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Teclast Tbook 10 Hands On And First Impressions

Teclast Tbook 10 Hands On And First Impressions

So my Teclast Tbook 10 2 in 1 arrived. You can see the unboxing video below, first impressions are overall positive. I do like the build, it’s very solid feeling and well put together. The pogo pin connector is a rare 10 pin port for the battery keyboard dock. And the tablet has 9 volt 2A d/c in charging, again for the battery keyboard I wound say as 5 volts via USB 2 would take forever to charge two batteries.

While I don’t have the keyboard dock just yet, I hope to get hold of one once released as see how much of a boost the extra battery will give.

Other points:

  • Teclast is now using a new dual boot selector with an Insyde bios
  • Supports a basic active stylus pen (More on this soon)
  • Dual speakers, on each side of the tablet for stereo separation.
  • The bezels are smaller than normal if compared to Teclast’s other tablets (Tbook 10 and X3 Pro)
  • The screen seems bright and possible the same panel as the HiBook and iWork10 Ultimate
  • Larger 2 to 2.5mm gap in the digitizer glass and IPS panel below.
  • Due to the smaller bezels, it’s smaller in size compared to other 10.1″ tablets.
  • The Android ROM is using a stock launcher and there are a few Chinese apps that can be uninstalled.
  • No full sized USB Port on the tablet is a shame. OTG adapter will have to be carried around at all times. (Keyboard will have full sized USB ports)
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  1. I have had no end of trouble with this tablet. I will explain more in the forum, but my overall view is that it is not stable and should be avoided. Also Gearbest has not been helpful, so I suggest buying elsewhere.

    More in the Teclast forum.

  2. Has anyone managed to get hold of a keyboard yé or are they yet to ne released?

    I’m having trouble with the Sd card slot on mine – I can’t get the card to click in and be recognised, has anyone used an sd card on there tbook 10 with success?

    I unchecked the ‘enable speaker equalisation’ option under speaker properties and found that to help a little with the poor sound. Still doesn’t sound good though.

    • According to AliExpress mine is on the way from Hong Kong, hopefully receive it sometime next week.

      Installing a MicroSD card the first time was quite tricky. I found that you need to use something thin like a butter knife to help push it into the slot. Once it has gone about 1-2mm into the frame, it clicks in.

  3. Hi I would like to know what Kind WLAN/BT combi-Adapter is used. What kind of Producer (like Intel) and the exactly model number, and how is it mounted fix-built in (soldered) or pluged.
    Kind Regards

  4. Well bad news for me. Took almost a month to get it from Gear Best and it won’t hold a charge. First it kept saying 7% for the first two days as max and then 3%. Tried cycling the tablet quite a few times. Today had it charging for 12 hours with the supplied charger (red light on) and now it turns on and powers back off. Gear Best is willing to take it back but of course now I have to pay the return shipping on it and wait for them to receive it and process it and I get credit for the website. So to order another tablet which won’t be this one after my bad luck it will be almost a two month process.

    Guess it’s time to look for another dual boot tablet that is about 10 inches. Debating about the Cube i10

    • Not good to hear that, it’s a bit of a lottery these tablets. The iwork10 Ultimate is good. I’ve been so busy I haven’t really looked at my Tbook 10, I was waiting for the keyboard too. I’ll be sure to let everyone know if mine has issues.

  5. So, bad news about the keyboard.. Teclast is shipping them out to retailers on the 21st, as mentioned to me by OQKI (a true, authorized dealer as per teclast.com)

  6. so the battery is 22800 mAh or 6500mAh? Gearbest has it with 22800 mAh

    • Sadly 6500, i have to charge it about twice a day (I use it very often though.) With the keyboard it should boost up to 10000mAh.

    • 6500mah, not really good unless paired with the keyboard battery dock.

    • 6500mah, not really good unless paired with the keyboard battery dock.

  7. Well mine arrived, with a damaged screen…

    • That stinks. Assuming you ordered from GearBest and they will take care of you. Just have to wait for them to ship it again. I ordered on Sunday, they said they shipped to on Monday but tracking number isn’t showing anything yet. Shipped it via Expedited Service with insurance. Not sure how long it will really take to get to the US. Hopefully I will have better luck and no damage.

