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PiPo W8 unboxing and first impressions

PiPo W8 unboxing and first impressions

The Pipo W8 arrived the other day, here is the unboxing video and my first impressions. My Windows benchmarks, heat and throttling tests to follow soon.

  • Not the build quality you would expect for a $450+ Core M tablet
  • Dust under the screen!
  • Sharp edges from poorly finished plastics
  • Screen is very sharp as expected at 2560 x 1600, but not the brightest
  • USB 3 port does work at full usb 3 speeds unlike the Cube i7 Core M
  • Good performance
  • 64GB SSD, not eMMC. Read speeds over 450mbs
  • Audio via the 3.5mm jack is clear, no interference.
  • Top facing dual speakers aren’t very loud
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  1. would not bother with pipo. all looks no fizzle. battery dead within 13months. slow cpu. slow response.

  2. Thank God for the Windows 8 backup you put in the downloads section. I tried to put Windows 10 on it but for some reason whenever I would connect to a Wireless network the machine would freeze up. I tried drivers from your XDA post but this didn’t help either.
    In the end, before I’d spent hours moping that I’d again fucked another chinese tablets (p98(screen), x98air(brick), x10hd(Screen))
    Just done the WinPE method to get Win8 back on and it seems all fine again. You’re a lifesaver.

    Also, to note, my model hasn’t had the same defects that I saw in your inboxing. The screen on mine is spot on. No dust, and the depth between the outer glass and the screen on mine is nominal. Headphone Jack works which is a first for a chinese tablet for me. The heat on it is phenomenal though, so beware of the heat!

    Has anyone else noticed a problem with Windows 10?

  3. As you have used it a bit more after unboxing, what is its battery life?

  4. Hi Chris, please also review the new Pipo W6S and compare it with Pipo W6. Also tell me which is the best option for 8.9 inch Chinese Dual OS tablet.

  5. A real pity, it looked promising but the quality issues are a dealbreaker for me.
    It seems the only acceptable Core M device is made by Cube.

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