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Teclast X98 Air III Gets Dual Boot. Bios and Files Released

Teclast X98 Air III Gets Dual Boot. Bios and Files Released

Dual boot comes to the X98 Air III. I thought it would be possible since the hardware supports it and it’s almost identical to the X98 Air II and now Teclast has released their dual OS bios for it, Windows 10 image and Android 5.0 Rom download. This now makes it the cheapest Retina 9.7″ tablet around at $125 with coupon c930c6. But it looks like flashing this will leave you with Windows 10 licensing issues and require a valid license.

Here’s the translated how to and links to the files (Below). I will try and get some mirrors up soon on Drive, but to download from Baidu is a slow and painful process. I’ll try this once my Air III arrives from China (Yes I ordered one)


Edit: Flashed my Air III over to dual boot. Don’t bother with the Windows 10 files. It’s Chinese only Windows 10.

When flashing the dual boot bios, make sure you’re in developer mode and remove the Chinese letters from the folder.

Make a bootable Windows 10 USB Pen drive and install like that. Use the Teclast X98 Air 3G Win 10 drivers found here: http://techtablets.com/teclast-x98-air-3g/downloads/

I used Mirek190’s V6 lite custom rom instead of the stockTeclast Rom also found here, under ROM’s http://techtablets.com/teclast-x98-air-3g/downloads/ it works perfect and much faster than the stock rom.

So all that’s needed is the Dual boot bios the first part of the tutorial from Teclast below.


Source: Official Teclast Forums

X98 Air Ⅲ single brush Andrews dual system ideas:
1, the first dual system BIOS update
2, replace the partition table brush入安卓
3, deployment Windows10 system

Taipower Universal Dual System Upgrade Tutorial:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pJlBxEz


First, brush dual system BIOS:

1, the flat boot, at Andrews, open USB debugging mode, connected to the computer

2, run Update_Android.bat batch file, BIOS automatically brush into

Note: Do not brush BIOS disconnect the USB connection, there is the risk of brick, white Attention!

3, see the following screen, indicating BIOS brush into success!

Second, brush Andrews refer to “Taipower Universal Dual System Upgrade Guide”, you need to pay attention to the partition table file replaces
the partition table file as “10G partition table _partition.tbl” rename “partition.tbl” replace Andrews firmware partition table Files

Note: The original partition table Andrews firmware to version 64G, replace the partition table for the reserved space brush Windows10.

Third, after brushing Andrews press tutorials deployment Windows10

third-party tools brushing win10 After activation issues refer to the forum: NOTE

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  1. because of so many bricked devices so far ,it is better for Teclast to create an official platform where customers can download the required (bios)files, right now everyone picks a bios file from which they think it is the right one.

    They can advertise with the sentence do not change the stock rom and bios, otherwise you loose your warranty, but when customers by an android/windows device, it is normal they want to try windows as well.
    It is the same as you buy a PC with Linux on it and the manufactur says when you install windows on it you loose your warranty.
    With this policy the Brand Teclast is not building at his good name and are creating a lot of unsatisfied customers who are buying another brand next time

  2. Hardbricked my Air III (32 GB, M5C5) using the files provided here. It’s just all dark now.

    So next step will be to flash the BIOS-Chip directly with an EEPROM- Flasher and a clip. Hopefully I do not destroy the board with my underdeveloped manual skills and my lack of experience.

    On the positive side: There is still something I can try to make the tablet work again (plus to waste money, time and nerves).

    Anyway: What BIOS to try now for my so far hardbricked M5C5? The 2.05 from Mireks 7.0 – ROM for the X98 Air II (not 3G)?

  3. Is it possible to copy a whole system from my untouched new Air iii and install it on my softbricked Air iii, also new lol
    That would be so easy, I’m thinking it’s too good to be true, I think Peter is on the right track a windows only version would suit me as I am hating android so far (48hrs) 🙂 I will kepp an eye here see if You manage to get it tested.

