The Best 11.11 Deals

The Best 11.11 Deals

With today’s big 11.11 sales on AliExpress, Gearbest, and other online retailers you can pick up some really good 11.11 deals. Here are some of the best deals around.


  1. Cube i7 Stylus

Cube i7 Stylus - 1

This one has to be the best deal, $281 for a Core M 5Y10 tablet with 4GB of RAM, Wacom stylus support and a 64GB SSD it’s listed for around $350 everywhere else. It also happens to be one of the best Chinese tablets I have reviewed on the site. Unlike the last $299 11.11 sale, Cube has confirmed it will be shipping with a valid Windows 10 installation that’s activated with a valid license (No KMSPico disasters this time!)

If you’re going to get one of these, I highly recommend getting the keyboard dock.

Cube i7 Stylus review

Aliexpress i7 Stylus 11.11 sale page.


2. Teclast X98 Pro Dual Boot (K9C6)

Teclast X98 Pro

Aliexpress seller OKQI has this one for $209 tomorrow (even less with store discounts), it’s the most powerful Chinese Atom tablet currently available, with 4GB of RAM, Android 5.1 and Windows 10 Home dual boot. It’s powered by an Atom X5 Z8500, with a 12 EU Intel Gen8 GPU. Due to it’s extra power battery life takes a bit of a hit, so be sure to read my review here.

If you don’t have a credit card or want to use PayPal, it’s only $6 more at using coupon 3f3128. Banggood also have 10 units for $141, but you’ll have to be super quick to snap up on of those.

3. Teclast Air III 32GB Android model

Teclast X98 Air III - 2

Thanks to Ulma for pointing out this AliExpress deal, with the $10 AliExpress discount and the sellers $2 off coupon it comes to only $113 for an Android 5.0 Retina tablet running an Atom Z3735F quad-core with 2GB of Ram. I just received mine yesterday. The good news is it can be converted to Windows 10 / Android 5.0 dual OS or flash the dual OS bios and install Windows 8.1/10 if you have the drivers. But you’ll need a Win 8.1/10 license as it’s not embedded in the bios.

The Teclast X98 Air III $113 deal AliExpress page is here.


4. Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

Yes, not a tablet but one of the best, if not the best mobile phone I have reviewed for the price. The 5.5″ Xiamoi Redmi Note 2 has the new MediaTek octa-core X10 Helios SoC in it, 2GB of Ram, 1080p 400PPI screen, 13MP Sony camera with phase autofocus and a 16GB Rom.

It’s on sale for just $153.99


Shipping delays and times:

Experience from the last Cube i7 Stylus sale, a lot of patience is required after 11.11 sellers will take a long time to ship out the items due to the huge amount of orders. And if you pay for express DHL/FedEX/EMS shipping it will be quicker. But be warned, you’ll no doubt have to pay hefty taxes and duty on arrival. At least I have to in Spain, 21% IVA (Tax) and 15 euro document fee. Which kills the savings, so the free shipping method is the best option if you can wait.

Shipping times can be up to a month before you see it if it’s China Mail, so keep this in mind. Normally it’s 15-20 days to the EU with PostNL, RoyalMail and Correos shipping some sellers offer that go via EU mail hubs.


See any other good deals? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Ordered i7 stylus on 11.11 and I’m still waiting for them to dispatch it. They have 2 days until the order is cancelled as I won’t be extending the process time.

  2. I ordered the i7 stylus with all accessories, the shipping price was high ~40$, but overall it was a good price for me.

    Any idea when it will be shipped?

  3. Have somebody a idea where you can get the keyboard for cube i7 stylus at a fair price.?

    • I see the CDK02 (I think Chris liked this one ) for 58$. But I think that’s just the usual price.

