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Teclast X3 Pro Unboxing, Keyboard And First Impressions

Teclast X3 Pro Unboxing, Keyboard And First Impressions

So many tablet releases at the moment, my GearBest Teclast X3 Pro just arrived. Here’s the unboxing video with the stylus and keyboard below.

Nice surprise here is the X3 Pro doesn’t have the advertised Wireless N. But dual band Intel Wireless-AC. The keyboard I also received a few weeks ago and it’s covered in the above video along with a very quick look at the active stylus.

Some of my initial testing and points discovered using the X3 Pro for a day so far:

  • Intel Dual Band AC 3165 and not single band 2.4Ghz! Finally! (M.2 type card and it has integrated BT 4.1)
  • 8GB of RAM, but it’s only running at 1600 Mhz (The M3 6Y30 supports 1866Mhz max) The Cube i9’s 4GB of RAM runs at 1866Mhz…
  • Same design and build as the X2 Pro as expected. Same large bezels, 16:9 screen and sharp corners.
  • The Core M3-6Y30 reached 94 degrees on the GPU when benchmarking 3DMark 11. (Cube i9 reaches 88 max)
  • Yet no throttling, but it was only 1 degree from doing so (Gaming it will throttling I imagine)
  • FORSEE 128GB SSD, 500+ mbs reads & 140 writes+. 101GB free on first boot.
  • Stylus seems accurate, but not quite as accurate as my N-trig Surface Pro 4 stylus.
  • Battery life looks to be 4 to 5 hours only, 4500 mAH cells x 2.
  • Benchmark results aren’t really better than my stock Cube i9 despite the 4GB of extra RAM. This was expected, extra ram doesn’t mean it will perform any better and it’s clocked slightly slower 1600 Mhz VBs 1866Mhz. It will jsut mean you can multitask better or run programs that need more than 4GB’s.
  • The new hard fixed-angle keyboard is good, nice quality, but it has a fixed angle that either works for you or doesn’t.
  • Trackpad is decent,it supports some Windows gestures.

I currently have this X3 Pro, the Tbook 11 written review to type up, The Chuwi HiBook, Teclast Tbook 10 reviews to work on and I’m expecting  the Teclast X89 Kindow next week, so very busy. So the written rated reviews will take some time. If you want the latest on these new models, please subscribe to the TechTablets YouTube channel if you haven’t already. The more subscribers, the more leverage I will have to one day hopefully get review units from Huawei, Samsung, HP, Acer and Dell that want to see a large number of subscribers to the channel before they send review units.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. I just received X3 yesterday.
    But I have a problem about battery.
    It works fine when charged by DC. If no DC charge, it seems no battery.

    Please help me.

  2. If you want to buy teclast x3 pro 2 at the minimum price just follow the link ->-> http://goo.gl/YGEiVO

  3. What is m.2 Type of Card, x3 pro ??

    Can I replace a LAN card ??

    I would like to see the back of decomposition Photos

    • Good this is, you can use Points to further bring down the price, because it is not giving you coupon.

  4. Can you give us a short recap of your view about the Teclast X3 vs the Cube i9?

    • I’ll try but I need to get some data and my connection back up before I can. I’m just on my mobile plan now and hope to have 4G unlimited back up and running again soon.

      But this will help:
      X3 Pro isn’t much faster. Still has power limit throttling like the i9. Overall I like the i9 better for the better screen and design. The X3 Pro does have however a slightly faster SSD (writes) and that dual-band wireless AC. I’ll have a X3 Pro benchmarks video up soon with stylus test.

  5. Nice walkthrough @Chris.

    I need some help with replacing the Windows 10 version shipped with. As I don’t trust the software that comes installed with the tablet, I intend to wipe out and install my legitimate version of Windows 10 on the X3 Pro.

    Since the X3 Pro seems different from the X2 Pro only in terms of the CPU, Wi-Fi and RAM, does your driver dump (in the ‘Downloads’ section) for X2 hold good for the X3 too? I ask because there is no X3 directory yet, understandably because the tablet is new and (probably) needs nothing different from what’s to be used for the X2.

    Posted the above in another Teclast X3 Pro thread (http://techtablets.com/2016/02/teclast-x3-pro-price-core-m3/) as well, but didn’t get a reply 🙁 Would greatly appreciate your help.

  6. hi again i just saw a review from AMDTech and they say there are no palm rejection for the stylus is someone can comfirm this information ? thanks !