  4. Does anybody know if it is possible to install windows (without android) and skip the bios update at all?
    After testing it I would like to have the option to get back to android again. ;D
    Can anybody help me out with that? 🙂


  5. Hi.

    1. Does anybody successfully flashed the correct BIOS with the UpdateIFWI Tool from Android?
    2. Could please someone post the MD5 checksum hash for a really, really working Dual BIOS for the M5C%?? I’ve seen that are a lot of threads out there in the web where people have Soft- or Hardbrick their devices. That makes me nervous und scared :-S

    • I tried and failed badly flashing to 2.02 dual boot bios, it ran all the way through looked like it was working, when it finished it restarted and is now stuck in a nasty boot loop, I have tried flashing again with various bios files and Rom’s, all fail somewhere during the flash, can still get into DNX mode, and also into bios using ESC button on tiny hidden keyboard, takes alot of practise, but seems nothing is working, even ionioni’s md5add.exe trick fails.
      Anyone else in the same boat?
      Bring a paddle by any chance? lol

  6. hello i flash dual boot on my x98 III m5c5 but i have some problem.
    impossible to install win, i install mirek190_rom_v7 with repartition, but on dual boot menu i just have android icon.
    in bios i just have uefi os in boot option.
    there is other dualboot bios for x98 III? 2.02 or 2.05?
    i try with 2.05 bios (with mirek190_rom_v7 rom) but tablet freeze on red logo and inpossible to flash rom( freeze at 10%)
    but with 2.05 bios i have more option on boot option priorities.

    And battery drain so fast with this bios.

    • I notice this too when i managed to get into the bios, NO boot option priorities in the bios 2.02, seen a photo on xda and someone on 2.05 had like 5 or 6 options!
      Not fair.. lol

  7. Hello!
    Maybe you can help.
    I installed mirek190_rom_v6.1 – android Lollipop but now the speakers play music with noise.
    Maybe someone has the same problem.
    Thank you

  8. OP Junior Member2 posts Thanks: 0

    I have X98 air III m5c6
    At first, windows only occasionally get stuck.
    And now I can not get through the main screen “please wait…”

    I downloaded the windows 10 home installation to usb (Rufus 2.5)
    But even that the bios identifies the USB and even that I became all the boot routes except the USB to “disable”.
    It still Restart like usual to the dual boot screen to choice between Android or my destroyed windows.

    How do I make my device boot from USB?

    My USB 3.0 64GB.
    img windows by Rufus 2.5
    partition… : I tried all of them…
    Large fat32


  9. I don’t get the tutorial.

    Is there a better translated one?

    I own an X98 Air III (M5C5) 32GB

  10. Has anybody normal bios? in this link in power on teclast first go to bios.
    And When I flash with MFT, teclast write error efilinux get_path 334 and mft- on 10% droidboot.img sucess and that all.

    • It happened the same to me. Look at my post below.

  11. Flashed mine and updated the post. I recommend to just flash the dual boot bios. And then flash a Mirek190 rom for the Air 3G/Air II. Works fine. Don’t download the Windows 10 image, it’s all in Chinese! Instead make a Windows 10 boot usb and install a fresh copy, for drivers use the X98 Windows 10 Air 3G drivers from the downloads section. Working fine and much faster, now all I need is a legit Windows 10 key. For $130 its a hell of a tablet for the price now with Mireks v6 Rom and Windows 10.

    • Hi! I flashed mine yesterday. I had to manually repartition and flash android with fastboot using the commands from the xml file of the chinese rom. I used this w10 iso, it comes with air 3g drivers (except rotation):

      Everything works, but there is a pair of details that I would like to solve:
      – Where can I find the windows aplication to “reboot to android”.
      – I always boot on bios. Recovery tab and says:
      “Rom image update denied. Efi_not_found! Rom image is not loaded.”

      Any idea? Regards!

      • Answering myself:
        1- Setup for “reboot to android”:
        2.-Reflashed the bios using tecknight flash batch. And replacing the 3g bios with the one in this news post.

      • Ulma can you describe a litle bit flashing method of android rom (got stucked on 10% every time in MFT when trying to flash Mirek rom)

        • This includes repartition for dual boot. I recommend 8gb android partition or lower (if you need more data, you could use sd-ext).

