Asus Transformer Book T100HA Unboxing and First impressions

Asus Transformer Book T100HA Unboxing and First impressions

My Asus Transformer Book T100HA 4GB/64GB eMMC arrived today, a very hard tablet to get hold of at the moment. It just came out in Europe this week, US and other markets to follow. It’s the third Cherry Trail I’ll be testing and reviewing. The first was the Surface 3, then the X98 Pro and now this Asus Transformer Book T100HA. Unboxing video below, more hands-on, benchmarks and gaming videos to follow.

Below is my first impressions of the T100HA I just received hours ago:

  • The tablet is slim and light. Nice finish to it in a matte Grey.
  • The keyboard is very similar to the T100TA series but no unlatch button now. You just pull it up
  • The keyboard docking connector works well and has magnets in it to hold it in place. It’s fairly sturdy.
  • It can tip over as demonstrated in my unboxing video. (If you touch the top of the screen to hard)
  • The USB 3.1 Type C port is the first I think on a Windows 10 Atom tablet.
  • No Type C adaptor included in the box! (Come on ASUS, a $5 part!)
  • The keyboard still has some bounce to it and it’s a little cramped (But this is normal for a 10.1″ one)
  • The display is fully laminated and yes if you look close enough you will see individual pixels.
  • Tablet build quality is good, keyboard build and finish is average. A little flimsy feeling.
  • Charges via the microUSB 2.0 port. And it charges slowly (USB 2 current limits)
  • Typical Asus, its got quite a few bloatware apps preinstalled.


I’ll have more on the T100HA soon if you’re interested and I will definitely compare the X5 Z8500 in the ASUS vs the Teclast X98 Pro’s. I intentionally got the same spec T100HA internals as the X98 Pro for this very reason as I’m curious on the heat it produces and performance differences.

Dear ASUS, if you are reading this. Thanks for ignoring my emails after forwarding me around 2-3 different departments. But don’t worry I’ll do my best to give your tablet an honest user review. Please get in touch with me for future review units. (You have my email)

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  1. Price?

    And anyway for international users to get one?

    • This one cost me 349 euros from Amazon. Around $400 usd and it’s the 4GB/64GB eMMC storage option. Asus are pretty slow to get this out to the market. Check on or your local version if they have it listed.

  2. hi Chris thanks for the unboxing
    if possible I want to know whether it runs development software such as Visual Studio/Android Studio smoothly on these cherry trail tablets.

    I think in future you should just get the international version not the french or localized on because it is more widely used.

    • Hi, this is the only model I could get my hands on in Europe without another 2-3 weeks wait. The tablet and it’s performance is unaffected by the localized Fresh keyboard layout. That’s the only difference here.

      Do you know if it runs smooth on the Bay Trail Atoms Visual Studio/Android Studio?

  3. Any confirmation on the build material? Asus has it noted on their site as being aluminum

    • Yes sorry about that, it is infact Aluminum it had me fooled as it felt more like a hardened plastic of sorts. But using a coin and tapping on it, it has a metal like sound.

  4. Could you please check out if it will accept charging via the USB type-C port?

    • Yes once I get my male USB to type c plug.

    • Tested USB 3.1 type c charging and as I expected no charging allowed which is why Asus have the microusb port, and cable. At least this keeps the 3.1 port free while we charge.

      • That’s a big letdown for me. I was hoping I could use it as a “dock port” to have 1 connector for charging + all my devices. Thanks for checking it out.

  5. I think drank too much beer. That keyboard layout looks weird to me. 😛

    • It’s a french AZERTY layout, all I could get my hands on.

  6. Sorry I jumped the gun, YT is still processing the video. Maybe because it’s in 4K it’s taking much longer than I thought i would. Please check back if it’s not displaying.

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