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Teclast X3 Pro Now Official, Will Cost $460

Teclast X3 Pro Now Official, Will Cost $460

Teclast made the X3 Pro all official today, we already knew more or less everything about it thanks to an earlier leak. It’s an updated version of the X2 Pro. But is now powered by an Intel Core M3-6Y30, 8GB of dual channel DDR3 RAM and a 128GB SSD. What’s also new over the X2 Pro is active stylus support, this with the 8GB of Ram gives Teclast two points more in terms of spec Vs other Core M3 tablet the Cube i9.

Teclast X3 Pro Intel Core M3-6Y30 Price

However, the Teclast lacks a kickstand, as the keyboard case is required to have it stand up. And you’re stuck with that single viewing angle.

Now the price? 2999 yuan which is about $460 USD. Of course, that is locally in China, online Chinese retailers that export it like Banggood or Aliexpress sellers will add their cut on top of this so expect it to cost around $500 if not more.

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  1. I bought this tablet on GearBest on the end of march.
    After having asked status of my purchase, GearBest today informs me that they cannot deliver this tablet because the provider is out of stock.
    They offer the possibility to cancel the purchase but they do not offer possibilities to wait longer. This means that there are issues with the provider to furnish this tablet.
    Strangely they are still offering this tablet on their website with a delivery within 15 days.
    Has anyone already received this tablet ?

    • No also asked,and I was told that Teclast delayed it until the end of this month. I’m going to wait it out because I got it for $440

    • I bought this tablet from GearBest as well. The also offered me to wait or exchange for something else… I will wait some more and hope it will be fine… Keep us posted!

    • Gearbest just confirmed yesterday that they will not be able to deliver the product:

      Unfortunately, we are very sorry to inform you that this item cannot be sold anymore on our website.
      Please consider the following options:
      Option 1 Exchange for another item
      Please let me know the url of the product you would like to choose instead. If there is any price difference with the original item, we will either refund it to you on your wallet or send you an invoice to pay for it.
      Option 2 Cancel and refund on your original payment account

      I just got a full refund from Gearbest but I also ordered a Teclast X2/X3 Keyboard and a pen that I want to have refund as well… I’m awaiting for their response…


      • They told me the same thing a couple of days ago. I asked a number of other sellers if this was true and nobody would confirm it. I then contacted Gearbest and told them about my inquiries, that I think it is very unlikely that the product has been permanently discontinued and that I prefer to wait. They said it was OK to not cancel now and keep waiting.
        As I am writing this, the product is still on sale on their website.
        I ordered the keyboard from another seller, who prints Swedish characters onto the relevant keys. It is already shipped, so I keep my fingers crossed.

        • Update! Today Gearbest advised that they have shipped my X3 Pro (with copy of package as the use to do). This happens one day after the Aliexpress seller, who already said they had shipped my ordered keyboard with printed Swedish characters, first admitted they hadn´t shipped, then that they only had “English-Russian keyboards”, then that they didn´t have any English keyboards and, finally, that the keyboard was not produced anymore and they urged me to cancel and get a refund.
          So, it seems I will have to do with the tablet without a keyboard for a while.

  2. A question was asked earlier and I was hoping to read the answer too.
    He asked, Does anyone have any information on which type of active stylus it supports? Like which pen technology?

    • I would really like to know that myself

    • I asked on gear best several days ago and the person that replied said “it’s a generic stylus” in response to my question “do you know what pen technology this tablet uses (wacom/n-trig/synaptics/other). Good times…

  3. As I don’t trust the software that comes installed with the tablet, I intend to wipe out and install my legitimate version of Windows 10 on the X3 Pro.

    @Chris, since the X3 Pro seems different from the X2 Pro only in terms of the CPU, does your driver dump (in the ‘Downloads’ section) for X2 hold good for the X3 too? I ask because there is no X3 directory yet, understandably because the tablet is new and (probably) needs nothing different from what’s to be used for the X2. Would appreciate if you could confirm.