  4. I got quite some stuff too:
    i7 stylus + keyboard + pen for 250$ (combo of 120$ coupon and 15$ coupon and some other minor ones)
    MeeGoPad t02 tvstick for 50$ (20$ and 4$ combo)
    some Xiaomi stuff for my home: 1TB router, power bank, 2x bluetooth spekaer, some cool cables for 204$
    laser pointers, different cables and interfaces for presentation work.
    total around 600$ worth of stuff (19 different elements in cart).
    My biggest AliExpress shopping so far (but I have made over 80 purchases before)….
    Getting used to source stuff directly from China, and not buying the same stuff here for 2x price… 😉

    • And I also had a problem with payment errors. Probably Alipay was under too much stress. Doesn’t seem that they have charged me twice though…

      • They did have issues they told me, guess too many people online and paying at the same time overloaded it.

    • wow 250 for the i7 with stylus + keyboard, now im not happy with my order anymore D;

      • You have to take into consideration, that 120$ coupon was really 60$ – because you had to pay 60$ to get one. So I have paid 250$ during 11.11 sale, but I had used my coupon, that had cost me 60$ before. So it makes 310$ total for tablet+keyboard+stylus combo.

  5. Gearbest are lame.
    They just refund me the purchases I’ve made with the coupons without explanation. I opened a ticket but I doubt it will do. I guess that’s the disadvantage of buying from a private supplier and not in a site like AliExpress\eBay etc… In AliExpress the buyer is a god until the buyers protection finished, only then he is nothing.

    • Same here 🙁
      First order I did with gearbest was lost!? Took 3 months to get the refund.
      This was my second order and they just refund me.
      Never again

    • What, that sucks! How can they do that!

    • Same happened to me. They keep getting worse and worse. Still waiting for my money on two lost orders. Won’t buy there any time soon.

    • From the reply (they wrote now):

      “GearBest reserves the right to change quantities available for purchase at any time, even after you place an order.
      We have refunded your order. Please check your paypal or credit card.”

    • Trying to cancel the rest in my purchases from Gearbest now. I don’t trust them anymore.

      • They are known for “lost” packages.
        They have some good prices but first wait 3 months then get nothing, then order from a other store and wait for some weeks. And argue about the refund and contact PayPal.

        • Oh … That’s sad. Few hours after my request to cancel my order they suddenly changed the status to “shipped” and provided me with a teaching number that does not exist.

          I hope I’ll get the package…

        • *tracking number

  6. hey guys, i just ordered my Cube i7 Stylus but Aliexpress charged me TWICE!!!!!!!!!!, i paid 247.45 and was so happy until i watched my bank account :((((((((((((((((((

    while paying my first attempt got an error and i tried again, i guess thats the problem, i sent a message to the store but instatly my order status changed from checking payment to waiting for shipping…

    What else can i do?

    • Called your bank?
      My order payment still under verification for like very Long…
      Scared they cancelled my order.

    • ill call my bank tomorrow.

      Alipay support confirm the error, “the system will bring back the wrong payment within 10-15 working days…”

      reading other forums it is a common error

    • They’ve sent an email about that issue and they’ll refund you if you got charged twice or more

  7. Looking for 11” tablet with keyboard and fullsize USB, any recommendations?

  8. Its a waste to buy a win10 tablet with no full size USB port? Because I really like the Hi8 Pro, but doesn’t have any full size USB ports

  9. I managed to get a a Cube i7 Stylus for $260, with a few coupons combo 🙂
    Also bought the keyboard dock separately with a coupon as well.

    Can’t wait to receive it!

  10. I have bought the Chuwi Hi8 Pro and Hi10. The Hi10 for around 152 euro after cashback. The Hi8 Pro for around 75 euro after discounts and cashback

    • Any tips on getting that price? 75 euros is great for the Hi8 Pro.

  11. Just got x98 air 3g for 49,98us,
    Don’t know how it was possible but I put code and it gave that price on gearbest mobileapp.

    Hopefully will get on that price!

    • What code

    • What is the code?

