Chuwi to Release Fourth Cherry Trail Tablet?

Chuwi to Release Fourth Cherry Trail Tablet?

At the end of their Weibo press event today, Chuwi posted this last image. It would seem they are working on a 4th Cherry Trail model? I would love to see a Core M from Chuwi, but my guess is maybe they are working an 11.6″ 1920 x 1080 tablet to compete with the Teclast X16 Power & X16 Pro models? With either an Atom X5 Z8500 or even a X7 Z8700 SoC, 4GB of Ram and a larger keyboard dock similar to the X16 Pro and X2 Pro one. But, then again the outlined image looks more like the a 10.1″ Chuwi Vi10, maybe a Vi10 Pro upgrade with a 1080p screen, 4GB of Ram and X5 Z8500? What do you think they will make?

Here is the image they posted in full:

Chuwi tease a fourth tablet release is in the works.

Chuwi tease a fourth tablet release is in the works.

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  1. Too many tablets, its hard to follow.
    Can I ask you for a table with all new tablets and features (usb3, mmc/ssd, battery etc) and prices ?

  2. My guess it’s the first in a series of core m’s – starting with a large tablet (based on the translation). Which is good. We could use some core-m’s in the smaller form factors.

  3. Will there be any upcoming tablets with stylus support ?
    apart from CUBE, no company is interested in adding a stylus feature ??

  4. The text with the pictures says:
    “# # C core · wild enough energy · “core ” family ! Late last year, Chi will release a larger , higher is better shape tablet ! PS: small series have seen the prototype , small partners will certainly make an impact . Stay tuned !” (Google translator)

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