  4. Having just ordered a Teclast X3 Pro on GearBest sale, I went on to look for the keyboard. I don´t get any hit on X3 keyboard, but I understand it is the same as the X2 keyboard and there I got a bit more luck. The cheapest I found is Dealsmachine at $32.99 http://www.dealsmachine.com/best_322673.html . But they call it “Original Teclast TBook 16 / X2 Pro keyboard”,

    Chris, can you confirm that TBook 16/X” Pro/X3 Pro all have identical keyboards?

  5. Any updates on what kind of stylus it has ? Would be a shame finally 8gb and no touch sensitive stylus.

  6. Does anyone have any information on which type of active stylus it supports? Like which pen technology?

  7. I hope cheaper (around 200$) tablets will also get 128GB in 2016.. 64GB is very limiting..especially in Dual Boot.
    I would also want to see coreM at around 300$ , even last years coreM.

    BTW Chris, what happened to Facebook login?? I’n on the last PC that’s logged in to TechTablets. The Facebook login was removed and apparently you can’t restore password if you registered with Facebook.. tried it 10 times already, password won’t work. Please fix it when you have the time..

  8. 16:9 ? .. it is a pity, so I must look elsewhere ..
    I do not understand, if someone needs to watch a movie (where is 16:9 optimal) you do not need such expensive tool (300+) .. for all other productive work (where that price justifies) is better 4:3 or 3:2 (or at least 16:10) .. am i wrong ?

    • Not at all 3:2 would have been great using the Surface 3 Pro / Chuwi Hi12 screen. 2160 x 1440. I’m another Chinese MFG will use that screen with a 6Y30 and give use a nice SP4 M3 clone.

      • Nahh Chris ‘ often noticed the 3:2 bias, but people got different needs, and like most digital-things, some behavior & programs is best suited for different scales..

        3:2 or 16:10/16.9..

        partically landscape & horisont mode on 3:2 devices, doesnt do much difference, while on 16:9/10 in horisont you get quite a deep canvas that is ideel for some, and when in landscape-mode on the 16:9/10 you get close to 2 ewen squares when pulling down from the top in win10s tablet mode, and using the double windows-feauture that is pretty common and is supported in Edge & IE browsers and numerous other programs.

        and not least on mediaconsumption that is pretty fundamental when it comes to “tablets” the wider-scale got numerous forces.

        and i myself certainly like that deep-canvas in horisont mode when running realtime streaming stock-qoutes where pretty much all programs is funded in windows,.

        we all got different needs, and I cherise the diversity between horisont & landscape-mode on the wider-panels and a diversity that i dont get on 3:2..

        • That is true as a Surface Pro 4 user I do like 3:2. If I can get 3:2 it suits me best, otherwise 16:10 on the Cube i9 isn’t bad. The other things is the lower resolution screen means less issues with Windows scaling and some games like LoL will run super smooth on the Core M3 at 1080 or 1200p. At 2160 x 1440 its a bit too demanding for the Intel 515 GFX.

  9. THx for keeping us updated..

    so about 550US with stulys and keyboard, since these is jus org X2 outfit.

    its about 150-160US more then X2 counterpart in same +dress.. 160US more for skylake and its HD515 and +4GB..what you reckon??

    Its not like the lack of power is the X2 pro akillesheel, quite the contrary it puffles me how god it actually handle older tittles like HL2 ep1 & 2..

    but no doubt that Teclast have level that coreM 5gen CPU hard with lacking thermals, it gets extremly hot..

    but one of the X2 pro weakest parts is in my view the wifi, and im getting an range that is an joke, and also a shame that these clone tablets of some potency always lacking AC/dualband.. is the AC an costly part in the manufactoring process.. sure LTE-boards often comes with an price, but AC capablelities in assories and dongle, is often cheap as an single product, so a little unsure wht they cut that corner in these streeamingdays..

    how does the X3 differn in active stylus support, from then X2.. is it another technologie then the stylus that was suited with X2?

    but overall an X2 with boosted 6gen intel chipset, and +4GB anything else X2 schell, sofare known..

  10. No kickstand is one of the only reasons I’m not jumping on this already.

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