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Xiaomi Mi Pad Scores 85k AnTuTu? Only in AnTuTu 6 Beta!

Xiaomi Mi Pad Scores 85k AnTuTu? Only in AnTuTu 6 Beta!

You might have seen various sites posting how the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 with its Atom X5 Z8500 scores 85,000 in AnTuTu . Wow, somehow Xiaomi magically gets 35,000 plus points more than all the other X5 Z8500 tablets in AnTuTu? An amazing feat right?

No. It’s just typical Chinese publicity. It’s not fake, it gets 85k, but not in the current 5.7.X version but the new AnTuTu 6 beta! With a new scoring system… Just the hype Xiaomi wanted and sites posted it. 

I ran the same test on my Teclast X98 Pro and got 81,000 in points and it has 2GB of Ram more than the Mi Pad 2. My guess is Xiaomi placed the Mi Pad 2 in a fridge to keep it cool to get that score? I’ll find out later this month when my Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Windows 10 version arrives. I got the Windows version so I can compare it with the Hi8 Pro, X80 Plus and other 8″ Tablets that all seem to run Windows 10. As there are no new Atom Cherry Trail dual boot 8″ tablets yet.

Antutu 6 X98 Pro (1)Antutu 6 X98 Pro (2)

Amazing how now my X98 Pro scores as fast as an Octacore Samsung Note 5.

The Teclast X16 Pro AnTuTu 6 scores 82k:

Teclast X16 Pro Antutu 6 beta score.

Teclast X16 Pro Antutu 6 beta score.

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  1. From what I read Antutu 6 puts more emphasis on single core processing power than previous versions did (which actually makes sense, as few apps can really make use of 4 cores, let alone 8 or 10)

    Intel CPUs always had a strong per core power so the result sounds reasonable…
    MIUI is also known for being “Antutu tweaked” which explains why the results are slightly higher than those on the Teclast (or other Z8500 running stock Android)

  2. My Teclast X98 and Samsung Galaxy S6 has scores 74000 & 76000. (Antutu 6)

  3. Curiosity got the best of me on this. My MiPad – original- got 48.896 & 48.600+ in antutu v5.7.1…. Sooo off I went to see what I would get with Antutu beta 6.0 :

    drum roll please….. 81.850.. & 78.443… So there go, some comparison for the mipad original against the mipad2.

  4. Nice! Thanks for keeping it real (reporting the truth) Chris. +1

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