      I see you ordered the keyboard from the same seller on eBay. Let’s cross our fingers for that.

      • Yeah, I ordered from Gearbest, just bummed to wait for the turnaround time but worse things have happened in life. I’m very curious for the keyboard since it was a huge factor in my choosing the Tbook 10. Wishing you luck with your delivery but I’m sure mine is just a fluke.

      • Just an FYI, when you get a damaged product from gearbest they will replace it once you ship it back out of your pocket around 40 bucks for a tablet.

        • I would be doing a credit card charge back if I was you. Especially if you bought insurance on it.

          How long did it take for it to arrive after they shipped it?

  8. Have you received the keyboard yet? I know they’re selling online, but GearBest doesn’t have them in stock.

  9. Mine turned up and is working well. Android install is in chinese. Baffled how to change language. Any suggestions ?

  10. Hi chris G .
    I want to buy tablet ! In your opinion which is better ? Teclast tbook 10 Or Cube iwork 10. Or iwork 10 ultimate Or chuwi hi 10 ?

    • This is my doubt as well.
      i love the iwork 10 ultimate was waiting on a promotion. But this Tbook 10 got me curious. Waiting for the review and comparison

    • Hi, I quite like the iwork10 Ulitmate, this one doesn’t look bad. But can’t form a good opinion of it yet as I don’t have the keyboard. But I can tell it will be a smaller keyboard so maybe the iwork10 Ultimate is the better pick.

  11. And what about wifi?
    I have Obook 10 with full metal body and internal Broadcom wifi is terrific, useless.
    What about Tbook 10 metal body and wifi performance?

    USB 2.0 port also not too good. (same than Obok 10)

    • Thanks I did see that. Weird that the picture says presell. I ended up buying a new one on eBay for $55 last night from geekstech008. Only one on there right now, listed for $60 and the lowest price the seller finally agreed to was $55. Did not even counter offer at $50. Free shipping. Still has more to sell. I did get a tracking number last night so I am crossing my fingers there will be no issues. Long time seller but of course the feedback seems to be hit some for the slow shipping times. Don’t think many people buy directly from China.

      • Bought from the same guy, same price. Earlier I read that there is some major problem with the keyboards and they stopped producing them until they fix it, but that was one seller saying that so I’m not sure how credible that is.

        • I just received the tablet today and my keyboard was posted yesterday! I should have it by next Wednesday if it’s delivered in the same timeframe as the tablet.

        • Well hopefully once again you are having better luck with your keyboard shipment. Ordered mine on May 8th from the same seller on eBay. Tracking number is still showing no movement. Have a feeling it will end up being an eBay claim.

          • Don’t worry too much as these keyboards have YET to leave the Teclast factories! They have started sending them out by t he 21st to their distributors apparently so it will be around a month until they finally get everywhere.

          • Emailed the seller since it was supposed to be delivered already and of course there was no tracking. He claimed it must have been lost in the mail and will refund. Not sure how it was lost in the mail if he never had one to ship out.

  12. Really wish the keyboard was available. I am looking for a dual boot tablet that has decent battery life. Not going to be used for heavy gaming. Going to be a lot of Netflix and just web surfing. Was looking at the Tbook 11 but hate the usb being on the top. This one scares me with the specialized charger. Really wish it was micro usb charging but I guess that is the lesser of the two evils. Keyboard would be great if it did have the usb ports and extra battery in it.

    Assuming this is newer then the Tbook 11 and that’s why it’s hard to find the keyboard for it.

    Been researching for the last few days so if anyone has another suggestion I am open to that also. Really want a 10″ screen.

    • Went ahead and purchased the Tbook 10. Seems to be almost perfect for me. $179.89, paid a total of $186.11 which included insurance and expedited shipping from Gearbest. Now just have to find a deal on the keyboard. Not sure if it is worth $68.68 to have one shipped from teclast-tablet.com

      Thanks Chris for this site. Really gave a lot of information on the different models.

      • I’m in the same boat with the keyboard. If I can find it under $50 I’ll hop on it but reluctant at $60+. I’m also exploring a stylus but not sure how much use I’d get.

