that are based on Ice Lake and will also be manufactured at 10 nm. In addition, these chips would get the Gen11 graphics.,%20,%20

  10. The roadmap also mentions Elkhart Lake on the slide. This is the successor to Gemini Lake (Atom procs) and should appear on the market in the first quarter of 2020. They are ultra low power socs that are based on Ice Lake and will also be manufactured at 10 nm. In addition, these chips would get the Gen11 graphics.

  11. Hello Chris,
    first of all thank you for doing all these reviews.Acording to those I bought the bmax y13. I made the order at 19/13019 so according to the article it should have the n4120 processor.But I haven’t found anywhere evidence that your information is true. Even right now at the description of the links you have here, it seems that it sells with the n4100. Personally I don’t care so much ( it would be a nice surprise though) but new buyers might buy because of the refreshed processor and end up with the old. I hope I am wrong.
    Also you gave the bmax s15 better score than the y13, i would normally go for the cheaper 15 inch laptop but you changed my mind. Does it have better screen? You haven’t made that clear. And why it has better score?
    Keep up the great work and I hope you get more popular as you deserve it with those detailed reviews.

  12. On second thought I will wait for the new chips, based on leaks it has 4 Tremont (atom) cores and 1 sunny cove high performance core, sort of like a mix of n4100 and 8100y.

    Check out this link,

    That is a significant performance upgrade. I like it.

  13. Thanks for replying quickly Chris, i think you are right, about amd I am really disappointed that their newly released Athlon 300u CPUs are still not finding way to Chinese laptops, tablets market.

    Let’s see if the buyer my mi pad is going through with buying then I will buy the hi10x and then will sell it later again if a new killer tablet with upgraded CPUs come later this year.

    Thanks again and have a great day.

  14. Hey Chris, just want to pick your brain about this subject.

    So i have an old gaming laptop (10 years old) with upgraded components like 860m and quad core CPU that i use with my 24inch monitor as my desktop. Its fast and good but the problem is its very loud (fan modifications for heat), and probably eats like 150watts on idle due to being very old and inefficient technology. its ok for gaming but i only game in weekends and the rest of the time i just watch dramas, browse etc.

    I also have mi pad 4 (8inch) and 55 inch smart tv, the problem with that equation is that with a windows tablet i can have a portable solution for when i want to use tv due to hdmi port and also use the same tablet with my 24inch monitor efficiently and quietly. There is a buyer lined up for my one year used mi pad also so stars are aligning for that.

    Here comes the Chuwi hi10 X N4100, 6gb, 128emmc (which you haven’t reviewed yet, which is why i dont trust the specs listed), there is a sale today in aliexpress with coupons and stuff i can buy that for 180$ today.

    Your post today made big concerns to me, first, chuwi quality is lower then mi quality, with my i get decent 8hrs on screen time, great bright screen which i use in day (shadow, not direct sunlight) and AWESOME loud and clear sound. The chuwi tablet might have huge bezels, low sound volume and quality and dim display, maybe since you haven’t yet reviewed that.

    Second big concern is that i used teclast f7 n3450 for 1 year and sold it for same price bought (yay china discounts), the intel apollo lake chips are ok but not snappy enough for me, i mean there was a bit to delay lag when opening stuff and tabs etc and even my 10 year old gaming laptop with cpu of i7 q720 which has geekbench score of 1860 and 4650 is so much snapper and quicker then unlocked n3450. I know that n4100 is like 15-20% faster but i doubt its that much difference in real life.

    I think the elkhart lake will provide the real difference in real life as it will finally reach a point which it will be snappier like a real i3. but mybe all the leaks are wrong and it will be another 10% speed bump.

    Sorry for the long post, my point is, should i just take buy the chuwi hi10x and use that as my tablet, portable pc and mini pc.
    PS if you curious about my setup

    • Hi, thanks for the post. I really can’t say for sure without reviewing it (Which I have no plans to buy it) It will be like the Apollo Lake just a bit faster. Compared to your notebook slow. You need a bit of patience if you plan to use a lot of tabs in Chrome etc. I don’t think the Elkhart will disappoint, Intel has to push ahead with big upgrades or AMD is going to keep walking all over them. The trouble is it will be no doubt late 2020 until we see it. Worse case, early 2021.

      So if you need it now get it, but otherwise wait for the new models.

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