11.11 Sales, Coupons & Where to Shop For Deals 2018

11.11 Sales, Coupons & Where to Shop For Deals 2018

11.11 is here with big sales across Chinese retailers. It’s just a matter of finding the best coupons, and discounts. Below are some of the deal pages worth checking from major Chinese retailers. Once I spot the best deals of the day I’ll be updating and posting them here in this post like I’ve done in the past. If you find a great deal please let us know in the comments.

Banggood’s 11.11 sales page: 

Banggood Coupons:

Laptop 15% OFF: 1B1G1LAP1
Mini PC 5% OFF: 1B1G1LAP2

Aliexpress’s 11.11 page, they were one of the first to push 11.11. You can find discount coupons here.

Best deals so far I’ve spotted:

Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB RAM, 64GB UFS 2.1 Snapdragon 845 mobile with dual 12MP rear cameras. This is the global version.

$319 with coupon GBMP1111, the deal is here.

Jumper EZBook X1, $259 with coupon GB-TAJPX1 Celeron N4100, 4GB of RAM, 11.6″ touchscreen a cheaper version of the Teclast F5. The deal is here.

Teclast F5, Celeron N4100, 8GB of RAM, 11.6″ fully laminated touchscreen, Windows 10 Home.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, Core i5 8250U, 8GB, 256GB GB NVMe SSD. $759 on flash sale.

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  1. Gearbest prices for teclast F5 and Xiaomi Notebook pro just went down again 10 USD to 289.99 and 759.99

  2. Any idea what’s the best deal available for mipad 4 plus 128gb?

  3. GB11.11 not working today

  4. Banggood raised the prices a bit yesterday for a few laptops. Some a 2 to $10. Probably Gearbest is doing the same.
    I just bought the Chuwi lapbook SE for 215€ I hope I don’t regret it. I had a few problems with a Chuwi tablet before.

    • How did you get that, none of my coupons seem to work on the SE?

    • That’s a great deal in my book. Good for you!
      I am happy with the Lapbook SE. I had some trouble getting it sent to me – Gearbest said they would ship it within a few days but then it turned out they didn’t have it in stock for 3 weeks. Also I had some problems getting the OS moved over to the SSD – the move was easy, but getting it to boot from that drive took some doing, maybe because I don’t understand boot record manipulation very well.
      Anyway, my point of this reply is to say, after two weeks of ownership, I’m happy with the SE and I hope you will be too.

      • I used a cuppon, with so many cuppons, now I am not sure if it was another from a Telegram app channel or the one mentioned by Chris.
        But I remember testing the 1B1G1LAP1 and it was working before the 11.11

        Thanks JD.
        The Xiaomi beebest binoculars for 52€ were sent one day after, I hope gearbest doesn’t delay the lapbook SE shipment.

  5. Damn….. Gearbest coupon not accepted for teclast f6 pro…. Ahhhhhh

    • Wait until tomorrow it might work the nor it the price will change once 11.11 starts.

      • It was working, the F6 Pro was 350€ including EU direct mail.

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