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Teclast 9.7″ Retina Core M And Cherry Trail Tablets Coming soon

Teclast 9.7″ Retina Core M And Cherry Trail Tablets Coming soon

Looking at the Weibo’s today I saw this coming soon announcement from Teclast:

Teclast Cherry Trail and Core M

The quality of the image isn’t very good, neither is my Chinese or the Google translation, but it looks like August the 10th is the date for a new announcement. A Windows 10 powered 9.7″ Core M Retina tablet? (Onda v919 3G Core M) competitor?

And you can see the words Cherry Trail. It’s about time a Cherry Trail X98 Air 3G successor or any tablet for that matter was released out of China with the next gen Atom. I’ve already sampled the Cherry Trail in my Surface 3 review and the GPU power increase would go down well in a 9.7″ X98 Air styled tablet. Let’s hope it’s the Intel Atom X5 Z8500 at least, the X7 Z8700 in the Atom Surface 3 would be too expensive I feel, (Think Atom Z3775D Vs Z3735F)

I’ll keep you posted once I find out more, I’ve also sent Teclast an email if they have more info for us.

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  1. Good question jacknathan, looks nice if its real

    • I bet you it’s the Cheery Trail X5 Z8300 ๐Ÿ™ Shame it’s not the Z8500, I guess it’s the cost. Still it supports USB 3 and has 12 EU’s on the GPU it will be a nice Graphics boost.

  2. Wow…

    That’s impressive! Do they give any indication of how much they’ll charge?

  3. X1 Pro the Core M from teclast

    • That model is old now, well it’s been out for about 3 months. It was a special model they made from votes on their forum or something. This post is talking about new 9.7″ retina models.

  4. The post said:

    With the collaboration with Intel and Microsoft, Teclast will release new products on 10/8/2015 called “Teclast X-tablets” featured with Cherry Trail / Core m + Windows 10 inside.

  5. I do ordered a x98 air 3g Last week. It wasn’t shipped yet. How much this new atom models could cost?

    • Around 260-280 on first release I would imagine, like when the X98 Air 3G first came out last year.

  6. That’s great news, thank you! I almost ordered a X98 Air II this past weekend, now I’m gonna wait a little longer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Google reverse image search, plus google translate produced this page:

    “”No subversion โ€ข No flat” Taipower * Microsoft * Intel (Windows10 ยท CherryTrail & Windows10 ยท Core M) new strategic conference on August 10 will be held in Guangzhou grand. Taipower technology, Microsoft, Intel joined forces to launch a very disruptive new strategy: Taipower X super board. This will also be the industry’s first use Microsoft Windows10 operating system and Intel and Core M CherryTrail core tablet .

    The new release also makes plate to better meet your daily work and entertainment needs, and ultra-high resolution retinal screen lets you have a stunning visual experience! It will be a super board Taipower products among the most shining star.

    Now invite you to join the new conference Taipower fans, and Taiwan Power Technologies, Microsoft, Intel executives to witness this historic moment! “

    • Thanks, we’ll have to wait and see come August 10th. I hope it’s at least a X5 Z8500 upgraded X98 Air 3G with Android 5 and Windows 10 dual boot. A Core M model too, but it will be expensive. What will they call it? Teclast X98 super ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hopefully the Cherry Trail model will come with dual boot, which is a selling point of Chinese tablets.

    • And hopefully, Windows 10 and Android 5.1 out of the box, no forum image updates and flashing.

  9. Hi, if you see in all chinese tablets of the las year, they have used the worse atomz37, so i think, they will use the worse atom x5

    • They will, it’s much cheaper per tray from Intel the lower end Cherry Trail SKU.

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