Best 11.11 Deals On Tablets & Mobiles

Best 11.11 Deals On Tablets & Mobiles

So today is China’s big 11.11 sale day, there are some good deals to be had. Here are some of the best deals based on price and the tablet/mobile in question is one I have already reviewed and know it’s good.

Firstly check out Aliexpress, Gearbest, Banggood’s 11.11 sales and Geekbuying‘s pages for all the deals.

My tablet picks:


Cube i7 Book.

Cube i7 Book photo1

The Cube i7 Book for $279.99 with coupon intel33. (Limited to 150 units) This is the best Core M3 stylus Chinese tablet released this year, it has the new Intel Core M3, 4GB of RAM SSD, Surface pro 2 1080p screen, Wacom stylus support and an optional dock. See my review here.



Mi Notebook Air (Core M3 version)


While I reviewed the more powerful Core i5 Nvidia 940MX version, I liked this one better, less heat and noise and still have mine. It’s a very well built and light Core M3 notebook, backlit keyboard 128GB SSD and a free PCIE slot for even faster NVMe SSD’s. It’s on sale $501 at Gearbest here. My review is here.


Chuwi Hi10 Plus:

A 10.8 Remix OS 2.0 / Windows 10 Dual OS tablet with a 3:2 ratio Surface 3 screen, removable keyboard and it’s going for $184.99 with coupon intel35. Best of all it has the new Atom Z8350 refreshed chip now. My review is here.



Teclast X98 Plus II

Teclast X98 Plus II

The last of the 4:3 tablets. You’ll not find a dual boot Windows 10 / Android 5.1 retina screen tablet for less with 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC. It’s going for $145 over at Aliexpress. However the first batches did have some wifi range issues, this has apparently been corrected now. My review is here.



Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

Mi pad 2 Windows gaming

Without a doubt on of the best smaller tablets. 7.9″ fully laminated retina screen and thin build, this is a premium Android tablet with an Atom X5 Z8500. Super high-quality screen (iPad Mini 4) good sound, both loudspeakers and 3.5mm jack. It’s selling for a crazy low $156 for the 16GB version, you’re getting a lot for the price.  There is also a 64GB and Windows 10 version. My review is here.

My mobile picks:


Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Prime

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Review Snapdragon 650

The Redmi Note 3 Pro Prime is still one of the best mobiles you can get for under $200, powered by a hexacore Snapdragon 650, 3GB of RAM, 32GB ROM with MicroSD support or dual SIM and a large 4000mah battery the Redmi Note 3 set a new level for the sub $200 class of mobiles. It’s on sale at Aliexpress for only $154.99 My review is here.


LeEco Le Max 2


Flagship spec Snapdragon 820 mobile with 4GB of RAM, QHD screen for $219 USD here at Geekbuying (Rose version) or , $237.99 for the grey model. The build is great on this one. It lacks MicroSD card support or a 3.5mm jack, but besides that you get a flagship spec mobile for a really decent price.

My LeEco Le Max 2 review is here.



Those are my picks based on tech I have reviewed and the price, if you find any good deals out there please share them in the comments for everyone and I’ll add them here.

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  1. Hi Chris, quick question, I have the opportunity to purchase Chuwi HI8 OR CUBE iWork8 Air. which one you suggest of this two and why? (both cost me 75$ flat).
    thank in advanced!

  2. Cube i7 book didn’t seem to be big hit, since there are quite few left? Though I finally gave in and ordered one. 300eur from tablet and KB not bad?

    ps. I hope these were affiliate links 🙂

  3. The Teclast x98 Plus II is offered at $139.99 at Everbuying….shit…had already bought the Chuwi HiBook Pro at 180$ with double emmc capacity and OGS screen, but that low price is appealing.

    • That is cheap but the Hibook pro has a better screen, keyboard dock support too. Worth the extra $40

  4. Couldn’t help myself 😉 Got the Mi pad 2, it will look good next to my Hi12.

    • The Mipad 2 64GB Android vesion is offered at 200$ at Banggood with “Thank50” coupon.

      • Might be a better deal when 16GB isn’t enough, it doesn’t go far with large games and music collections.

        • Sure, 16GB is just too little, takes the joy out of experiencing this great tablet….I would have liked for it to be a little cheaper in a sales event, so long after its release.
          …given that, the prices of the 8300 Atoms have been maintained high just with the release of new models, which honestly did not bring much to the tablet for the MOST part.

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