          Boot to fastboot (not dnx-mode) and:

          fastboot oem start_partitioning
          fastboot flash /tmp/partition.tbl partition.tbl
          fastboot oem partition /tmp/partition.tbl

          fastboot format factory
          fastboot format system
          fastboot format cache
          fastboot format config
          fastboot format logs
          fastboot format data

          fastboot oem stop_partitioning
          fastboot oem wipe ESP
          fastboot oem wipe reserved

          fastboot flash ESP esp.img
          fastboot flash fastboot droidboot.img
          fastboot flash boot boot.img
          fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
          fastboot flash system system.img

          fastboot continue

    • Thanks for your stuff Chris. It was very helpful.

    • Would it be possible to edit the Chinese Win10 image so that the language is en-US? Looking in the install.wim with 7-Zip I see a lot of en-US folders so I guess it’s present?

      Also, wouldn’t it be ‘better’ to extract the drivers from the Install.wim\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ folder instead of using the 3G/Air II drivers? Or are they exactly the same?

      • Replying to myself here. Note that I don’t have my Air III yet, but DISM output says the Teclast Win10 image has en-US on board, judging by the output:

        Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
        Version: 6.1.7600.16385

        Details for image : Install.wim

        Index : 1
        Name : Drive-C
        Description :
        Size : 14.604.242.739 bytes
        Architecture : x86
        Hal : acpiapic
        Version : 10.0.10240
        ServicePack Build : 16384
        ServicePack Level : 0
        Edition : Core
        Installation : Client
        ProductType : WinNT
        ProductSuite : Terminal Server
        System Root : WINDOWS
        Directories : 27208
        Files : 136895
        Created : 13-8-2015 – 22:22:37
        Modified : 13-8-2015 – 22:22:40
        Languages :
        en-US (Default)

        The operation completed successfully.

    • Can you upload files on other hosting sites? Unfortunately I can’t download via pan.baidu.com.

      • See dropbox links from goudha & myself in the comments below

    • Chris, could you write a guide to flashing the dual boot bios since you have done it? The advice and guide here is a bit confusing as the Chinese translated files are difficult to follow and the posts after are a bit confusing too.
      Hoping you can help.

  12. how to root android 5.0 x98 iii air?

  13. Aparently, to flash the tablet, you need to use the following settings in flash tool:
    SOC Devices: VID = 8087 / PID = 0A65
    Android devices: VID = 8087 / PID = 09EF

    Still waiting for mine.

  14. Okay, I managed to download everything. My Chinese is a lot better now 😉

    I’ll upload everything here in my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pwpmtjuw8fjvg07/AACYrCkVhfVriDlrjy0o13bGa?dl=0

    I don’t have enough space for everything, so if you don’t have Dropbox yet, do me & yourself a favor and sign up through this link: https://db.tt/et0XJC0W

    We will both get an extra 500 MB space that way. Thanks.

    • Great!

      Have you tried this yet?

      I can share part of this if you upload rest of files. I already have put three first 1GB image files, so if you drop them off from your Dropbox and upload missing files?

      Link to my DB:


      • Thanks! I’m uploading the Win 10 files parts 4-6 as we speak.

        I also found a tool to add a Windows key to your BIOS file so that your Windows is legit after the BIOS update (if you have a key, of course). The name is Teclast BIOS utility.zip. Make sure you read the stuff in the readme and note that I don’t understand Chinese so I’m not responsible for anything 🙂

        My Air III hasn’t arrived, so I haven’t tried it out. I’d like to convert it to a Windows only tablet if possible.

    • I got email from DB… my dropbox share was temporary shutdown because of excessive traffic generated from downloads. I wonder how many people was downloading those files 😀

      Anyone had possibility to test this out yet?

  15. Can someone please put these files on Mega or another filehost? I can’t seem to login/download the Windows 10 files from Baidu 🙁

  16. help cannot read Chinese .. if some one the files i would appreciate

  17. I really need help plz. I have Teclast x98 dual boot and after I upgraded to window 10 the camera turned upside down. I have contacted the Teclast company on two occasions on their official website they don’t seems to have any useful information concerning this. Kindly, help me with useful information to correct this abnormalise.

  18. Is there any plan to announce 64GB ver. or cherry trail ver. with that design on Teclast?

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