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Deals: Teclast X98 Pro 9.7″ 4GB Cherry Trail now $215 (Updated)

Teclast X98 Pro

Update: The price has dropped to $215 now with the coupon. This is the K9C6 factory dual boot model, not the K9C3 single OS Windows 10 Home model.

Banggood.com have a deal on the X98 Pro using this coupon, 3F3128 which SEN pointed out in the forums which brings the X98 Pro price down to $219  now $215, the cheapest deal around so far. If you haven’t seen the X98 Pro, it’s the new updated X98 model with the Atom X5 Z8500 Cherry Trail, 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC.

Deal: http://www.banggood.com/Teclast-X98-Pro-WIFI-Intel-Z8500-Quad-Core-2_24GHz-9_7-Inch-Win10-Tablet-p-990292.html

If you are looking at a new Cherry Trail 9.7″ Retina tablet, be sure to check my review.

Found it cheaper elsewhere? Please leave a comment and let others know so we can pass on the savings.


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  1. Did anyone has trouble with X98 pro tablet that they bought with banggood?
    I saw on other forums that the Hynix emmc is causing a powering up problem. (it wouldn’t turn on the tablet it will just keep crashing and even with restarting the tablets lots of time it still won’t work)
    Chris do you know any solutions to that yet?

  2. I think that is not the lowest price. Gearbest still hold the crown . The initial price is $231.19 but if we use coupon “SAVEORDER” the price will be stripped down as low as $211.19. It has been a few weeks. I still wait gearbest lower the price to counter banggood price and we can get even lower price with the coupon.

    • Thanks for the tip, the issue with Gearbest is they have been very slow to ship this X98 Pro out. I had to cancel after 3 weeks.

    • Hi bro, did you try the coupon? In gearbest, when you apply the coupon to any products, the previous discount will get removed. So in the case of X98PRO, with the coupon “SAVEORDER”, the price will increase to $257.15

      • Too right, it doesn’t work for me, the price goes up! So Banggood still have the best deal. I just got mine yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1I30cYFjiA

      • That’s too bad. I’ve triple checked the price before post this.

        And now the price had risen up. When entering the coupon, the initial price raised to $277 then discounted $20 to $257. It is different when I checked the price yesterday. The initial price $231.19 cut $20 to $211. 19.

        Too bad the price had been changed when entering the coupon.

        Now, banggood has the cheapest. 🙂

  3. Hi Chris, and thanks for the reviews.

    i was considering to buy this tablet. I am not a gamer, so not concerned with the overheating issue. However I read about the battery life, and that is a real problem. 4 hours just isnt enough, I am guessing that the battery life of the X98 Air 3G is much better. I will use the tablet for ofimatic, basic software and surfing. Should I get the X98 Air 3G or wait for another Cherry Trail? Thanks!

    • Yes, the battery is the biggest problem of the tablet. If you’re not gaming the X98 Air 3G would be just fine. Or you could look at the X98 Plus which should have better battery life with the lower clocked 1.84Ghz X5 Z8300.

  4. I ordered the tablet using the coupon however a day later i got an email from banggood that my order has been cancelled and the amount will be refunded to my account.They did not provide me with any reason for the cancellation.The same thing happened to my friend who tried to order it using the code.

    • That is odd, email them and ask them the reason for this? Did you use paypal or credit card, maybe it was that? If the code was an issue for them they would just end it.

    • I ordered one also same day that the special was posted here and used the code. They havent refunded me but havent shipped it out yet.

    • Do you ordered it with PayPal as unregistered user ? My order has been cancelled as well. I have an explanation from Banggood that only PayPal resisted user payments are valid.

      • Yup,i got the same reason for my cancellation.However they don’t mention that registration is compulsory on their site.

  5. Price reduced again. Now it is $215.29 with the coupon.

  6. Would be an instabuy if it hasn’t the heat problems. Without this I would love to buy the X98 Pro for this price!

    • It’s looking like all the X5 8500’s will have issues, just a much hotter SoC than the older Bay Trail.

      • But if you can reduce the heat with a simple mod, why can’t Teclast do it? They could at least pull the best out of it!

        And the Surface 3 doesn’t have those problems too, right? And it has a stronger SoC with the X7.

    • Nice price but the X98 Pro is a bit of a dud. It’s one of those devices that looked good on paper but in practice has too many compromises to hit the bullseye. High hopes for the X98 Plus but i’m waiting to see a review before splashing the cash.

    • Nice price but the X98 Pro is a bit of a dud. It’s one of those devices that looked good on paper but in practice has too many compromises to hit the bullseye. High hopes for the X98 Plus but i’m waiting to see a review before splashing the cash.

  7. I need a 3G or 4G on this tablet. It is interesting, when it become integrated?

    • No official information. I doubt that there will be in 2015.

  8. Did you have the chance to review this tablet (the updated model K9C6 with dual boot and not the initial one you reviewed) ? Did it fixed any of the initial flaws in the original X98pro ?

    • Maybe this week. I’m waiting for it to be delivered my X98 Pro K9C3. I had to reorder it as GearBest didn’t ship it out after 3 weeks, so 3 weeks lost.

  9. Do you think this deal is because of Xiaomi’s release on the 19th? Rumors suggest a mi pad 2 , hopefully with similar specs (aside for the high res screen) and better quality control.

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