PiPo W1S Atom X5 2 In 1 With Keyboard Dock announced

PiPo W1S Atom X5 2 In 1 With Keyboard Dock announced

Pipo’s W3 successor, the W1S has been annouced, it features a new Cherry Trail X5 Z8300 SoC with 2GB of Ram and a 32GB eMMC and full sized USB 3.0 port. They also have higher spec 4GB/64GB configuration to, which must use a Atom X5 8500 since the Z8300 only supports up to 2GB of ram.

The PiPo W1S has an interesting keyboard dock which looks to have a USB 2.0 or 3 port on the right, the design of the keyboard dock looks very much like an Asus T100 keyboard dock knock off.

The tablet has the same 16:10 1920 x 1200 IPS panel as the W3 which is good to see, Mini HDMI, microsd card support, micro usd 2 port and DC jack in charging. Pricing looks to be $299 for the 2GB model and $499 for the 4GB one! Ouch a bit pricey, but this is 3rd party sellers which have no doubt added hefty margins to the price. I expect the price to drop once stock is available.

I just hope the build is much better than the Pipo W8 Core M I reviewed a while back that was failing to bits on me.

PiPo W1S Cherry Trail - 02

PiPo W1S Cherry Trail - 03

PiPo W1S Cherry Trail - 04

PiPo W1S Cherry Trail - 05

PiPo W1S Cherry Trail - 0

PiPo W1S Cherry Trail - 01

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  1. what do you think $197 including the keyboard dock?

    • Something like the Cube iwork10 Ultimate or Chuwi HiBook would be better I feel.

      • Hi Chris G, I just got the W1S the other day. I’m having a buyer’s remorse because I should get the iwork10. I got the W1S because I’m thinking of the full usb 3 feature at the tablel vs. iwork 10’s mini usb. I’m j ust thinking that bringing the mini usb to full usb adapter is inconvenient, although I’m not sure where or when I will use the full usb. Perhaps, plugging the usb drive directly without the adapter (full to mini usb) that contains movies that I will watch during commute. Thus, saving precious space on the 64gb internal storage and 32/64gb micro sd card.

        Now I think iwork 10s ultimate/flagship is better in terms of:
        1. Battery, 9000 mah vs 6800 mah? Am I correct?
        2. Better price US$ 185 vs 205 (on my area)
        3. Better keyboard, w1s keys are smaller. I will use the keyboard from some casual surfing at bed, not on typing docs.
        4. Stylus support which I’m not sure if I will use.

        Unfortunately, I will not be able to exchange or refund this. Do you think it is better to sell this and get the iwork10 ultimate/flagship? Or keep the w1s and ignore.

        • Or perhaps the full usb 3 feature on w1s tablet is useful when I need to open a fule in a usb or watch a movie in a usb and the adapter or keyboard is not available. Any other uses on the full usb 3 on w1s tablet? Thanks.

        • Well it depends are you okay with it, if not sell and get the Cube. But selling is a hassle too.

          • Hi Chris, I talked to the salesman, they are willing to exchange it to a chuwi hi book or hi book pro for additional US$ 20. What are the pros and cons if I got the chuwi? Should I get it? Thank you.

          • Or for additional US$80, I can get the Chuwi hi12?

    • jumped on the W1S..with keyboard to an effective price of 112US incl. delivery,,

      reason was the dual boot feature and the intel snowfield peak module AC and overall it seem like an attractive deal…

      how is the intel snowfiled peak module in W1S (have inmindits the dual boot module and some differences and this got 6000mah batteries.

      a good tablet for that amount?

  2. 112US for the dual boot little model with Intel snowfield peak module as an interesting factor..
    + Keyboard.
    solid AC-module you useally dont see in these budget clones.

    inkl Pipo keyboard that on its own at fx BG cost 43US.. ewen the win10 home-license at retail 119US tops the price

    Quite an attractive price that Gearbest was selling them to, with 45% coupon, and 122 coupon and 112US after cashback..

    was in doubt if that would fullfilled the order, but they finally did today..


    Are there no TT-site-review on this dual OS-W1S fellow.. it seems to vary some from the previus model in specs.

    any pro or cons on this two-item-tablet-kit..are not familiar with the Pipo brand-.

    • it seems there have cancelled the 45% coupon.. but all the other still works.. the onda 11 ultrabook at 124US and 114US with cashback, also seems attractive.. just a shame that they have these insane shippingcharges on some item to Scandinavia Deenmark, like this Onda. 62US is the cheapest on this ultrabook, on USor GB its a fraction of that, like 17US to GB that is ewen longer away then here…(theres certainly no read thread in there postageprics, but most it wih free, otherwise it useally doesnt make sense..)

      40% coupon: urhcsz03

      there is also Cube i7 stulys and Cube i7 Remix & VOYO V1 with celluar and VOYO V1 with only Wifi..
      25%; jytydn05

      All figures in above link.

    • HI, what with this solid AC-module and Intel snowfield peak module?

  3. I have this Pipo version 4GB ram and I update the OS but forgot to save the drivers and now the touchscreen and audio crashed, someone I could spend a backup drivers or tell me where I can find?

  4. Any heat issues updates on this cherrytrail tablet? Should I order this or wait for Chuwi to solve Hi10 heat issues?

  5. Gearbest now has both 2/32 and 4/64 Gb versions of Pipo W1S on pre-order as well as the keyboard.

    4/64 Gb version:

    • The 4/64 Gb version is essentially the same as Chuwi Hi10, just some 30 EUR more expensive. And it clearly states it has full size USB 3.0 slot.

  6. Both 2gb ans 4gb RAM versions are available d’or presale on tinydeal, not too pricey but there is no mention of the keyboard in the description :

    4gb version, 250$: http://www.tinydeal.com/fr/pipo-w1s-101-win10-android-51-z8300-4gb-64gb-tablet-pc-w-hdmi-p-156434.html

    2gb version, 206$: http://www.tinydeal.com/fr/pipo-w1s-101-win10-android-51-z8300-2gb-32gb-tablet-pc-w-hdmi-p-156435.html


  7. I think we’ll see a lot of new cherry trail tablets during the next couple of weeks.

    • Yes, I’m till waiting for Chuwi to announce theirs and maybe Cube.

  8. looks promising! Do you think you will be making a review of this one?

  9. Don’t feel worth it to me if that is the price we are able to get the tablets for.

    That 4gb model ‘s price is close to a ASUS core-m transformer over here when there is a sale going on.

    • Exactly, we could get an Asus T100HA which this is a clone of (just look at that keyboard, its a T100 clone) for cheaper!

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