Onda’s V919 Air CH to Release 14th Plus new 11″ Notebook.

Onda’s V919 Air CH to Release 14th Plus new 11″ Notebook.

Onda oBook

Onda has announced they have a 360 degree Yoga clone laptop coming soon. It’s got an 11″ screen and not much else is know about this model. I assume it will be powered by a Core M 5Y10 and 4GB of ram with 64GB and 128GB SSD options. Much like their Core M tablets so they can share parts.

Onda V919 Air CH release date

And the V919 Air CH, an Atom X5 Z8500 + 4GB of RAM Retina tablet, Onda’s Teclast X98 Pro competitor will be released this Wednesday the 14th.

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  1. Great site.
    I am very interested in the 11″ laptop. You mentioned that it would be a Core M system. I have found references to a Cherry Trail system that look very similar. Is this a different system or will there be variations?



    • I guess it was a Core M. But Cherry Trail now, interesting. It looks okay. I’ll post this on the news site tomorrow.

  2. Let’s hope they won’t screw this one up too.

    • Haha, I hear you. The last Onda’s I have reviewed have been rubbish, poor qaulity and bad battery lifes. I will possible get the Air v919 Cherry Trail.

      • i think onda’s tablets have very poor quality and not optimized software, the performance of onda’s tablets, are much lower than expects and they have a awful battery life… don’t waste your money on this brand any more

        • I would rather get the Chuwi Hi10 to review over the new Onda’s.

          • 2 full size USB ports, 1080p screen..better history. I think ill probably go with the chuwi as well (assuming no crazy heating issue). I really want the Onda to be good as i like the design and , honestly , i prefer 4:3 ratio. Time will tell.

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