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The Dual Boot tablet of 2014
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Teclast X98 Air 3G latest revision C5J6 now ships with Windows 10 Home image

Teclast X98 Air 3G latest revision C5J6 now ships with Windows 10 Home image

I recently ordered a couple of cheap $185 X98 Air 3G’s for resale and although the Banggood listing said they were Windows 8.1 models, to my surprise both models have Windows 10 preinstalled from the factory. So Teclast stock, at least on Banggood.com is now shipping with Win 10. You can, of course, upgrade your Windows 8.1 X98 to Windows 10. But this version has the recovery as Win 10 which is handy if you want to reset the tablet.

The eMMCs in my two and Toshiba’s and quick for eMMC 4.5.1 units. I got these for $185 from Banggood with coupon 3f3128 if you’re interested in getting the same deal.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    I have a bricked Air3G with me. I want to use the screen for a DIY project. Found this adapter online that will make the screen usable.


    Do you if Air3G has the same part number of Ipad air screen? LG LP097QX2? And also a if the 51 pin ribbon cable can be inserted?

    Thanks a million!

  2. Got my Air 3g 64 today. With Windows 10 and Toshiba emmc
    scores 169/118; 166/95; 17/15; 23/17 (r/w)
    But Android 4.4.4 instead of 5.0 🙁

  3. so I received mine from banggood as well, and had win10 preinstalled and bios 2.05
    but comparing side by side with an earlier (1.07 bios) model, the new one has an unmistakable yellow tint both in windows and android.
    so I assume it is either sth different in BIOS or a hw thing.

    can you Chris, or someone else with access to both versions, check it out and report back if there is a difference in the screen hue.

    • I just sold my new C5J6 Win 10 stock, but I did have them and an older one and didn’t notice this. I’m sure I would have picked up on it. I do see the odd brightness and hue differences on some of the screens, but very slight. Some screens are brighter than others, I think it’s the panels. Could be seconds rejected by Apple and Samsung QCs?

      • It’s not some eye-popping difference so I think I can live with it.
        As a matter of fact messing with the color settings of the intel control panel on windows I reached a very similar optical result without too much change. Just a 0.9 gamma and a bit more contrast for blue.
        Is there a way I can do that in android?

  4. When were the tablets shipped? Mine shipped august 14 – Here’s hoping it will come with W10

    • I just check my order Aug 13 2015. So you should be safe and have Windows 10 pre installed.

  5. Is the 3G working with Windows 10 preinstalled? Cause I have like many others the problem that the button is grey when I entered my pin… if yes, can you please upload the files mbi.sys, vwifibus.sys and wmbclass.sys (all from C:\Windows\System32\drivers) to a filehoster? I wanna try if I can ‘repair’ my 3G with those files; would be great 🙂

  6. Does the banggood.com send them with original box?!? I really need the original box but they always say “sorry, we don’t have original box of this item “

    • No, I asked for the original box and they said it would be send in it, but no. It arrived without it 🙁

  7. Chris, where did you find that charging cable ? I damaged a lot of regular ones already and could use some like that 🙂 Thanks

    • Hi, that’s a Surface 3 charging cable I use. I find it works well. But it does cover the other ports.

  8. Amazing price for such a device.

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