    • I don’t understand what is the model number

      • Model number is
        X98 air 3g

        • I have also successfully applied the coupon “TEC4911OM ” on gerabest mobile web page. $49.89 displayed on paypal and then the page redirected back to gearbest and asked for address and stuff. I did that and the same $49.89 displayed in the final page too. But gearbest took $216.50 from my paypal account. Even the order details on gearbest showing as $216.50. I dont know how this happened. I did write to gearbest about it and am waiting for a reply. I am worried if they ship it at this price. Guys any inputs on my next step? Should I start a dispute on paypal? Does gearbest refund the difference on this situation? In the ticket I have mentioned to go ahead and cancel the order if they cant refund the difference amount.

          • I had a very similar experience. The basket showed $49, but after I went through paypal it changed to $111 and instead of the Teclast, an order was placed for a Chuwi Hi8 Pro… $111 is not even the right price of the Chuwi, I have no idea what is going on.
            I submitted a ticket right away ofcourse, but I’ve not heard back from them yet.

    • Got refund 🙁

  12. i Went for the 7.9 inch MiPad 64, with all the discounts i was able to bag it for 230$ iv been eyeing this tab with the tegra chip for gaming 🙂

  13. Oh man, can’t decide between the Air III and the X98 Pro. Can’t say I’m planning to run heavy stuff there.
    Chris, any chance you have some (super) early opinions about the Air? Maybe some tidbit about the battery life?

    • I did a quick battery life test on the Air III with Android and using PCMark for Android and 50% brightness I got just under 4 hours. Not sure if the battery is calibrated correctly, will do the test again to make sure.

      • Hi mate, any tips for this gearbest order issue that I have mentioned couple of comments above.

      • Thanks Chris! I was counting on the battery life of the Air 3G, but it seems it isn’t the case (and turns out they have a 500mAh battery difference). Makes the decision harder… Still, should be a solid deal for 145$ on the 64g model from some seller on AliExpress.

        And again, thanks for your hard work with the blog Chris. You are helping a lot of people out there!

  14. Hi! I was just trying what price would gearbest give for x98 air 3g If i put discount code now, got 49,99

    I understooD that there supposed to be only five on that price… What you think, Will I get it on that price?

  15. FInd any deals on teclast air 3g 64 dualboot

  16. Finally, a Teclast X98 Pro + Teclast bluetooth cover-keyboard is coming to my home for 204 € only. This will be the brain for my future Gauntlet mini-bartop (i’m in the process of art design for that just now, drawing heroes, monsters and barckgrounds, etc…), perfect for retro arcade emulation…

  17. ordered X98 pro 209$ – 15$ aliexpress promo – 7$ coupon – 2$ seller coupon = 185$ for X98 pro .. not bad
    i did get original McDODO for 14$, one of the best tempered glass to teclast serie

    • How did you get the 15$ coupon code???

      • You have to spend over $149 and you get it deducted automatically, there is one caveat however as I discovered, you have to spend it on stuff that is in the 11.11 sale. I bought the teclast x16 pro which wasn’t in the sale and didn’t get the discount as I was factoring that into the price so not happy! Had to make do with a smaller Aliexpress discount code instead.

        • Yeah i noticed that. It’s not showing up on the Cube i7 Stylus deal for some reason, even if it’s on the 11.11 sale. I wonder why

          • Is not showing up at all now. Wife ordered loads of stuff and a tablet in the sale and got no discount. Also payment system playing up terrible, maybe their system is overwhelmed?

  18. Guys help me…
    Onda V919CH or Onda V919 3g or Teclast X98 pro of Teclast X98 3g or Chiwi Hi 10???
    Please help me to decide which to buy…

    • I would stay clear of the Onda tablets. X98 Pro if you need 4GB of ram and the most power at the cost of some battery life. And the Hi10 I have yet to test, but it will be good if you want a keyboard dock and full sized usb 3 ports.

      • I think I will buy the Teclast X98 pro… Would anyone want to recommend something else??

