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First 3:2 Ratio Chinese Brand Tablet
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Chuwi Hi12 Review Now Online

Chuwi Hi12 Review Now Online

Just finished my Chuwi Hi12 Review, if you’re thinking about this model I recommend you have a good look over the review and the included hands-on videos. Being an Atom X5 Z8300 with 4GB of RAM we know it’s no beast, but it performs quite well for the hardware it has. Good eMMC speeds no doubt help and overall I’ve enjoyed using and reviewing this tablet over the last eight days. For those looking for a cheap large screen tablet with a great screen. Or those that want a 3:2 ratio screen, this is it. As long as you don’t expect to play Fallout 4 or any other new gaming title on it then you shouldn’t be disappointed.

As a tablet for media consumption, docs, web work and light gaming. I think it’s great, now if we only knew what the keyboard was like, That’s the million dollar question, come on Chuwi give us an official image of the final product already! Now I want to see more 2160 x 1440 12 inch Samsung PLS panel tablets in the coming months.

Check out the Chuwi Hi12 Full Review.

What’s up next? Well I have plenty up and coming: Cube iwork10 Ultimate (The Chuwi Hi10 competitor) Cube i9 (Core M3-6Y30), Chuwi Hi8, Mi Pad 2 Windows edition and a X7 Z8700 mini PC. When? Well when they arrive from China, many have yet to ship due to Chinese spring break/New Years 2016.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. I can’t find a tempered screen glass protector for chuwi hi12.
    have someone a link where to buy it?

  2. well done Chuwi for making a awesome tablet like hi12. It makes me rethink of why i cancelled the order in first place and tempts me to reorder.

    Now it would be nice to keyboard.

  3. I’m ready to buy one of these HI12s as soon as they release a flip-cover. I’m not going to carry a 12″ tablet without a flip-cover, especially since it doesnt have Gorilla glass

  4. Cube i9 for just 454€ (6days left) on AliExpress

    should I order it? Or wait for the 2nd batch?

    • If you can wait I’ll have mine next week if all goes well, I’ll be the first batch guineapig!

  5. Although I had recently received my Teclast x98 Plus, I was itching to try something else too, so I had my finger on the trigger for both
    – Chuwi Hi12
    – Xiaomi Mipad 2 Windows

    The lack of info on cases and models, plus some doubt about early hardware revisions kept me away from the Chuwi.

    So I pulled the trigger on the Mipad 2, but then the lack of MicroSD (significant if you include how much space windows can consume, especially after large updates), the need to buy an adaptor and use it for everything, as well as doubts about the size, made me change my mind about it and cancelled.

    Both were to be ordered from FastTech and the 6months only warranty from date of shipment, NOT receipt (trouble ahead when you consider the volume of packets after chinese new year) was main factor for staying away.

    Granted, I am happy with my Teclast x98 Plus, apart from the very very weak speakers…but the lack of a second USB port (even micro-usb) will definitely make this tablet “age” quite quickly during 2016 and as I sell my tablets in about a year, in order to try out something new, the reselling price is bound take a massive hit.

    @Chris one question:
    If you still have the Teclast x98 Plus, can you please check the GPU driver options? Are they visible to you? Mine looks all skewed can’t even see what the settings are.


  6. Chuwi Hi8? didn’t you already review that? So looking forward to this years releases just a decent priced m/m3 large screen tablet please for photoshop and lightroom and im set. Hopefully the ASUS or AOC USB screens will work with these!

    • Just got it today, but busy finishing my Chuwi Hi12 review video in between BSOD on my desktop and 3 power cuts… Hi8 Pro review and hands on coming soon.

  7. Thanks! Can you show us Teclast Air and Chuwi hi12 on same picture?

  8. Thanks for this review Chris !

    A great tablet for me !
    I hope it will be reliable … i wait it in white model.

    The battery life is very important for a tablet and is very good and i think the performance for a cost 250$ is honest.

    Have a good day !

  9. Chris, Thanks for the review!

    And please fix the link “Chuwi Hi12 Full Review”. There should be

  10. Full review link doesn’t work.

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