Up next for review: The Asus T100HA 2 in 1 Cherry Trail

Up next for review: The Asus T100HA 2 in 1 Cherry Trail

While I’m finishing up my Teclast X2 Core M review, I have the Asus T100HA Cherry trail arriving today hopefully. It’s the 2 in 1 tablet line that pretty much started it all for me as I was hooked when I got the first Z3740 T100TA back in 2013.

I’m interested to see how the Asus T100HA stacks up against the Chinese Z8500 powered Teclast X98 Pro recently reviewed. And to see if it also suffers from the same heat when taxed. Hopefully, I’ll have it this afternoon and time to record an unboxing video at least.

I got the T100HA 4GB/64GB eMMC spec, so the same spec as the X98 Pro’s. So It will be interesting to see also what impact that lower res 1280 x 800 screen has on the battery life and gaming performance. Asus claim it can do 10 hours straight on the battery which I find hard believe. It’s also the first Windows 10 tablet with a USB 3.1 Type-C spec port which I hope to see on some Chinese tablets this year.

Later this month I should have more Cherry Trail tablets like the Chuwi Hi10, Chuwi Hi8 Pro and the PiPo W1S (a T100 clone) Buying tablets to review isn’t cheap, so please consider supporting TechTablets.

Oh and Microsoft might be announcing the Surface Pro 4 at today’s live event.

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  1. Hi, just wondering if the screen can be attached reverse, like the Acer Switch? This would be for easy lap viewing of movies or “tent mode”.


  2. By the way, unboxing video and first impressions are now online for the T100HA here: http://techtablets.com/2015/10/asus-transformer-book-t100ha-unboxing-and-first-impressions/

  3. Hi.
    You can consider selling those review tablets at discounted price. No point keep too many of them.

    • Yes, I have to sell them to fund future tablets to review. If I kept them all the site would be offline by now 🙂 This will be on eBay France in a week or two at a discount rate.

  4. really looking forward the W1S review. btw, really appreciating your work with this site Chris, and especially you being so open and responsive with us readers

  5. Heating is easy to fix by mod…ther is much more things to fix ….really wondering how asua device develop…

  6. Chris, you are basically the go to site for news and reviews on Chinese tablets. How are you not getting free samples to do your reviews? That’s pretty much standard practice for the good reviewers in every industry.

    I can tell you love doing what you do, but have you considered holding a little to put some pressure on them? It might hurt your readers short term, but you do realize how valuable you are to the companies whose products you’re promoting right? Believe me, they do. But if you don’t ‘kindly’ demand, they’ll just keep letting you pay. Sorry if I sound critical. It’s quite the opposite. You do great work, and I think it’s a wrong you have to pay to do their marketing.

    • Oh.. sent you ‘tenner’ btw. I DO appreciate your work. Definitely helping me decide my first dual boot tablet. Waiting to see what the Hi10 turns out to be. Ciao.

      • Many thanks for that! The Hi10 is looking like one of the most promising dual boot tablets with a keyboard dock and two USB 3.0 ports. Can’t wait to get my hands on that model.

        Yes it’s wrong that they don’t even send me free tablet review units to later post back to them. Asus are scared I think as they might have strict outlined do’s and don’t for their reviews. Like showing it overheating when gaming (If it does) I try to get review units from all the companies out there. Asus answered me forwarding my email to the UK media/press department and they have never answered my emails since. Which is why I believe they just don’t want some with a more user approach to reviews to be handling their tablets. I’m puzzled.

        Seeing as I sign no contracts for reviews I can say what I want and I’m free do as I please. That is one positive of it all. It’s common place if you point out a negative in a review that the MFG doesn’t like they will stop sending review units. All as corrupted as hell and more so with the Chinese tablets which 9 out of 10 reviews are bought and paid ones.

        • They probably only provide free hardware to *fake* reviewers that report only positive things and not honest reviews like yours, showing flaws and problems as well as the good stuff. Keep up the good work. Your readers/viewers can see the value you provide.

          • Thanks, doing my best to keep it up. Free review units from manufacturers would definitely help ease things.

  7. where you had ordered PiPo W1S and Chuwi Hi8, it’s only presale on aliexpress shipping on november?

  8. I love your reviews of Chinese tablets…but I also wonder what happens when it breaks after 6 month? Will I have some warranty and get a free repair or a new replacement device?

    ASUS customer service is not the best but at least it exists 😉

    Otherwise I rather not save 50-100 dollars and buy a brand name device which offer customer service. I had a device recently from LG that had problems with touch-events on some small regions of the screen. I got the device picked up at home and a new one within a week. I was impressed!
    With Google it is pretty similar. You automatically get a new device BEFORE you send them your old device. Just great customer service.

    Is there a chance to get support from Chinese companies like Cube, Teclast, Onda, etc.? Any experience on that?

    • Teclast have support in Europe (Spain) but the others don’t, that’s the risk of buying a Chinese tablet. 0% support normally, and if it breaks you have to send it to Chinese to get it repaired. It’s the price to pay for getting a cheaper tablet.

  9. i think the heating throttling issue only for teclast not asus, i dont think asus will release a tablet if it is defective by nature

  10. I wonder if Asus solved the heating-throttling issue.

    • I’ll find out soon and monitor just how hot it gets compared to my X98 Pros’ X5 Z8500.

      • Pity, it’s not dualboot. And it seems, native Android is not supported by Intel’s Core M socks…

        • Onda found a way, I did run native Android 5 on the Onda V919 3G. Shame the tablet is a full of issues.

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