    • No there is palm rejection. But It will only work if the application or program supports it. OneNote I can use the pen and it ignores my palm and fingers touching the screen as long as it detects the pen is active and close enough.

  7. I reinstalled Windows 10 on it. I made a backup of the drivers, but the backup actually failed. I can’t find them on the official website. Can you help me Chris?

    • hi Ka Wing Chin i did the same and same problem for me…..but using iobit driver boster 3 i slove my problem.

      • Hi Onisor. I used Snappy Driver. However the Camera doesn’t work. The device manager says status device power failure. Does your camera still works? If so, can you upload the drivers?

        BTW, the tablet came with Windows 10 Home 64 bit. When I reinstalled it, it became Windows 10 Pro 64 bit with the same license key.

  8. Is there a way to reset the bios of this tablet ? I think I bricked mine by tweaking the bios

    • Disconnecting the battery internally did the trick. Good to know.

      • So you have opened the device?
        Can you make some photos of the internal components?

        • I didn’t took any pictures but the back is actually fairly easy to pop off, i did it with my bare hands using my nails lol

  9. Hello Chris G! Is there any a protective film on the screen? Is it necessary to buy a protective glass? And how it can affect the operation of a stylus? Thank you!

  10. Hi chris G thanks for your feedbacks !
    i would like to know if there other stylus like surface pro 4 stylus compatible with this tablet ?
    thanks 🙂

  11. I have a software RelevantKnowledge installed by default. Windows Defender went eating the CPU constantly while RelevantKnowledge was running. I searched on internet and it seems to be a malware. So Teclast install a lot of bloatware, but also a malware(s).

    • I’ll check it out and see if it’s on my unit. I had some Chinese thing pop up, maybe that.

  12. I am mostly positive that the temperature on the X3 it’s fixable with a similar tweak like on the i9, and the RAM clocking can be fixed too (I think)
    Looking forward for the rest of the review

  13. Hi Chris, my unit has only just shipped today and I was holding out on ordering the keyboard until it had. Now you have used both the hard and soft style keyboard which would you recommend? Is the keyboard and viewing angle the same on both? I’m leaning towards the hard style due to the extra USB (3?) Ports but am concerned it looks bulkier and like it might be less stable than the soft case, especially when on a train or such like. Thanks.

    • Hi, I think this keyboard is better or rigid and sturdy Vs the case cover. The other is a dust magnet the fabric too. And both have a similar fixed viewing angle. The port is only USB 2.0, but good for my mouse etc.

  14. When you say your i9 3dmark benchmarks, can you linked to them, and was they before the thermal mod or after.?

    Here the X2 pro on 3dmark scores (link), I would love to see an compirance with the X3 pro,


    like i mention previusly ‘ the first set of 3dmarks values you publized of the i9 was quite a bit lower then X2 pro, like 3700 vs 4500 and so on, but you stated that thermal mod did help you to handle that throtllimiting and get it up around that increasement you would expect from the new 6gen, but how much..
    can you link to your 3d marks score-account, would be interesting to see, how your modded i9 with 6gen cpu clokced in at and the effect of the thermal mod.

    and not least would it be interesting to see x3 pro scores, against last years 5gen cpu.. looking at 94degrees heat, I would reckon the x3pro will show the max of 6gen M-cpu and what Teclast can pull out of it, they certainly are soft on the thermal-throtling and let the hardware role in all its glory..-

    Hmm Intel Dual Band AC 3165, on a board identical to the x2 pro that laking an ac dualband, and pretty much same internals, so would be interesting with teclast-drivers and if that card can be suited up in the x2..
    -that intelcard seems to go for around 12 to 14US shipped bare naked..

    • What makes the Teclast x2 Pro REALLY appealing, is that you can have it for just 315$ from Banggood IF
      1) You use the coupon “TACLEA” on checkout.
      2) You use a CashBack site that offers 6% return on purchase, like TopCashBack or Quidco (both very legit)

      Now, if the Wifi card is replaceable, I will say it’s an awesome choice.

      • Do you think the Teclast x2 pro is better then the cube i7?

      • Wow! That was useful. Will recommend to friends.

        Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, 3Dmark how do you group all benchmarks with one link like that?? I’ve been trying to do that for ages. My i9 scores in the review as before the mod. My review scores will always be before any mods as reviewing a modified device isn’t fair. They will be compared stock Vs stock. So far the X3 Pro isn’t fairing to well due to the thermals I think, it has a 7W power limit which is normal.