        Thanks in advance…

        • Their tablets are pretty good, got a friend a teclast P98 4G about 6 months ago and its an excellent tablet with an amazing screen and a good rom. I was so impressed I’ve ordered myself the x16 pro. Whatever you do just don’t buy an Onda……

      • Do you know if the keyboard dock allows for all angles within that range (like a laptop lid that sticks wherever you leave it)? Or is it a few different notches that it sticks?

  19. Payed 186.1 for teclast x98 pro from OKQI! (including 2.11$ shipping cost!)
    2 + 4$ coupons from the seller
    5$ off 39$ from aliexpress
    15 off 150$ from aliexpress
    Crazy price! my air iii dual needs to be here anyday but I just couldn’t resist for the price. Ill have to decide between battery and preformance and pass one of them away 😛

    also got a chance to win a 10$ coupon from alipay and got a 5$ coupon

    • $186.10 that is cheap, I first paid $231 for mine…

      • yep… but the tablet will be used as outdoors tablet – so battery is a problem… no games – but shows and internet etc…

      • Hey Chris, is it possible to install and use VMware player on X98 air 3G or X98 pro? Which is more comfortable? Can you check it, please?

  20. Regarding the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 deal:

    I ordered from GearBest the Redmi Note 2 Prime (faster CPU and double the storage) for 165$. I think it’s a better deal than the 153$ that was mentioned, IMO at least. It shows as 176$ but when you add it to cart it becomes 165$.

  21. Damn it, I was able to select the “standard” one with “black” color a few minutes ago, now it only allows me to select the other packs (with keyboard, keyboard + pen, etc.). If I select “standard”, the “choose color” becomes greyed out and I can’t select the color.

    Does this mean they won’t sell the standalone tablet anymore? Just with additional products, such as keyboard and pen? If so, it’s ridiculous and I won’t be buying the tablet anymore. Meh, what a shame.

    • Nevermind! It’s working normally now, still undecided if I’ll buy it or not though! Btw I was talking about the Cube 🙂

  22. chris, you think that the performance (I know that you have for 1 day but) and the product is very different between the original Z3536F air 64GB, or old 32GB (Z3536 or Z3535 ??) and the new Z3536 2GB/32GB android 5?

    How i do it to have a windows 10 licence for tablet ? If i buy a windows 8 table, the update is free or not ?

    • Hi, are you talking about the Air III. The Z3735F Vs Z3736F there isn’t much in it. About 300Mhz more clock speed and benchmarks show the faster Z3736F has a slight lead about 4,000 points more in Antutu 5.7.1 for example.

      Only need the Win 10 license if it doesn’t have an OS to begin with (Converting an X98 Air III to dual OS for example), but yes you can update from 8.1 to 10 for free,

  23. Seems alipay Aliexpress payment system is down? I can’t pay for the oBook I ordered for $204 for review 🙁

    • Oh! I think you are right!
      Some minutes ago I made a payment. My money has been debited from the card, but Order Status is still “Awaiting Payment”

      • Had the exact same problem. Then I opened the mobile app and tried to pay from there. Worked like a charm.

      • Same for me.
        Do 2x transactions.
        1. For cube i7 stylus. Status is payment under verification thingy
        2. Some smaller accessories. Status is awaiting payment.

        But my bank charges both. Called them Sobs…
        I hope all is OK.

        What a hectic day.

        • I’ve been charged twice too! What the hell, now I have to get this sorted, but check your card statement:
          I have this:

          11 Nov 2015 http://WWW.ALIEXPRESS.COM LONDON GB $204
          11 Nov 2015 http://WWW.ALIEXPRESS.COM LONDON GB $204

          Clearly charged twice, both are still pending to my CC so I hope only one goes through. AliExpress customer service says this:

          During the 11.11 promotion time, If your order status is not changed after the payment, please don’t worry and check later. We are fixing this problem and will update you soon.

