Onda v919 Air CH 9.7″ Atom X5 Z8500 Cherry Trail Released

Onda v919 Air CH 9.7″ Atom X5 Z8500 Cherry Trail Released

Onda held a Weibo V919 Air CH release event today, officially releasing the 9.7″ Retina V919 Air CH model. It’s got the same specs as the Teclast X98 Pro. An Atom X5 X8500 2.24Ghz quad core, 4GB 1600Mhz DDR3L Ram, 64GB eMMC, Micro HDMI. It’s running Windows 10 and no dual boot at this stage. It will be interesting to see how it performs against the Teclast.

Onda’s build quality as of late as been pretty bad, I wonder if they have improved things with this new 9.7″ housing? But still only a 7200mAH battery, that’s less than the Teclast X98 Pro’s and the Pro’s battery life isn’t wonderful around 4-5 hours.

v919 CH price

At the best part is the price, Onda said it will sell in China for 999 Yuan which is about $158 USD. So hopefully around $180-190 from sellers on Aliexpress and other online retailers. We should see the tablet listed in the coming week.

Images from the Weibo:

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  1. We need a review of this. Could be months before new models because of the touch screen driver problems of chuwi.

    ATM all we have is pro/plus, 919 air CH, cube iwork ultimate, vi10 etc. The ultimate looks too low speced. That leaves the air in terms of cheaper products with good specs. I know a lot of their models have been terrible recently, but they have released solid ones in the past, you never know. Could be golden.

  2. This model use Z8300 only
    Teclast will have new model like this onda v919 air ch called x98 plus
    Both use Z8300 instead Z8500
    By the way, did anyone try the onda v820w ch z8300?

  3. Cherry Trail? Yay! Onda? Noes.

    I had an Onda one time and never again. It was bad quality and that’s what I expect from this device.

  4. Shame this is an onda tablet, as usual it will be absolutely rubbish. Can’t believe they’ve gotten away with the worst roms imaginable for so long and are still in business, even the Chinese will tell you to steer clear of their products!!

    • So far all the Onda’s I have reviewed have been average at best. Poor battery, build quality and yes the Rom’s.

      • Well I have their V975m and build quality and battery life are pretty good, as is the screen (not as good as the teclast p98 4G though), the rom though is horrific and freezes constantly, lags, crashes with random reboots and sometimes completely drains the battery even when switched completely off! Looking for a decent dual boot 10-11″ tab with docking keyboard, hoping the upcoming Chuwi’s are going be good.

        • All eyes are on the upcoming Chuwi H10! 🙂

        • I have a V975W (V1, with Atom Baytrail Z3735D) and it’s really good, good build quality, same iPad Air screen, good battery life, etc… I have it since last year and it’s working like the first day. It’s the Windows only version. I think that sometimes, the same chinese company can do very good gadgets and very bad ones, no matter how important or popular the company is.

  5. X5 8500 LOVE drain battery…. Probably gpu is to hungry…powerful cpu but short battery life

  6. The price is dam’gud. Chuwi Hi8 Pro cost’s ’bout $140, and HI10 Presales at $200. X98 Pro jumps above $220. Must review!

    • Only if the price is right, don’t fancy throwing away more cash on an Onda tablet.

  7. BTW, nice going with the new currency converter thingy in the middle of the page. Very useful!

  8. Will you get one for review? This one is interesting!
    Although I wish it had dual boot.. Why do they always release it about a month later?
    I like the 4:3 ratio and the design.

    I’m dying to order a tablet already and you basically saved me from the heating issue on the X98 PRO, so thank you for that.
    Now waiting to see what Xiaomi mi pad 2 will be like ,impressions about this Onda and ,of course, the Chuwi H10.

    • I’m not sure yet if I will. It all depends on the price I guess and the sites review coffers.

  9. Anything about new 11” netbook/ultrabook from onda?

    • Nothing, yet. I don’t imagine it will be anything worth buying.

  10. that low battery and how we see similar spec’s teclast x98 pro drain so much battery, oh i couldn’t believe it

  11. In the second picture, it mentions about 6hr of battery life for 720p video playback with wifi off & “just right” brightness & volume.
    I really doubt that.

    • I highly doubt it, being Onda and a smaller battery. Half that figure!

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