      The AC 3165 card as you say is cheap, I wonder if it would work in the i9 spare M.2 slot and the X2 Pro.

    • Btw the way no way are those score stock unmodified X2 Pro scores http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/9933118 Impossible to get that with the stock power limits and heat sink. X3 pro scores a little better than the stock Cube i9.

  15. I get the feeling that Gearbest constantly keeps changing the prices.

    The X3 was something around 430€ for a long time with 62% discount. Today i see its 450€ with a 62% discount. They altered the “base price” to €1169.23 … yea right … like a Chinese Tablet its base price is that. Its actually dual cheating because its supposedly already has a discount, so any discount coupons just the price to almost a 1000€ … *lol*

    Is it so difficult for them to just advertise the real sale price instead of cheating prices like that. *sigh*

    • Why would they do it different from what all their Chinese collegues and competitors do it?

    • every site changes it prices, its a normal thing. Ive got mine X3 for just 389€ without coupons. Never saw this price again.

      • Same price I got mine for, it was a one off deal I think. $449 USD / Approx 389 euros

  16. Chris, so the trackpad on your unit doesn´t have gestures enabled? Mine has gestures enabled, I hate it, and there seems to be no way of disabling it. Can we swap units?
    Gestures in a trackpad with integrated mouse buttons could be quite problematic, as I have experienced and reporteded in my comment to “Now Shipping: Teclast X3 Pro Core M3 With 8GB of RAM”. I googled a bit and found this article “http://www.howtogeek.com/227073/how-to-use-and-configure-windows-10%E2%80%99s-gestures-on-a-laptop-touchpad/”. It says that if a Windows unit has gesture capability of some kind on its trackpad, but gesture configuration/settings are still not shown in Windows Settings, it means that the maker has not used a trackpad that meets Microsoft´s specs for a “Precision Trackpad”. There should then be a touchpad settings utility somewhere else on the PC. I have not been able to find one. But if my unit has gestures enabled and yours doesn´t, how can that be possible?

    • I also have gestures. They are annoying. I think Chris didn’t do any gestures, because in the video he only use one finger and then he said “no gestures”. Gestures can be activated by two or three fingers. Two fingers for scrolling vertical or horizontal, pinching and pan. Three fingers to go back, forward, minimize apps, switch to next app and probably many more.

      • Sorry, you ‘re right, I have some gestures. But not the most annoying ones. Two finger scroll, zooming and all those do work. Sorry for the confusion it was late and I’ve seen more Chinese tablets than any sane person would welcome 😉

        • It is the zooming that kills the performance. Press the left mouse button with your left hand finger and be a fraction of a second late to COMPLETELY remove ALL contact with the trackpad before you start scrolling or moving the cursor with your right hand finger, then your screen may go berserk. If there is no way of turning this off, I don´t know how I can use the keyboard.

        • Chris,
          A new Teclast/Gearbest saga has begun, this time about the keyboard. First they looked to have dropped the old one (the one with the foldable stand that you got with your X2 Pro) in favour of the new model with a USB port. Now, since 2 days, it is the other way around. They want to cancel orders on the new model, since it is out of stock and they say it will not be produced anymore. They said the same thing about the X3 Pro tablet when it was temporary out of stock. Instead they are now offering the old model again.

          Now to my question. Do you still have the old model? Can you check if that also have gestures like zoom enabled? If you don´t have it, can you remember if it had?

          • Sorry I don’t have the old keyboard anymore. I sold it with the X2 Pro I had.

  17. Does this have a kick stand?

  18. Wow, I find it hard to believe that it has dual band wifi and they have only advertised wireless N, Out of interest will the M.2 card be removable? Reason I ask is I’ve got the cube i9 coming and wondered if I could get one of these babies and swap it straight over??

    • Hi, looks like it is a M.2 Unit. Not sure if it will work in the M.2 slot of the Cube i9 for 4G it might just work.

  19. Good Stuff !
    Looking forward to seeing how the x3 handles games with that extra RAM. It should be a good indicator of how the i9 stylus will perform (assuming that the i9 will have roughly the same configuration)
    At last , wireless AC !

    Keep up the good work man

    • ah, just saw your comment regarding benchmark results. oh well, nothing wrong with extra RAM i guess lol.
      94 degrees is definitely danger zone for me, thats just too hot.

  20. *pulls up a chair*

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