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Cube iwork8 Ultimate Cherry Trail Atom X5 Z8300 out now

Cube iwork8 Ultimate Cherry Trail Atom X5 Z8300 out now

Cube’s 8 inch iwork8 Ultimate with new updated SoC powered by an Atom X5 Z8300 is out. It’s listed on for $88.39. It’s possibly the cheapest 8 inch Cherry Trail tablet so far, with an 1280 x 800 IPS panel, 2GB of ram, 32GB eMMC, and Windows 10 Home. But No dual boot on this one yet, none of the new Cherry Trail 8″ ones have dual boot.

The design looks to be unchanged from the first model and the iwork 8 3G I reviewed a while back. Cube’s quality is normally top of my list along with Teclast. So I hope this model is good. Shame it lacks 3G as there is no Cherry Trail I can see yet that caters for people that want to use a sim for data or even calls.Cube i8work Ultimate cherry trail

Not sure I will review this one, I have limited funds to review tablets and just can’t cover them all. Unless Cube want’s to send me one a review unit? đŸ™‚

Source: Gearbest

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  1. I have a CUBE I8 Ultimate new.
    The charger is broken after two attempts charge.
    The tableth discharge very fast and when turned on and when it is turned off.
    The win 10 not activate.

  2. por favor necesito ayuda, creo que he perdido windows 10, quise restaurar windows y me quede sin baterĂ­a y se apago, ahora ya no entra en windows!! alguien podrĂ­a ayudarme???

  3. I just got one of these and after charging the red led is staying on dimly even when the tablet is off. If I put the OTG cable in the micro usb port while off the led will go off, but it immediately goes back on after removing the cable. Anyone know why it is doing this? Does it have some meaning or a defect?

  4. bought it from taobao, just tested 30min then cant use anymore.

    nothing display on screen,charge whole night still the same… press power bottom 30sec no reaction…

    feel disappointed and very sad. and cant return to repair due to no courier provide the post services, send back n return.

    anyone facing this issue? and able to self-fix it?

  5. Bring back the DC port I say, because at the moment you can not that you can use USB and charge at the same time.. ultimate FAIL!

  6. I tried 3 of the top of the line OTG charger splitter cables in all modes. but every time I found after 1 hour the device was flat. even though it says it is charging. i was just web browsing using a usb mouse, using wifi, and with screen brightness on 50%.

  7. i got this tablet on monday(hong kong time)
    i love it so much. it is perfect to put it inside the handbag
    there is only one thing to improve is that i can’t charge the tablet and use the mouse at the same time.
    charging needs a micro usb but my mouse needs a full usb! can’t use otg hub!
    i can help to check the battery but i don’t know how…….
    i searched some review posts from chinese website.they said the battery is 3300mah.
    they said the battery can only last for 2hrs, and the wifi singal recevied is very weak.
    i tested. it used 20% of the battery for watching 40mins online hd video with 100%brightness, and surfing the net at the same time.

    • You can’t use a wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard?

      • i just used what the seller gave me–a bluetooth keyboard and a wireless mouse(with usb receiver. it is not a problem for that keyboard but the mouse.

    • @Priscilla is this microhdmi or mini hdmi? Some sites say mini some say micro. I just bought it off gearbest

  8. Has anyone ever had any problems with delivery from Gearbest? Ive ordered from them once before (using NL post) and it was all good and delivered in 17days but I placed another order for a couple of X98 3g on the 27/9 (again NL post) and according to the tracking# its on its way to its final destination in Boston, USA (should be going to the UK) I raised this with Gearbest but they keep telling me to wait…

  9. Dear all,
    I’ve just saw this from the Cube’s offical website, iwork11 handwriting edition

    and its config (sorry it is in Chinese)!!714625138.jpg_.webp

  10. I’ve cancelled my pre-order for chuwi hi8 pro for this tablet. Gearbest says it would be shipped in 5 days. Is it true? I want hi8 pro if I’ll wait for the same amount. Any advices?

    • Hi8 Pro I heard wasn’t going to be out until the 11th.

    • Yes, it should ship. I’m waiting for mine, I should have it this week. But it is shipping, one of the first Z8300 Chinese tablets to do so.

  11. Gearbest have advertized Teclasts new 8″ Cherry tablet (X80 plus and pro) as well, but according to their spec. Its using Intels Gen7 GPU, typo?

    • a new cherry trail cube tablet
      iwork11 with wacom stylus support
      i think it will be the best cherry trail tablet, cube has the best quality between chinese manufacturer….

  12. TF slot only supporting 32GB is kinda sucky as well. Some I’ve seen listed (dunno if true) at 128GB but 64GB is quite common now, no?

    • That info is incorrect, it would support 64GB and 128GB in Windows. Sometimes some 128GB brands don’t work, others do. But 64GB would 100%

  13. I hope that’s a typo as the iwork 8 3G had a 5000mah battery in it, this is a huge step back. Not sure on how the Z8300 is on battery batteries. But if it is 3300mAH, it could be only 3-4 hours. I hope not.

  14. great price but the 3300mAh battery might be a problem.

    what kind of battery life can we expect? (compared to x98 Pro, this has a smaller and lower res screen but much smaller battery)

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