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Chuwi Hi10 and Onda oBook Reviews Online

Chuwi Hi10 and Onda oBook Reviews Online

My review of the Hi10 is finally done, in between order issues, getting it late from sellers and flying back to New Zealand it took me a while longer to review this one. I did wait for the second batch that had Windows 10 64bit too. So this was another reason for the delay.

But my time with the Hi10 has been good, and I’m glad to say it’s a worthy upgrade over the popular Vi10 despite the plasticky body. Decent battery life, a great 16:10 ratio screen and those full sized ports make it one of my favorites for an all around 2-in-1 tablet. I’m still waiting for Hi10 keyboard to arrive so will update the review when it does. Here’s the Chuwi Hi10 Review.

And my video review and summary of the Onda oBook 11 is now online. The design and build have great promise, but Onda being Onda just blew it again with too many issues. Voyo has built their own laptop with this same ODM, so that might be one to look for. As it is I have ordered the Voyo vBook v3 to review, that one looks interesting, another Lenovo Yoga clone, but in 13 inches, with 4GB/64GB eMMC and stylus support.

The Onda oBook 11 review is here.

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  1. Choosing between Chuwi HI10 and Teclast x98 Plus/Pro. Which is more prefferable? Not for gaming (almost not interested) more for office use and multimedia. Thank you

  2. Thank you Chris!

  3. Really do appreciatie these reviews Chris, was very interested in buying a Hi 10 and this review has helped me decide that I should wait for the braswell refresh. Does the 4GB of ram make a noticeable difference when multitasking though, or as leasedeb suggests is the effect is masked by the poor cpu performance?

    Im guessing these Chinese tablets are going to be huge and hopefully your site will be a part of that growth. The only thing thats missing is the vendors better stocking the local warehouses.

  4. by reading the review and the benchmark comparison graph, i see there is not much gain from the cherry trail z8300 tablets with their single channel 4gb ram that are no better than baytrail 2gb ram.. and the 2 z8500 reviewed tablets (x98 pro x16 pro)are not that good except for the performance

    • Not real gain on the Z8300 Vs Z3735F, just in 3dmark11 and other more demanding games maybe a light increase. But the higher clocks in the Z3736F tend to win despite the lower GPU 4 EUSs vs 12 EUS. I would really like to see the Chuwi Hi10 with a Z8550 when released.

    • The substantial advantage of Cherrytrail Z8300 in comparison to Baytrail Z37xx is the 64Bit UEFI Bootloader!
      Baytrail was limited to Factory-built Android (plus custom-modifications) and Windows 32Bit, while Cherrytrail lets you install virtually every OS which is currently out there (including pretty much each and every Linux distribution)!

      Z8300 GPU is also better than Z37xx GPU and thats pretty much what matters, because CPU power had reached that “not really need any more”-point last year…

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