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Teclast X98 Air III Unboxing and First Impressions

Teclast X98 Air III Unboxing and First Impressions

I received my 32GB Teclast Air III today, this is the single OS only model with Android 5.0. But it can be flashed to dual OS is you feel the need. The 64GB model is Android 5.0 / Windows 10. The housing of the tablet now has that new squared off look, instead of the rounded off edges the X98 Air 3G/Air II and X98 Pro have. I’m not sure I like it as much and prefer the rounded edge as it makes the tablet look thinner.

However It does feel more sturdy than the X98 Air II/3G and Pro, I have a feeling the front half clips into the rear housing much better overall than the last design. By the way, the X98 Plus shares this new unibody housing.

The X98 Air III is only $129, so for those that want a 4:3 retina screen tablet and don’t care for Windows it might be a good option?

I’ll run the tablet through a few gaming tests and benchmarks to see how well it performs this week. So keep an eye on the YT channel.




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  1. Will this tablet have the same performance as the Intel compute stick given they use the same processor?

  2. I also received this tablet recently, and found (after rooting and unbloating it) that the GPU performance with the stock ROM is pretty bad. I get around 50-70% of the performance in Ice Storm and Antutu one would expect from the Z3735F. CPU Performance is fine though. It’s also definitely noticable in a lot of games that the GPU bottlenecks badly, even in really simple games like 80 Days, Sorcery or Does not Commute. To me it feels like the GPU is stuck at minimum clock speed. Does anyone maybe have any pointers how to fix that?
    It’s a shame, because build and display quality are very good, and the battery also easily lasts 7 hours for me when just browsing or watching livestreams.

  3. Hi , thankx for the unboxing video . Please run a 1080p HEVC H265 video playback test of on this tablet and check the cpu usage while playback . is this tablet support H265 video with HW or HW+ Decoder on MXplayer ?
    Thank you 🙂

  4. I’ve been investigating for an inexpensive Android tablet with great screen and latest Android and just ordered this one for my sun (hope it gets before X-mas). I’ve gave up on Windows long ago (Y2K) and can’t stand having half of storage used by it (I think I would go with the X98 Pro if there was an exclusive Android version – certainly easier for a future update to Marshmallow)
    I couldn’t find out if this tablet is more powerful and runs smoother than a cubetalk 9x, but I’m also burned from mediatek failed source code updates to Android devices, so since this is an intel CPU, I hope we’ll see a Marshmallow ROM for this tablet soon 😉
    Any comments about this?

  5. Do you think it’s possible to install Windows 8 on the Air III easily without bricking it? I really want to buy it but just want Windows. Otherwise, I might just wait for the Chuwi Hi8 Pro. Thanks.

  6. You’ve made a tiny mistake in the article. Below the title, in “Featured” it says Telcast instead of Teclast. Thank you so much for the vid, waiting for more of this tablet!

  7. Chris, you wrote “……The housing of the tablet now has that new squared off look, instead of the rounded off edges the X98 Air 3G/Air II and X98 Pro have…………..”

    That means that the cases for X98 Air 3G/Air II etc. dosnt fits?

  8. Okay, so cheap, and good. I think that’s a standard general consumers will abide, even it doesn”t have windows or 4gb or ram, or a cherry trail, ssd or core m. You or me, might crave that true 3 in 1 dream that seems only a half year or so off at best, but most people don’t want to run 3D games at max frames, or have full desktop software.

    The big questions for me, knowing the chinese market (and seeing the screen and speed is good enough), is are there any software ROM issues, and is the sound quality good enough.

    You are doing a good job, and I know making good money doing it. Don’t forget the average folk, who don’t geek out at 3DMark scores or access speeds – tell us, is this a good everyday workhorse like the 2?

  9. I Chris.
    Is there any European ROM that I can install on this tablet ( Android only ) ? Because it brings several apps in Chinese and i can not uninstall them, and i verified that this apps are always automatically running and consuming battery even on stand-by .

    Or it’s possible to uninstall these chinese apps via PC?
    Overall, and after two weeks working with it , it is working very well . Remains to test the HDMI output.

  10. This kind of tablet makes me wonder why I got so carried away with specs and features (and price) when I’ll probably just read news ,watch movies and play simple play store games.. 130$ is a bargain.

    Do you think it can handle 128GB sandisk card?

  11. I’ve got my X98 Air III today as well, so far quite impressed by it. Are you planning on flashing the dual boot bios? I’m interested to see how it works, bit scared to do it myself.

    • Btw, as a side note, your version seems to have come with a lot more pre-installed apps, mine only had a few (default launcher, OTA Update and a couple more).

      • Your seller must have uninstalled them for you, lucky you!

    • Maybe if I can find some time for it, I will have a look at dual boot on it.

    • Back up your partitions first! Try the Macrium Reflect Free software.

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