          • Okay talked to AliExpress customer services and they will refund one payment. Had to wait 16 minutes to speak with them. But at least it should be fixed.

    • It works if you use the mobile app.

    • Why are you purchasing tablets for review? It would seem you have enough clout now to get the manufacturers to send you evaluation units.
      Love the site and your site views and visitors are skyrocketing. You should consider selling product from these manufacturers and be THE portal for Chinese made tablets to the US which will be a massive market when people realize they don’t need to feed Apple or other big name companies for overpriced products. If you need help, let me know!

      • These chinese companies dont have a good quality control team.One of the reason for this low prices. So I doubt if they will send any review units to chris. They only go with biased reviewers for their products.

  24. The Air III 10$ coupon is not usable.
    “Restrictions: Only valid on order(s) over US $400.00”
    Is it still a good deal for 125$ or I should wait?

    • $125 is still good for a retina tablet you can flash to dual os.

      • which ? not the 2GB/32GB it’s light for the new air III, no ?

  25. Man you had to be quick for the X98 Pro at $141 – I hit the buy button as soon as the page finished the count down, it gave me a message, so I refreshed the page and it said it was sold out ….. it would have been good 🙂

  26. For the $115 teclast pro deal I had two pages open and clicked on them both at the same time right on the count down.
    The first one looked like it got it.. it came up asking for my shipping address which I filled in and then nothing…

    I am dubious that this deal was real at all.

    • Which I had taken a screen shot of it before I proceeded.. I didn’t bother because it I really thought I had got it and it was all solid..

    • me too, dubious, direct of the button “rush” and nothing, sold out

  27. impossible for the teclast X98 pro wifi, never seen the button “add to cart” during the second

    • Yeah it was too quick, I think people have bots that can do it super faster.

  28. Do you think it’s possible to install Windows 8 on the Air III easily? I really want to buy it during this sale but just want to use Windows. Otherwise, I might just wait for the Chuwi Hi8 Pro. Thanks.

    • I’m not sure, I’ll know when I give it a go seen after I review the tablet as default.

      • Thanks for the heads up Chris I was able to get a x98 pro from banggood.

        • For the $141 price?, well done. At least some people got it. I was worried it was bots grabbing everything and not real people.

          • I was able to grab X98 air 3G from gearbest for $49.89. But gearbest took $219.50 from my paypal account. During the order process, everywhere its written $49.89. But this fiasco happened. Whats your thoughts on it mate? I did create a ticket, but worried if they ship it at that full price. Should I start dispute on paypal right away? or Should I wait till gearbest reply to the ticket? Asking ’cause they took a lot of days to reply couple of my tickets. I dont know if they refund the difference amount. If so, that will be a great deal for me.

  29. Hi

    Really interested in the stylus, however, can I ask does aliexpress mark down to Europe?. How much would shipping be as well and if something goes wrong how does one get it sorted?

    • Hi, shipping is free to Europe and for me it’s tax free in Spain. They normally declare it as $50 usd tablet pc or something.

  30. Hey Chris,

    I’m in the market for a tablet with tomorrows sale on I need your help though

    I need 9.7″ or above with Dual OS

    So with that in mind which tablet in terms of build quality and performance would you recommend.

    Also I read somewhere that Lollipop 5.1.1 is much more stable a build than Lollipop 5.0

    Has this been your experience as well

    • Hi, I recommend the Teclast X98 Air 3G if you don’t need the best gaming power. If you want the faster 9.7″ atom tablet, then that’s the X98 Pro. Android 5.0 and 5.1 Tecalst roms seem the same to me, haven’t had any problems. But the newer the Android rom the better for bugfixes etc.

      • Thanks for the advice but, I’m now seeing your reply and my purchase is complete. I know we’re in different time zones and my flaw has been in me not timing you appropriately, but, I think you might appreciate the following,

        I had read your review of and viewed the DIY video fix of the x98 pro that you did.