        • After watching the video Chris made with the stylus I think I will pass. If I find a deal on the keyboard I will make sure to come back and update.

  13. Can it charge via the Micro USB?

    • No, only the 9v 2A dc in for charging.

      • not correct. i have one here and it charges fine direct to microusb. recharged overnight so not sure how long it took.

        • Really happy to hear that. Waiting on mine to be delivered. I almost did not charge it because I didn’t think it could be charged via the micro usb. I don’t care if it does take it overnight.

    • The tablet will charge from DC + Micro USB when switched off or in WIN 10/sleeping but will only charge via DC if running or sleeping in Android this I suspect is causing the confusion.
      I’ve been using this tablet for the last few weeks and will put a mini review in the comments in the next few days with my findings but I can say despite a few reservations its an excellent buy.


      • After further tests I found out that the tablet requires a USB lead with a slightly extended plug to charge in windows and android I have no idea why? The tablet charges at approx 1750ma from its own charger and at 1450ma off my USB charger. The tablet appears to charge quite quickly on either charger.


  14. Can you please review battery life also?

    • 4 to 5 hours. I’m having huge internet problems at the moment so everything is on hold. Once I get back up and running it will get a full review.

      • I’m actually having those issues too bad almost ripped out my hair in frustration. The sdio wifi adapter can grab a hold of 75mbps connection and will immediately crash and then default to 5.5 mbps. I spent a whole day reconfiguring my 2.4 (really? Just 2.4 and no 5g support?) but I have hit points where the wifi would hit 30+ mbps in speed test right next to my most reliable router.. However, it refuses to connect to the internet to my one dd-wrt router but has no issues with my other two routers.

        • So, the simple fix for my wifi problems were fixed by entirely disabling WMM in the driver settings.

  15. Hi Chris. How is the sound quality of the speakers?

    • Not very loud!

    • Terrible under windows and so so under android. Must be a windows driver problem.

      • I find this is always the case, the Chuwi Hi12 has good audio now in Android. But average in Windows still. Android is always much better on every dual OS system I’ve reviewed.

  16. Hi Chris the Teclast site advertising states active and smooth handwriting experience with stylus ?


    • Sorry got it wrong I have the stylus now, it’s a basic active stylus. I’ll be uploading a video on it soon.

  17. Chris,

    I’d like to see a comparison on how this tablet stacks up against the HiBook and iWork 10 Ultimate once you’ve done a review on this tablet and the HiBook.

    The sound will be more even with stereo audio separation but it does not mean the speakers are any good.

    Charging through DC will be much faster and also frees up the micro USB when charging but the included charger might not be well built and it maybe hard to find an aftermarket DC charger with the same specs.

    New Dual Boot selector looks very neat and the Android rom looks very stock with minimal Teclast customization and bloat software.

    eMMC brand could be better hopefully it’s a early batch thing since the competition all have good eMMC brands in their models.

    Broadcom wireless also seems cool since I’d prefer that to the Realtek cards found in almost all other Chinese tablets.

    The missing back camera should not be an issue for most buyers but the biggest selling point of this tablet is the keyboard dock which has a built in battery extender.

  18. Hi Chris, did you have any issues with windows activation, is the headphone jack a headphone/ microphone jack?

    Also did you try the mini hdmi output?

    • HDMI works, the plug is 3.5 with mic support (4 pole) and Windows activated just fine once I got on the internet.

  19. Hi Chris its surprising that it shows no pen and touch as Teclast are advertising the Tbook 10 as an active stylus device? On a better note Geekbuying are stating that the keyboard ports are USB3.


    • Not sure but my Teclast active stylus isn’t working and as you saw in the video. It’s not saying it supports a pen. Good news it will have USB 3 ports in the dock.

      • That’s a serious bummer.. The reason I chose the Tbook10 (was just shipped out yesterday) was for the active stylus capabilities and full USB wielding keyboard, in comparison to the uglier (lol) Hibook and other “2 in 1” devices.. Ugh.

        • Sorry, I messed up, it supports an active stylus similar to the Voyo A1. It’s a basic active stylus with no pressure points. I have it and will upload a demo of it in action soon.

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