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Cube i7 Stylus Launched, 10.6 Inch Wacom Stylus Enabled

Cube i7 Stylus Launched, 10.6 Inch Wacom Stylus Enabled

Cube today have announced a new i7 model, the Cube i7 Stylus. As the name suggests it’s a stylus tablet, packing digital Wacom stylus support in the 1080p 16:9 screen. The screen is smaller than the 11.6″ i7 at 10.6″ inches, but retains other specs from the i7, including the Intel 5Y10 Core M, 4GB of dual channel 1600Mhz ram and 64GB SSD. Wireless N, 4G and microusb connectivity options.

You also have an optional extra dock. The best part, just the tablet retails for approximately $322 usd, keep in mind that retailers that export outside of China will no doubt sell this around $380++. Still good to see a Core M tablet at this price point and wacom, not n-trig stylus support.

price cube i7 stylus

Source: Cube’s weibo $322 listing (Chinese)

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  1. I’ve just seen the Cube i7 stylus available (they’re not mentioning any presale) on Banggood for 399$ shipped:

    Too bad I don’t have the funds :/… I’ll stick to my Surface pro 2 256gb.

    • edit: there’s a tiny “coming soon” just above the price, sorry guys.


      • Thanks $399 isn’t bad, but you need to add about $50 more for the keyboard, Hopefully they will have stock asap and I will try and get one to review. If the USB 3 port works at full speeds unlike the Cube i7, this could be the tablet I’m looking for. Shame it’s not 3:2 or 16:10 the screen, guess we can’t have everything.

        • May it be the screen used for Microsoft’s Surface 1 and 2 (10.6″, 1080p, Wacom compatible…)?

          If so, it could be an explanation, as the R&D costs were probably reduced (sorry for the bad English, I’m French).



  3. Ele?

  4. Hi

    Where can i order one ? (when?)



  5. This looks really awesome!
    Interesting how well it might run Photoshop, Zbrush, Mudbox, Blender. Would be an awesome tablet for graphics if it runs all that at least somehow 🙂
    Might get this when it starts selling to EU, as I was looking for a tablet anyway.

    • i7 stylus will come to the market EU soon

      • If you work for Cube, I’d suggest you get someone to demo the i7 Stylus in the software I mentioned. It could be a huge hit for artists! 😉

        • we are preparing for the demo now , il comes out soon ,thanks for your attention and suggestion

          • Hey, just wanted to ask if the i7 Stylus uses some special stylus, or standart Wacom stylus can be used?(if yes, then which ones?)

  6. WOW. This tablet worth a look considering specs and its price. Finally a Core M slate under $500. However, as far as I know, this pre-order price is a limited time offer, the price probably go up after the unit became available.
    Another thought is the rom. It’d be nice to have more than 64GB option, and I think it will. Let’s see other manufacturers react to the new i7 price and hopefully Teclast will drop the X1 Pro price accordingly so we will see reviews from Chris soon!

    • I agree, if it sells for around $365 then Cube could have a winner here. The i7 has a nice finish and build, hopefully the USB 3 issue is fixed on this new model. X1 Pro price is still holding and way over priced, I doubt I will be reviewing it anytime soon. I can’t justify getting it and later selling it to loose a good $300.

      • Almost forgot that you bought the original Cube i7 for only $399, so this is not the first one under $500 (shame me). However, I expect to see this i7 Stylus market price around $399, and $200 more for 128GB model and a keyboard.

        • I did get it for $399, but it was a limited special price, which was a shame. If the USB 3 issue is fixed, I might just pick up one of these if the price is under $400. Have you see a 128GB model listed?

          • Only 64GB model can be found for now. I havn’t seen anyone mentioned 128GB model but I think its just a matter of time.

            The weird thing is the seller at replied to one question on their listing that Cube i7 Stylus can only support 32GB of SD card. I hope this is not true, or it will be limited to 32GB only in Android; there is a similar case with Teclast X80HD, while the specs says maximum of 32 GB SD card supported, 64GB will run just fine in Windows which tested and reviewed by a Teclast community in Thaland.

            Btw, I didn’t see they mentioned USB3.0 in the listing. Did I miss it? I think I can live with 16:9 screen but USB2.0 might be a deal breaker for me.

            • I hope it is USB 3, otherwise it will be a deal breaker for me like the issue on the i7 was. It would take 64GB cards. All the bay trail tablets I have tested work with 64GB and most with 128gb, but only in Windows.

      • micro USB 3.0

      • i7 stylus comes with micro usb 3.0

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