        I also read the review of the Teclast X16HD 3G that you’ve done and this was my logic.

        The X98 Pro has heating issues the X16 HD is thicker than the pro (10mm vs 7.8mm), it heats up as well but doesn’t throttle given that the chipsets are different Atom Z3736 in the X16 vs Atom X5 8500 in the pro.

        Now if i’m not mistaken the new X16 Pro chipset (Intel Cherry Trail T4 Z8500) is the same as the X98 Pro (Intel Atom Cherry Trail Z8500) or maybe an improvement with the T4 designation and the X16 Pro is actually 10.5mm in thickness which is thicker as well than the X98 Pro.

        I’m making a logical gamble that the X16 Pro would have better heat dissipation as there’s more room to do it right!

        So from a cost of $321.04 with active stylus and DHL to my home I ended up paying $292.04 after all applicable coupons and discounts were applied.

        I’ll let you know the moment it arrives and you can tell me what to download and run and I can record and send the test results

  31. Hello there,
    Is the deal on the X98 PRO for real in banggood? Because I can order it for 109€ which is pretty cheap.
    I’ve seen your reviews on most of the tablets because I wanted to buy one for college, and this seems a good one for the price.
    I never worked with banggood so I don’t know how good it is. I’ve notice that it doesn’t have return policy aswell..
    Can I trust on this seller?

    • That’s the price for the first 10 buyers.

  32. Deals machine have the i7 stylus currently listed for $315. Slightly more than aliexpress but might not got as many orders as aliexpress. I’ve no experience with deal machine though so not sure what customer service is like.

    • I don’t know them too, but it’s actually cheaper because the seller with the 285$ does not offer free shipping which makes it 331$.

    • Never mind that.. apparently he doesn’t offer free shipping to my country but does offer to others.

  33. A question guys…If i buy a Cube i6 3g with Win 8 + android 4.4 , can I upgrade to Windows 10 or should i buy a Teclast X98 3g ?
    Thank you

    • You should be able to upgrade running Windows update, but could have driver issues. The X98 Air 3G does come with Windows 10 now and Android 5.

      • Hey Chris,

        I’m in the market for a tablet with tomorrows sale on I need your help though

        I need 9.7″ or above with Dual OS

        So with that in mind which tablet in terms of build quality and performance would you recommend.

        Also I read somewhere that Lollipop 5.1.1 is much more stable a build than Lollipop 5.0

        Has this been your experience as well

  34. wtf.. i7 Stylus – can’t ship for free! They want 46$ That’s a no no for me.

  35. We are all in different countries and the 11.11 starts at different times.

    Is there a countdown somewhere for the sale?

  36. Hi Chris
    Why isn’t there the teclast x98 air III? I was about to pull the trigger on it tomorrow. Are there any cons I sould know? Or anything better at 115€ range?


  37. Hi,
    Would you still recommend the Teclast X98 Pro over the older Teclast X98 Air 3G despite the overheating issues? I saw you have it listed here. I don’t need the 3G, so I’m not sure which to get. Have you received the X98 Plus yet? That seems promising too.

    • The Plus I hope to have soon, order one to review.

    • Yes I recommend it, but only if you need that extra power, otherwise the X98 Air 3G is still a great dual boot retina tablet.

  38. how is the x98 pro a good deal if it’s overheating like hell, and so it will be broken well sooner than other tablets.

    • CPU gets to 45 degrees max in Android, 86 degrees in Windows and it throttles, but as mentioned even with the throttling its still the fastest Chinese Atom tablet at the moment, until maybe the X16 Pro or power.

  39. Hi Chris!
    I really enjoy the content you create on this website as well as your youtube channel.
    Also I have a question, do you think the Cube I7 Stylus will reach the 3000 sales quick?
    If I know that I will know if I have to hurry purchasing it as soon as the sale becomes available.
    – Noah

    • I’m not sure, but I think last time 1000 units when in about 10 minutes and then it slowed a bit.

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