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Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image With Recovery Partition

Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image With Recovery Partition

If you have a Chuwi Hi8, you have two ways to get Windows 10 you can run the Windows update and upgrade. Or what I did here was flash over a Windows 10 image from Chuwi’s official forum. This image here has a recovery wim and is in Chinese and English. It’s set up with all the drivers and works perfectly for me. There is one downside to this however, it’s not activated and you have to do it yourself. But Chuwi’s Hi8 Windows 10 key worked and my Hi8 is activated.

Thanks to Jagat for this info.

Download links are below, installation info and activation here:

Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part1700 MiB8725
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part2700 MiB6086
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part3700 MiB5648
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part4700 MiB5482
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part5473 MiB5548
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  1. I try to flash with Intel flash tool,but the tablet won’t work on any port com2,3,4,etc…
    It’s just like won’t recognize the tablet do the driver issue! Can any one tell me where I can find the right driver USB for this tablet,or some tutorial for flashing my tablet?
    I wrote this coz I just buy it this tab,and after just a couple days is working no more!

  2. hello win10 build on the descriptive text , please. There rar password in a file password Have knows what

  3. How can it’s possible to total remove the window partition?

  4. I’m having a problem. At the point of activation, I get an error.
    Please see my post here:

    Can you help?

  5. I tried to do the upgrade method and I’m stuck in an endless loop of windows just restarting. The Android side will work fine. I’m new to flashing, so I’ve been trying to find a way to get windows on, however if possible I would rather flash the entire system and go Windows Soley. Any help or direction for new people.

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