Onda v919 3G Core M

The Onda v919 is the first retina 2048x 1536 4:3 tablet with an Intel Core M CPU. Featuring 4GB of Ram and a 64GB SSD, this is one iPad Air looking clone that packs a punch. It will ship with Windows 8.1 Bing, but be upgradable to Windows 10 very soon.

Two Onda 9.7″ Retina tablets with new design teased

Onda have announced two more 9.7″ retina tablets. The V919 Air DualOS and the V989 Air 8 cores (Android OS). The naming system is very confusing as it’s the same as the old models! But they have a new thin and sleek design. I rather like the look of it, it’s a nice change from the iPad Air white look. Nothing was posted on the release date, pricing or the chipsets. I hope it̵...[Read More]

Ondas Core M iPad clone V919 3G Coming soon

Been a while since we heard anything on this model. But Onda have again teased it on their Weibo account (Translated): # Onda Core M super present # [new] exposure Onda new paragraph Core M# Onda V919 3G Core M # Coming Soon! The powerful performance of the new Intel Core M processor, with 9.7 inches retina screen Air original perfect combination to create the world’s first 9.7 inches Core M...[Read More]

First Onda v116w Core M Review / Hands on

Update: Our full Onda v116w Core M review can be found here: http://techtablets.com/onda-v116w-core-m/review/ The first review of the Onda v116w Core M has surfaced, there are some benchmarks, opinions on the keyboard case, battery life, screen and heat. It’s to be taken with a pinch of salt however as this is the official Onda forum and it could be a fake review, which is common in China. O...[Read More]

Onda Releases the Onda V919 4G Air, Available today

Onda have just released the V919 4G Air, it’s similar the the V919 3G with the same MediaTek MY8752 1.7 Ghz Octa core CPU, 2GB and 4:3 2048 x 1536 iPad Air retina screen. The standard 2MP front camera with 5MP auto focus rear camera. The battery and storage options remain the same to, 7500mAH battery with 32GB or 16GB of storage. Looks like it’s Onda’s answer to the Teclast P98 4...[Read More]

Onda: No real dual boot breakthrough

Onda’s so called dual boot breakthrough “Surprise surprise” is really nothing but some fake sped up boot switching video and a new firmware that allows each OS to access the other. Nothing I would consider breakthrough, just a bunch of marketing hype. The new firmware files are here if your interested: http://onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=361 And the better and faster...[Read More]

Onda Promising a Dual Boot Breakthrough Tomorrow

A new Weibo post from Onda, they are going to unveil a Dual OS breakthrough. It looks like a new way to start up and switch OS’s and there is a sharedisk, so each OS can read and open files on the other. (To a limited extent) More on this tomorrow. I wonder if its a new Insyde bios update with switcher that is even faster than before. It’s certainly faster than Teclast and Pipo’s...[Read More]

Onda V919 Air 3G Dual OS

The Onda V919 Air 3G, is a dual boot iPad Air look-a-like with both Android and Windows 8.1 onboard. It uses the Insyde dual boot bios switching system.

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