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Teclast X98 Plus Benchmarks, Speed, Game Test and Thermals

Teclast X98 Plus Benchmarks, Speed, Game Test and Thermals

Today I uploaded the below video. Just covering the speed a little of the X98 Plus, with some benchmarks, battery life and a look at Asphalt 8 Airbourne. And the thermals. So far the good: Battery life, screen, and thermals. The performance is unimpressive, it almost feels as if Teclast’s engineers have limited the turbo duration to keep the temps down.

I never expected much out of the lowest X5 Z8300, but the benchmark scores are clearly lower than the Onda v820w CH I reviewed with the same chipset. The bios advanced settings are locked out, so there is no way to increase any thermal limits if set in there or turbos.

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  1. Hello,

    i have bought a new teclast x98 plus with the stock rom win 10, after installing the new win 10 from microsoft the write speed of samsung CWBD3R goes from 98 MB/s to 43 MB/s.

    Why this could happen ?


  2. Hey Chris did you notice in this video, after you exit the game to look at the temps the average ratio was (18x,18x,18x,17x)
    while the maximum is 23x, it looks like it is very likely that they are “throttling” the cpu ratio, because the game should have probably maxed out the ratio.

  3. I think I might just go for the x98 plus just because of the simplicity of design. I’ve been looking into this model for a quite bit now, and I have to say that you’ve convinced me a lot. Yes, the performance might not reach my expectations, but you as an experienced user, do you think it will have any problems browsing the news, reading pdfs, and watching movies?

    Also, I am looking into more of your reviews of this tablet. Thank you for your thorough reviews, I highly appreciate it.

    • that’s the exact same tasks i need it for too. the user experience from the videos does not look that bad I think I’ll get it.

      • Agree to all of you. I have got mine already for a few days, and so far so good (with this price). I want a Win10 tablet just because it can run Outlook natively on it (which I do that frequently on plane without wifi), and it does its purpose.

        My problems so far:
        1. It sometimes refused to wake up from sleep and need a complete reset.
        2. After updating Win10, Facebook app in Store does not work. Probably a Microsoft issue?
        3. Battery charging speed is unimpressive (but I accept that as it does not have USB 3.1 Type C port)

  4. These slow speeds for z8300 is related to the Chinese manufacturers. It seems that all of them have dropped the ball.

    Here’s a fast link to a review of the z8300 powered Tronsmart Ara X5. The 3d Mark Ice Storm scores for the device are around 19000. Looking around the internet, about 19000 is what a Cherry Trail 8300 should accomplish.


    I own an 8″ Asus Vivotab and I get about 15500 in the 3d Mark Ice Storm test.

    Given that the Tronsmart is able to perform, you have to hang this one on Teclast, Onda, Chuwi, etc., etc…

  5. Not incredibly fast, but looks decent for a media/reading news/simple games device. I just wish it had dual boot.

    Thanks for the article, waiting for the full review!

  6. Two things I am curious about

    1) The high speed SD slot – how fast can it go? With a usb 3.0 or a HS microSD slot, its conceivable you could stripe the drive with the internal (or the other one). With speeds of both of those going over 100, and combined random read speeds being even fast, you could make something that surpasses/matches SSD on a tablet with eMMC. And SSD speeds would give noticable perfomance gains. Not sure if this works, because you’d need the system files on a seperate partition, and a script to make the drives act as permenent, before windows storage management took over. And it would cost a few extra hundred for the disks. But if it did work, the faster the flash disk/microSD the better, and it would be a fun project.

    2) Will there be a 4GB cherry trail or core M, eight inch? 5500 or core M would be best. Seems like the bigger sizes get all the love. A smaller size on one of those chips could be game changing on the 3 in 1 level, and likely cheaper than the larger versions. hi8 pro+?

  7. Hm, doesn’t look very great to me.. It seems to be slower than the X98 Air 3g, has the same battery life and the gaming test here isn’t very good.. I thought Windows Store Games could be played without any problems on Cherry Trail. I would love to see how the Benchmarks of real games like RE5 are between this one and the Air 3g.

    I really need an upgrade of my X98 Air 3g, but I don’t wont a poor performance.

    • Yes, if you want a real upgrade the X98 Pro is. Much faster GPU and CPU.

      • Yeah.. but I don’t want to loose the good battery life. But one question for you: Is the X98 Pro Gaming Power even better than the Air 3g after getting throttled down?

        That’s my biggest concern about the Pro version – The throttling. :-/

        • Yes even with the throttling (Windows only, Android never goes over 45 degrees) the X98 Pro is still much faster than the X98 Air 3G.

  8. Teclast X98 Plus Write speed of the hard drive faster than doubled Teclast 98 Pro. But I chose Teclast X98 Pro for better performance.

  9. I wonder if the x8300 is just a rebranded z3735f

    • It’s using a different process so it can’t be the same. But it sounds like intel screwed up though with the current generation of atom chips.

      • I think it isn’t Intel related… The Tronsmart Ara X5, a mini-pc with the same processor (X5 Z8300) almost doubles Teclast X98 Plus 3D Mark Ice Storm benchmark, scoring 18358 point, and 1602 on 3D Mark Cloud gate. I really think it’s Teclast related. You can take a look to the Tronsmart review here: http://androidpc.es/blog/2015/09/28/review-tronsmart-ara-x5/

        • Yes its as if Teclast have turned down the boost times on the SoC, limiting it to lower temps and increase battery life?

          • The thing is, Z8xxx should have been more power efficient than Z5xxx and consequently wouldn’t need to be underclocked by teclast in this case to get the battery levels of the previous generation. Thats where Intel’s fault is. Ara X5 doesn’t have to be power efficient (since its running plugged in).

  10. These are the benchmark scores i got for my cube iwork8 ultimate:

    GeekBench 3 scores: 762 Single core and 2190 multi-core

    3dmark 11 performance 1.0 P332

    3d icestorm 1.2 – 12048

    • Thanks, very similar then. Good to see. Retina screen also might have an impact, at least the same chipsets with higher res screens always feel slower to me. I have my iwork8 Ultimate now too I’ll compare my scores. I see Teclast also have a bios update I think here: http://bbs.teclast.com/thread-520462-1-1.html still figuring out how to run it. It may improve performance?

      • So glad I found this site. By the time I get mine, I have no doubt you guys will have it all figured out.

        The teclast forums are a bit tricky after the translation…..good luck with the brush Chris! Ah.

      • the iwork8 ultimate seems to be only locked to being boosted to only 1.6ghz according to pcmark

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