Updated: Voyo V3 Mini PC Review Atom X7 Z8700 + 128GB SSD

Updated: Voyo V3 Mini PC Review Atom X7 Z8700 + 128GB SSD

Update: Gearbest currently has a flash sale on this item and it’s listed for $191.99

Here’s my video review of it. Overall it’s a nice unit so much faster than other mini PC’s due to the SSD, it feels like a Core i3 more than an Atom with the SSD to me. The downside, the thermals and throttling if you game. Covered in the video review below.

If there is interest I might just open it and mod the thermals.

Atom Mini’s PC’s are getting more powerful with Voyo’s latest release the Voyo V3 Mini PC. It’s an Atom X7 Z8700 (2.4Ghz Boost) with 4GB of dual channel ram, 128GB SSD (M.2 Spec) and 2 USB 3.0 ports with a Type C port for power and other type c options such as data plus power. It’s still priced at $209 USD at the moment on GearBest with coupon GBV3. Which I think isn’t a bad price considering the full sata3 SSD and top of the line Atom X7 Z8700. It’s the same SoC that powers the Microsoft Surface 3. Here’s the unboxing video:

First impressions:

The Good:

  • Very thin, nice finish and build
  • The boot time was ver quick around 15-20 seconds.
  • Windows 10 Home activated once connected to the net
  • It’s an SSD, I had no idea Atom’s supported SSD’s, or at least, the X7 Z8700 did.
  • 103 GB free space.
  • Not a bad spec for the price I feel.
  • SSD speed are okay for an M2 128GB unit.

The Bad:

  • It’s not using a dual band wireless chipset as seen in my hands on video. Only wireless N 150mb/s. So one USB port will taken up for a Wireless AC USB adapter
  • Windows update already made the CPU temps hit 83 degrees. This is going to need a copper heat sink mod. (My Surface 3 hit 85 after gaming)
  • Default Voyo user account already setup with UAC disabled (You can enabled it again)

I wonder if that SSD is upgradable, I’m 99% sure it’s an M2 looking at the hardware info online. In fact one of the very same FORSEE units Teclast or Cube used in their Core M tablets.


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  1. Hey guys, I’ve found a $10 coupon for this Mini PC at geekbuying and thought I would post it in here for you, too. Coupon code: DJHOKQFS.

  2. Chris, X7 Z8700 or any of the Cherry Trail based Atom does not have SATA interface and cannot support SATA based SSD options. I think VOYO is using a M.2 SSD which is using PCI-E inreface (PCI-E X1). Obviously it is not an NVMe SSD but normal PCI-E SSD used in AHCI mode. This is common in lots of high end gaming laptops also, like the AUS ROG series where they have one 2.5″ bay and one M.2 bay and the SSD used is a PCi-E SSD used in AHCI mode.
    One example is :

    • Hi, it’s using PCI-E X2 to SATA3 according to AIDA64 as seen in my review video (Now online and included here)

  3. hello chris,

    is temperature not becoming Voyo v3 biggest problem, i saw in the videos the unit easily hits 85 degrees, while the max temp of a atom x7 z8700 is 90 degrees, maybe at 85 degrees he is already throtthling

  4. The lack of LAN port is a real deal breaker here..

    • Yes, listed as a con in my review video. We have to use a USB port for adapters, so that’s not ideal.

  5. FYI, another review if you want to compare results and opinions…

  6. Can you confirm the RAM is dual channel or single channel since it will be the major bottle neck. Also how are the USB3 speeds?
    It makes no sense to buy this at that price. Yes small form factor but still not worth it?

  7. Thank thee for getting this and reviewing this

  8. Ģlad to see more of the x7 atoms, just wish there were more tablets with this configuration, seems like everybody is only using the x5 atoms.

    Shame about the dual band wifi on this mini pc, but glad to see more type c ports appearing, even if it is just for powering the device.

  9. I love Mini-PCs. But Atoms are pretty unsatisfying. I want at least CoreM. Also it makes no sense to have a Mini-PC that looks like glued shut. Then I can buy a tablet at the same price and get a high-res display for free.

    The ZBOX-CI521NANO is pretty close to what I am looking for. I just need a CoreM 6th gen. It would be nice to get a cheap chinese alternative with a huge heat sink so the CPU temp is no problem at all. I don’t need a thin, super-design mini but something that is rock solid, extendable and has perfect passive cooling. So no noise but also no slow-down during things like games.

    • Have you looked at the Intel NUC’s? Say one with the Celeron 3150 or Pentium N3700 based? But I agree, that Core M’s are potentially good way to go when more of them come out.

    • I personally run this Mini PC myself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dkL62oMHdI and it has stellar performance for the price. But as a barebones, you need to supply your own ram and SSD’s which puts the cost up.

  10. Do you have a good copper sink mod tutorial for laptops and tablets?

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